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When Xiao Baifeng arrived at Xiao Yulan's palace, he was currently very nervous. This was because he had once said very arrogant words to Xiao Hongque.

"Hongque already told me! Don't worry, I won't chase him away. Although I don't trust him yet, I don't want him to join any other powers. Based on his current performance, once he leaves Jade Cauldron Palace, the other Divine Kings will definitely come to recruit him immediately. " Seeing the worry on Xiao Baifeng's face, Xiao Yulan smiled lightly.

"Princess, don't you want to see him? Maybe there are some things he's only willing to tell you? " Xiao Baifeng said.

"I'll think about it!" Xiao Yulan sighed softly, "You need to understand that before I understand him well enough, I won't place too much resources in his body. I'm worried that I'll raise tigers and cause trouble."

"I understand, Princess. You've always been cautious!" Xiao Baifeng sighed helplessly. He already understood Xiao Yulan's current att.i.tude, and was unwilling to help him.

"Go back!" If he wins the tournament, I'll talk to him alone, and if I act very serious about him right now, it will be very dangerous for him! At this stage, for the sake of obtaining the throne, those guys can do anything. " Xiao Yulan said: "You can rest a.s.sured, I will not chase him away."

… ….

Chen Xiang now believed that there was no chance for him to save Xiao Yulan, so if he wanted to save Xue Xianxian and the others, they could only think of another way. But Yue'er had already helped him get hold of a map, and Xue Xianxian and the rest were hidden inside a mountain.

That place was heavily guarded, and was also protected by many powerful array formations. It would be difficult even for him to activate Heaven Tour to check that place.

Inside the secret room, Chen Xiang placed the Five elements Dan's medicinal ingredients into the Magic method furnace. Two lines of flames shot out from his eyes, causing the five Five Elements Divine Fruits to burst out with a ray of red light, before turning into b.a.l.l.s of air.

"Done!" Yue'er shouted in surprise, "How did you manage to refine and fuse it in such a short period of time?"

"In that instant, several steps were completed, and these were all conceived according to my memories! When I release the divine power in my eyes, this divine power will do as I please, and I will be able to refine and fuse it in an instant. " Chen Xiang said: "So when my eyes release the divine power, I will consciously and quickly extract a large amount of Six Realms' Power."

"What kind of training method is this?" Moon Child could hear the clouds and mist, but she still felt that it was very powerful.

"Heart Training Dharma!" Chen Xiang laughed: "According to what I have in mind, I shall complete multiple steps in an instant! There are also these in the Heavenly Alchemy. "

"Next up, I only need to complete the final step of refining the Divine Spiritual Pill by myself. This can be completed very soon."

Chen Xiang consecutively refined ten batches, three batches in two hours, and ten batches in six hours!

"Including the previous two batches, there are now a total of 60 pills!" Chen Xiang looked at the Five elements Dan inside the jade box that were shining with spirit light and revealed a satisfied smile.

Walking out of the secret room, Xiao Baifeng who was practicing his sword techniques in the courtyard immediately walked over!

"Did you forge another ten batches?" Xiao Baifeng saw that Chen Xiang was even more tired than before, and immediately wiped off the perspiration on his face.

"It's nothing. To me, this is a type of cultivation." Chen Xiang laughed and took out a jade box to give to her: "I will sell it. I will sell it in a high profile so that the Prince Ping will know that I can refine that many Divine Spirit Five elements Dan."

Xiao Baifeng seemed to have understood Chen Xiang's intention. Chen Xiang wanted to tell Xiao Ping that he still had a lot of power.

"As expected of Five elements Dan with Spiritual Lights, you really did what you said! How many sets of medicinal herbs are used here? " Xiao Baifeng saw that the inside of the box was filled with spirited and sparkling Divine Pills. She only revealed a surprised look in her eyes, but she was not as surprised as she was previously, she was already used to it.

"Twelve, I failed in my previous attempt!" Chen Xiang said: "And your speed is not any slower than before. After selling these, can you help me buy some of the medicinal ingredients that I entrusted you to investigate before?"

Those were all the Zhongpin bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients!

"Sure, those medicinal herbs aren't too expensive!" Xiao Baifeng was curious to know what kind of divine pill that was used to refine. It was because Chen Xiang seemed to care a lot about it.

It was still early, so Xiao Baifeng immediately went out to sell the Spirit Soul Five elements Dan that Chen Xiang had just refined, and Chen Xiang continued to refine. He needed to help Xiao Baifeng earn a large amount of Shen Yuan stone s, and that would allow him to buy the Bone level Dan's ingredients.

If he wanted to continue condensing Bones, he would need a middle ranked Bone level Dan. This was the only way he could increase his strength quickly.

Before long, the Alchemist s of the Imperial Nine Palace would know that a large number of Divine Spirit Five elements Dan had appeared on the market, and that these Five elements Dan were all being sold by Xiao Baifeng!

When they found out that Xiao Baifeng was selling the Spirit Soul Five elements Dan, many people thought that Chen Xiang had refined all of them!

It had to be known that Five elements Dan s could only be refined to raise the quality of divine pellets by sacrificing a large amount of pellets. But now that Chen Xiang had sold so many lotus seeds, it was not worth it at all.

… ….

"Young master, what do you think of the quality of this Five elements Dan?" Xiao Ping's old follower also obtained one from who knows where: "This was refined by that brat Shen Fei."

Xiao Ping took out his divine tool, which was specially used to test the quality, and placed the Five elements Dan with spirit light into the hole, the numbers immediately showed up.

"One hundred and ninety!" Xiao Ping said with a frown: "The Spiritual Light Five elements Dan I refined is also only one hundred and seventy, but he is actually ten times higher than me. I just don't know how many pills he can produce!"

"It's definitely only one pellet. Young master, you're so powerful, but even after using all your strength, you're still only using two pellets. He's much weaker than you." The old follower said.

"No, Xiao Baifeng just sold a lot of high quality Five elements Dan this morning, and now he's selling another sixty Spirit Soul Five elements Dan!" Xiao Ping took in a deep breath, "This pill was just made not too long ago. Could it be that he was able to refine sixty Divine Spirit Five elements Dan in a day?"

"How is this possible?" The old follower shouted in shock, "Young master, to refine a cauldron, you will need at least an hour and a half! Furthermore, even if he is able to refine one pellet in two hours, it would still take him sixty hours to refine sixty pellets. "

"Nothing is impossible, he has the Heavenly Alchemy!" Xiao Ping said, "Last time, he didn't use his true strength because he was worried that his ident.i.ty would be exposed! Furthermore, looking at Xiao Baifeng's speed at selling the Five elements Dan and earning the Shen Yuan stone, the one billion she lost will be back very soon. "

"This fellow really looks down on people. He actually didn't bring out his true strength to compete with you, Young Master. I will go and teach him a lesson." the old follower raged.

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