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Xiao Hongque thought that she pretended to be right, but he was still able to see that she was lying!

"You and Baifeng have been by my side since you were young. How could I not notice?" Xiao Yulan chuckled: "Are you worried that I would kick Shen Fei out?"

Xiao Hongque nodded his head: "Princess, that guy is quite arrogant …." She then told him the story of her encounter with Chen Xiang.

"Princess, it seems like this fellow treats Elder Sister Bai Feng rather well, it's just that he has a mysterious background!" Xiao Hongque said.

It looks like he has a good idea on how to earn the Shen Yuan stone, so we don't need to worry about him and Baifeng lacking in help! For the time being, we must be fully prepared to fight for status. " Xiao Yulan's expression became serious: Go and see how Xue Xianxian and the others are doing. They are a very critical part of our plan. If they can succeed, then the chances of me getting the throne will be even greater. "

… ….

After Xiao Baifeng sold all those Five elements Dan, she had quite a few Shen Yuan stone. She bought thirty batches of Five elements Dan's medicinal ingredients and then returned to the Jade Cauldron Palace.

When she returned, Chen Xiang was still asleep, and Yue'er was the one who woke Chen Xiang up.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, do you know when the Large Compet.i.tion will begin?" Chen Xiang really wanted to fight Xiao Ping once more. He felt that he could win against Xiao Ping.

"I still don't know. The exact time was decided by the seven first-tier Celestial Kings! You should rest for a few days. We already have a few Shen Yuan stone. " Xiao Baifeng did not take out the Five elements Dan s that she had bought. She was afraid that Chen Xiang would not be able to resist refining them.

"No need, I can recover pretty much after sleeping. Have you bought the Five elements Dan's medicinal ingredients? I want to try to refine a Divine Spiritual Pill. " Chen Xiang asked. He was excited, this was the highest quality pill, if he could successfully refine it and produce a lot of pills, he would be able to earn a lot more.

"Are you really not tired?" Xiao Baifeng was now very concerned about her, and she saw that Xiao Baifeng was very worried about her.

Chen Xiang felt a warm feeling in his heart, and he chuckled: "What's there to be tired about? You're underestimating me! "

Right now, he was full of pa.s.sion, so even if he was tired, it didn't really matter.

Xiao Baifeng took out thirty batches of Five elements Dan s' medicinal ingredients and gave them to Chen Xiang.

"I'm going to find the princess. Little Cat, are you coming with me?" Xiao Baifeng touched Yue'er who was standing on Chen Xiang's shoulder.

Yue'er shook her head. She wanted to see Chen Xiang refine pills, and to her, this was equivalent to opening her eyes.

Yue'er flew behind him, and Xiao Baifeng headed towards the most restricted area of the Jade Cauldron Palace.

"Chen Xiang, are you going to refine thirty batches this time?" Yue Er asked, she really wanted to see what would happen then.

"Of course not, the Shen Yuan stone is not that powerful now. I need to try another method!" For example, refining a Five elements Dan with Spiritual Light! "Also..." Chen Xiang blinked his flaming eyes.

Seeing his eyes, Yue'er couldn't help but shiver. This was Chen Xiang's very mysterious and powerful place, there were two Bones s in his eyes!

Previously, when Chen Xiang was inside the Time Formation, Yue'er had personally witnessed Chen Xiang using this pair of eyes to refine a Bone level Dan!

If Chen Xiang could use this method to refine pills, then it would be much faster than his Great Thousand Refinements Art!

"I'm currently refining a Zhongpin Dan, and I'm not too familiar with this Five elements Dan yet, so using my eyes to refine pills will definitely not be easy!" Chen Xiang said: "But I will have to give it a try to know."

He took out a portion of Five elements Dan's medicinal ingredients and placed it inside the Magic method furnace. Then, he concentrated the power of Bones in his eyes and two beams of fire shot out from his eyes towards the Magic method furnace.

"Did it work?" Yue Er anxiously shouted.

"No!" Chen Xiang sighed: "I didn't control it well enough, I failed!"

Even though he had successfully refined one part, the other part had become extremely tyrannical because he had not successfully refined it, causing the interior of the Magic method furnace to be in chaos. In order to prevent excessive power from exploding, Chen Xiang increased the power in his eyes and burned the lump of Medicine aura.

"What reason?" Although Yue'er saw that Chen Xiang had failed, she knew that Chen Xiang could succeed. It was just that he was still in the process of learning and groping.

"'s medicinal properties are different from Bone level Dan's, Bone level Dan are easier to refine, and all of the Five elements Dan's medicinal ingredients are middle tier, so their resistance is also stronger." Chen Xiang said.

"I will first slowly refine two batches, and when I'm familiar with the process, I will then start to refine with the Bones of my eyes!" He needed to get more familiar with the Five elements Dan s' herbs and understand the degree of heat he received per inch. Only by doing this would he be able to release the appropriate amount of heat the next time he used his Bones to refine the ingredients and fuse them.

With his previous experience, he could now concoct a cauldron very quickly, entering the Core Formation stage in an instant. He had already divided the largest ball of air into two. He was using a normal pill furnace now, so without that light, Yue Er wouldn't be able to see it.

"You want to refine a divine pill with spiritual light?" Yue'er hurriedly hid to the side. Previously, when Chen Xiang was refining the Tianhuo Dan, it had already exploded, so in order to not affect her, she immediately hid far away.

Chen Xiang nodded, and then controlled the six small ma.s.ses of air to collide into one!

Although there was a strong shock wave from the impact, it was not as strong as the Tianhuo Dan from before. This pill furnace could withstand it, but it did not explode!

After engaging in such a collision, the quality of the Medicine aura had become even higher. At this time, he divided the group of Medicine aura into five groups, and then quickly formed a core!

Not long after, the Five elements Dan he formed was enveloped in a faint golden light.

"It's a success, a Five elements Dan with Spiritual Lights!" Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh.

"One hour!" If you had refined these five Divine Spiritual Pills during your match with Xiao Ping, you might have been able to determine that the total value of these pills is higher than his six pills. You were too careless. " Yue'er chuckled. "But don't worry, you still have a chance to defeat him. As long as the Large Compet.i.tion starts!"

Chen Xiang nodded, and then continued to refine the second furnace! In the previous batch of high-quality six pellets, one pellet could sell for four million Shen Yuan stone, and six pellets could sell for twenty-four million! And now, a pot of it with spiritual brilliance could be sold for thirty million! More than before.

Of course, if he were to use the Ten Thousand Refinements Method to refine ten batches of Five elements Dan with spiritual light, it would be very difficult, so he did not plan to do so.

The second batch of Five elements Dan s that were able to refine five pellets of Spiritual Light were still successfully completed. Now, he was going to use his eyes to refine Five elements Dan s for the second time!

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