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Seeing Xiao Baifeng's doubtful expression, Chen Xiang laughed: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, I had indeed come here to take a look at the Jade Cauldron Divine King, but who would've known that she wouldn't like me, so I gave up on this idea! Originally, I felt that it was a pity, but afterwards, I felt that encountering Elder Sister Bai Feng was not a bad thing for you, as you didn't come here in vain! I'll leave after the Large Compet.i.tion. I promised that Prince Ping that I would compete with him. "

Yue'er replied, "If it wasn't for you, Elder Sister Bai Feng, this little scoundrel would have left long ago. You've invested so much in him, if he didn't help you earn it back then he would have left with a guilty conscience."

Xiao Baifeng nodded his head: "I was overthinking it, sorry!"

"It's okay! That's right, how many middle tier Five elements Dan are you selling here? " Chen Xiang asked.

"This... A lower tier Shen Yuan stone could sell for up to three billion, if it was middle tier, seven to eight billion was not a problem! Furthermore, one or two of these pills will only appear after a long time, so a single pill is hard to come by. " Xiao Baifeng thought of something and asked in shock: "Are you trying to sell this Bone level Dan?"

"Not bad, just sell a middle-rank one." "Moreover, this matter must be kept a secret. If you are unable to do so, then let me do it." Chen Xiang said.

"That's not too good, right? Bone level Dan are so rare and precious, it would be best if you don't sell them. Would it be better to keep them for yourself?" Xiao Baifeng said: "It's better if you go and train yourself with Five elements Dan. I don't have the heart to watch you sell such rare and precious Bone level Dan, refining Five elements Dan would also earn you Shen Yuan stone."

"Alright!" Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, have you never eaten a Bone level Dan before?"

"What have you eaten is low-grade, something that the princess bestowed to me. You have only eaten two pills, but you have not succeeded in condensing Bones!" Xiao Baifeng sighed: "It's all because my innate talent isn't good enough and I wasted my Bone level Dan."

Yue'er really wanted to tell her that Chen Xiang eating Bone level Dan was like eating beans, but if she were to say it like that, her strength would be exposed.

"When you were eating the Xiaping bone level Dan, how long did you take to refine the medicinal strength?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You … You condensed your Bones? " Hearing Chen Xiang's question, Xiao Baifeng seemed to have a lot of experience.

"Hurry up and answer me!" Chen Xiang laughed, and did not directly answer her.

"It only took eight hours." recalled and said, but now she was sure, Chen Xiang had Bones.

But according to her knowledge, cultivating Bones meant that one had to condense ten sets of Divine Deity, something that one would only do when reaching the realm of the Supreme G.o.d.

Of course, even if he lent her a few heads, she would never have imagined that Chen Xiang had six Bones now!

"I think there's a problem with the quality of the Bone level Dan. You should go and purchase low rank Bone level Dan s now, and according to your circ.u.mstances, I will help you refine a few batches of them. If you can't eat the appropriate Bone level Dan, you won't be able to condense even if you eat a thousand." Chen Xiang said. It could be said that he had a lot of experience with eating Bone level Dan.

"Is this true?" Xiao Baifeng could not believe that there was actually a Alchemist that could refine Bone level Dan for her based on her circ.u.mstances. This was something that was difficult to come by, something she could not even imagine in her dreams before this.

At this moment, she was extremely excited. Even though she was stuck at a bottleneck, if she could condense Bones, then her strength would increase and maybe even allow her to break through a bottleneck.

Ever since she left Xiao Yulan's core strength, she had not acquired any Bone level Dan. Previously, she had also planned to buy one for herself, but it was very expensive and she also needed to buy one quickly.

"Of course it's true. You still don't believe in my strength? Refining low grade Bone level Dan is a piece of cake for me, the problem is that I don't have any medicinal herbs, so you should go and buy them. They should be much cheaper than middle grade Bone level Dan. Chen Xiang said.

Xiao Baifeng nodded excitedly, then immediately ran out. Chen Xiang had also gone into closed door training to refine his Zhongpin bone level Dan, he did not expect that his Bone level Dan would be controlled to such an extent.

It was no wonder that so many people would support Xiao Ping. Furthermore, even Xiao Yulan did not dare to do anything to Xiao Ping, because they needed to cultivate their Bones and rely on Great National Master to refine Bone level Dan for them.

"It looks like you can't sell that Bone level Dan like you are selling fruits, it will affect Xiao Ping. Besides, you don't need to earn Shen Yuan stone so quickly right now." Yue Er said.

"Yes, if I sell Bone level Dan like crazy, the Great National Master will attack me." Chen Xiang laughed: "It doesn't matter if I don't sell, I can still earn a lot selling Five elements Dan s."

Yue'er stuck out her tongue. In his eyes, the Five elements Dan that others were crazily trying to buy was not a big deal.

… ….

"Hongque, do you have anything to report in the next two days?" Xiao Yulan had stayed in the secret room for two days already, so when she was inside, no one dared to disturb her.

Although Xiao Yulan was a n.o.ble princess and possessed the strength of a first-rate Divine King, she didn't give off the kind of domineering feeling. However, her elegance and n.o.bility still made others feel that she was too high and too high to be desecrated.

"Yes, Prince Ping went to look for Shen Fei, Elder Sister Bai Feng sold two hundred Five elements Dan with spiritual lights!" Xiao Hongque said. This was not only a big matter for Xiao Yulan, it was also true for other forces.

The other forces had only found out that Xiao Yulan did not come into contact with Chen Xiang, so they believed that Xiao Yulan did not value him highly!

"Also, when Elder Sister Bai Feng goes out, she would be invited by other powers to converse with her in detail, but she rejected them all." Xiao Hongque was also very anxious, "Princess, all the major powers want this Shen Fei right now. However, because Shen Fei is still in the Jade Cauldron Palace, they cannot directly come to find him."

"It's time to see him!" Xiao Yulan sighed. In such a short period of time, Chen Xiang had refined so many Spirit Soul Five elements Dan, and even allowed Xiao Ping, the Prince Ping, to visit him.

Right now, she was secretly grateful to Xiao Baifeng. If not for Xiao Baifeng, he might have definitely been taken away by the other party under the generous conditions offered.

Xiao Yulan sat in the carriage, living with Xiao Baifeng who Xiao Hongque had come to live in!

"The Elder Sister Bai Feng is out, that guy is probably concocting pills inside. Should we go in?" Xiao Hongque got off the car, went to knock on the door, but no one came to open it.

was a little depressed. Previously, both Chen Xiang and Xiao Baifeng wanted to see Xiao Yulan very much, but now that Xiao Yulan had come, no one bothered with him.

Yue'er and Chen Xiang remained in the secret underground room. Yue'er had detected Xiao Yulan's aura and exclaimed, "The Jade Cauldron Divine King is here! Hehe, she can't sit still anymore either."

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