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"There must be a reason! Furthermore, he must have other reasons for sneaking into our Imperial Nine Palace, but I wonder what he wants from us? However, this is a matter of the Jade Cauldron Palace, he is now also one of royal sister's subordinate. " Xiao Ping said.

"But from what I heard, Jade Cauldron Divine King didn't place too much importance on Chen Xiang and didn't go to see him for a long time." The old follower said.

"The royal sister has always been very cautious. She might be trying to find out where Chen Xiang came from now, she wanted to find out why Chen Xiang is here! However, Xiao Baifeng was with Chen Xiang because he liked Chen Xiang's ability to refine pills. It must be said that Xiao Baifeng had indeed picked up a treasure, and as long as she could become friends with Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang would definitely take care of her in the future. " Xiao Ping sighed.

"Xiao Baifeng is not an easy little girl either. She was originally the big sister of the female servant under the Jade Cauldron Divine King, but she was stuck at the bottleneck of the thirty Divine Deity for so many years, unable to break through. This caused her to have no choice but to distance herself far away from the core forces of the Jade Cauldron Divine King. and a lot of people who came later than she did. " After all, he was the same as Xiao Baifeng, they were both servants, so he had some sympathy for Xiao Baifeng.

"Young master, should we tell Jade Cauldron Divine King that this Shen Fei is Chen Xiang?" the old follower asked.

"No need, this is his problem, we cannot interfere!" Based on our understanding of Chen Xiang, he wouldn't do something like that for no reason. It must be because royal sister had something to attract him, or because she did something to attract him! "If he really is after my royal sister, then I can't help but admire his guts. With his current strength, he actually isn't afraid of my sister." The royal sister Xiao Ping spoke of was Xiao Yulan, he was very clear of Xiao Yulan's strength.

"Young master, this Chen Xiang is indeed a genius, and he is also a good person. Don't you want to talk to him alone?" The old follower laughed.

"I had intended to do just that. Originally, I had planned to be a bit later, but who would have known that this guy would actually refine so many Divine Spirit Five elements Dan. I'm very curious, so I could only go and find him ahead of time!" Xiao Ping chuckled. "I'll go find him now. There's no need for you to accompany me there."

The old follower also knew Xiao Ping's strength. Although he had followed Xiao Ping for many years, Xiao Ping had been hiding his strength for a long time.

… ….

As Chen Xiang was refining the Spirit Soul Five elements Dan, Yue'er suddenly sensed Xiao Ping's aura and shouted: "That Prince Ping is here."

"He actually came here by himself? This guy is really impatient! " Chen Xiang laughed, this was within his expectations.

Chen Xiang immediately walked out of the secret room, while Xiao Ping and Xiao Baifeng stood in the hall.

When Xiao Baifeng saw Xiao Ping come, she was very surprised. In her eyes, Xiao Ping and Xiao Yulan were as respected as Jade Cauldron Divine King!

"You don't seem surprised at all!" Xiao Ping saw Chen Xiang walking in with a smile on his face.

"You seem to know I'm waiting for you." Chen Xiang sat down with a smile. At this moment, he and Xiao Ping seemed to be old friends.

Xiao Baifeng suddenly understood that Chen Xiang was not afraid of the reason why she kicked him out. If Xiao Yulan wanted to kick him out, he could immediately rely on Prince Ping.

"You're concocting pills?" Xiao Ping asked.

"Un, I have just forged a cauldron, would you like to try it?" Chen Xiang took out a jade box, inside it were five Spirit Soul Five elements Dan.

Xiao Ping took it and looked at it. Although he appeared very calm, he couldn't conceal the surprise in his eyes.

"You can produce five pills in one furnace?" Xiao Ping didn't dare to believe it.

Chen Xiang smiled faintly and agreed.

Xiao Ping frowned, "If you had competed with me like this back then, you would have definitely won. Now it seems that I have lost quite a bit in terms of refining Five elements Dan."

"Prince Ping, you do have talent and talent, but... You're stuck in a rut. " Chen Xiang said: "Your control of fire is much better than mine."

"Are you saying my master didn't teach me well? Or am I too stupid? " Xiao Ping laughed bitterly and returned the jade box to Chen Xiang.

Xiao Baifeng did not say anything. She did not understand where Chen Xiang got his confidence from, to actually dare instruct the Prince Ping.

"That's not it. It's just that you lack the spirit of exploration!" Your method of refining pills is very traditional, but my alchemy techniques are very different from yours. I've explored it at great risk. " Chen Xiang said.

"Can we talk alone?" Xiao Ping looked at Xiao Baifeng.

Chen Xiang nodded and brought Xiao Ping into the room. After Xiao Ping entered, he immediately set up a few enchantments to prevent everything here from being leaked out.

"What is important to talk about? "So cautious?" Chen Xiang felt that it was a little strange.

"I know your ident.i.ty. You are Chen Xiang, right!?" Xiao Ping's words, made Chen Xiang's body slightly tremble.

Xiao Ping smiled, "Don't worry, I will keep this a secret. I won't tell anyone else!" I just want to ask you about the Heavenly Alchemy. I know that you cultivate the Heavenly Alchemy, so your area of alchemy is very different from ours. "

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "The Heavenly Alchemy is very mysterious, my pill refining skills were all comprehended from there! If I can succeed, it has a lot to do with the Heavenly Alchemy. "

"Don't worry, I don't want your Heavenly Alchemy. I just want to know how to break the rules and explore new alchemy techniques. My master has also said this before, but he cannot do it himself. " Xiao Ping asked for advice with a sincere expression.

"Okay, then let me tell you. These are some of the things that I learned from my exploration. I hope that I can give you a direction." Chen Xiang was not trying to pa.s.s his Heavenly Alchemy to Xiao Ping, it was already too late for Xiao Ping to learn it.

They talked for a whole four hours, which was extremely important to Xiao Ping. He felt that the various theories that Chen Xiang had spoken of had completely overturned his understanding towards pill refining and had created a huge impact.

"I have truly benefited greatly from it. I have a general direction now!" Xiao Ping took out a jade tablet and handed it over to Chen Xiang. "This is the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's pill formula, and can be considered as thanking you for teaching me so much."

"You must accept it, and you can also refine it! "My master has already agreed to let me do whatever I want with this pill recipe." Xiao Ping threw the jade tablet to Chen Xiang.

Although Chen Xiang did not pa.s.s on the Heavenly Alchemy to him, he told him his own experience in comprehending techniques, which was more or less useful to Xiao Ping.

Chen Xiang accepted the pill formula because he needed it a lot right now.

"Chen Xiang, there's something I want to ask you, you don't have to answer!" Xiao Ping replied, "You must have come to the Jade Cauldron Palace with a reason. Are you here for my royal sister? Can you tell me why? Maybe I can help you! "

Chen Xiang thought about it, and shook his head! He believed that Xiao Yulan's restoration of the cauldron must be extremely secretive and definitely did not want others to know about it. If he told Xiao Ping about this matter and Xiao Ping went to find Xiao Yulan, something might happen. He would even be a threat to Xue Xianxian and the others, so he planned to do this secretly. Right now, he wanted to confirm the situation that Xue Xianxian and the others were in.

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