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"Let her wait outside, hmph!" Chen Xiang was furious in his heart, if not for the fact that Xue Xianxian was kidnapped by the woman, he would have long since cultivated in peace, there was no need for him to run all the way to this place.

"For the sake of Xianxian and the rest, you cannot hold your breath." Yue Er said.

"She has now left her residence. The mountain where Xianxian and the rest were imprisoned in is right near to her residence." Chen Xiang asked.

"Right, you want to go now?" Yue'er was a little surprised: "If you want to go, then so be it. My usage of s.p.a.ce is better than yours, even if I am discovered, as long as it's not an expert of Xiao Yulan's level, I can escape."

"Mm, be careful. It's best if you don't get discovered." Chen Xiang warned.

Now that Xiao Yulan had left her most secure place, Yue'er also dared to go ahead and inspect. Xiao Yulan's strength made her most fearful, so as long as Xiao Yulan wasn't around, she would definitely dare to go.

Chen Xiang was currently refining a middle tier Bone level Dan, although he had a lot of experience in refining Xiaping bone level Dan, but the middle tier herbs were different now. In order to not waste this divine medicine, he had to be careful in the beginning and refine it quickly.

Right now, he released a strand of divine soul and floated in the air. He saw Xiao Yulan sitting in that elegant jade carriage.

Not long after, Xiao Baifeng returned. She had rushed back in a hurry, and it was very clear that Xiao Hongque had called her back using a messenger.

Xiao Yulan was Xiao Baifeng's master after all, and had raised her since she was young. To Xiao Baifeng, Xiao Yulan was her savior, so he came back the moment he found out that Xiao Yulan had come.

After Xiao Baifeng returned, he opened the door, and Xiao Yulan's car entered the courtyard to stop. At this time, Chen Xiang also saw Xiao Yulan getting off the carriage.

Xiao Yulan's appearance was exactly the same as Yue'er's; she was indeed very beautiful, and she didn't look like a cold yet strong Overlord, but on the contrary, she looked very gentle. When she looked at Xiao Baifeng, she even revealed a sweet and loving smile, and wore a light, elegant, and white dress that was holy and beautiful.

Chen Xiang had seen several women like this, but the reason why this Xiao Yulan had such a temperament was even more majestic than the ones he had seen before, was because Xiao Yulan was much stronger.

"Hmm?" Chen Xiang was still using his divine soul to keep watch, but that divine soul was instantly erased, "As expected, it was only released by releasing a little of your aura, and already dispersed my divine soul."

"Baifeng, I tried to urge you to stay, but you still resolutely left my side. Now, it seems that you're right!" You've had a pretty good encounter today. " Xiao Yulan looked at the cave, then looked at the room that led to the secret room, as though she could sense something.

"Princess, I know my own strength. With my current strength, staying by your side will not help you in any way. Furthermore, it will be a waste of your resources." Xiao Baifeng lowered his head and said.

"If I let you stay by my side, I don't necessarily have to make you work for me. Can't you treat me as a friend, a big sister?" Xiao Yulan laughed blandly: Oh right, you should still have a friend here, is it inconvenient for him to come out?

"He... "He's concocting pills!" Xiao Baifeng looked at the room. She really hoped that Chen Xiang would come out now. Previously, when she saw that Chen Xiang was a little disgusted with Xiao Yulan, she was very conflicted because she knew Xiao Yulan was very good to her.

"Princess, can you wait for him? "How about I bring him to find you after he's done concocting pills." Xiao Baifeng said. She also knew that for a princess like Xiao Yulan, who had the qualifications to receive the throne, to wait here was definitely impossible.

"I will wait for him!" "He concocts pills really quickly!" Xiao Yulan smiled lightly.

"This... Princess, you can go back first. When he comes out, I'll talk to him and take him to see you. " Xiao Baifeng didn't dare say that Chen Xiang was refining Zhongpin bone level Dan, he had told her before that she must keep it a secret, so even if it was in front of Xiao Yulan, she had to keep it a secret.

"He must have been waiting for me for a long time. What's the harm in me waiting for him now?" Xiao Yulan's face also held a trace of guilt. "Baifeng, are you sure he's trustworthy?"

Xiao Baifeng nodded his head: "If my judgement is wrong, I am willing to die to apologize!"

Xiao Hongque laughed: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, please don't make it so scary. Our princess hopes that you can find a good man to marry. With your personality before, she is worried that you will live your entire life by yourself."

"Yeah, don't be like me, you're still single after so long." Xiao Yulan chuckled, she was still easy to talk to, but now she realised that Xiao Baifeng's character had changed greatly.

Xiao Baifeng blushed slightly, but she smiled back.

"Women are just like that, they get together and never end!" Although Chen Xiang treated Xiao Baifeng quite well, he still couldn't go out immediately. He had to wait for Yue'er's return. At the same time, he wanted to see how much patience Xiao Yulan had and how long she could wait for him.

He now had ten portions of Bone level Dan, and he was going to refine one for each portion. As he cultivated and concocted, he would be spending a lot of time here.

Six hours later, Yue'er returned! And she had come back in secret, because she was tired to be absolutely secretive.

"That woman is too terrifying. She actually set up a mental barrier. Anyone who enters her mental barrier would be discovered." Yue'er said, "It wasn't this hard for me to get to that mountain!"

"She's waiting for me to leave, hehe!" Chen Xiang laughed: Let her wait outside! Have you seen Xianxian and the others? "

"I saw them, and I was even talking to them! Just as Great Divine Lord had said, Xianxian and the others were confident that they could repair that mysterious cauldron, so they were very safe now. " Yue'er said: "Although this Xiao Yulan's method of kidnapping them was not good, he treated them very well, and provided them with many good things."

"How did Xiao Yulan know they could repair that cauldron? The only one who should be aware of this matter is the Great Divine Lord, could it be the Great Divine Lord? " Chen Xiang frowned.

"It wasn't Great Divine Lord who told her, but she had people use a kind of fortune-telling method to find Xue Xianxian and the others. They don't know much about Hundreds of Flowers Village!" Yue'er replied, "This technique is much more powerful than the Heaven extended method, but it also uses up a lot of your lifespan. I just don't know who is casting it."

"They should be safe by now!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief.

"Not bad, I think you should explain to Xiao Yulan why you're here. This woman is still very good to women, but to the outside world she is very strong, and this is what Xianxian told me." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Then let's wait until after this round, let's see how long she can wait!"

If Xiao Yulan, who was outside, knew that Chen Xiang had purposely made her wait, he would definitely be furious. She, a dignified princess of the Divine Nations, was actually deceived, and forced her to wait!

Xiao Baifeng was also very anxious. The reason she advised Xiao Yulan to leave was because she knew that Chen Xiang needed some time to refine the Zhongpin Dan.

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