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Chen Xiang was still very safe in the Jade Cauldron Palace, and right now, no one dared to hara.s.s him, even the previous Ming Prince, didn't know why, but he still hadn't come to find Xiao Baifeng! Of course, if Xiao Yulan wanted to kick him out, he was afraid that he would have to leave in a hurry.

"Are you really not afraid that Xiao Yulan will chase you away?" Yue'er replied, "If she chased you away, what would you do?"

Yue'er saw that it was very easy for Chen Xiang to control ten pill furnaces, so she tried to see if Chen Xiang could still talk to her in this kind of situation.

"If she sends me away, I will go find that Prince Ping and have him shelter me for a period of time. I think he will." Chen Xiang laughed: "At most, I'll agree to fight with him and refine all kinds of divine pellets. This guy is a battle maniac, he likes compet.i.tion a lot!"

"You can control ten pill furnaces right now without any pressure?" Yue'er was extremely surprised.

"A little! Using my refining method to refine this Five elements Dan is relatively easy, I would be able to learn it very quickly the first time I refine it. In addition to today's compet.i.tion between Xiao Ping and I, I am more familiar with it! Of course, if I were to refine Tianhuo Dan, I would not be able to last past two batches. " Chen Xiang said. He tried it and found that it was rather strenuous, but the consumption was not bad for him.

It was just like when he was a child tempering his body. Although his body was very tired, he felt indescribably comfortable. Sometimes, if he didn't temper his body, he would feel uncomfortable instead.

Yue'er could now clearly see the movement of the Magic method furnace. After the five divine fruits in the pill furnace had turned into five different colored ma.s.ses of air, they were then compressed and fused together by a force.

The process of fusing them wasn't long. It was obvious that everything was going smoothly! After the fusion, it turned into a five-colored ball of light that constantly flickered.

After the b.a.l.l.s rotated for a short while, they were all split into six parts by Chen Xiang. Each of the Magic method furnace had six small b.a.l.l.s of air.

As it shrank, the light it released was also the strongest. Littlemoon felt a stabbing pain in her eyes. As the ma.s.s of air shrunk, the light also weakened, becoming a five-colored pill!

"All six!" Yue Er exclaimed, "This should take about eight hours. If you were to refine it in one furnace, it should take about six hours!"

She saw that Chen Xiang's head was covered in sweat, and said: "If you go to concoct the pill in one furnace, the consumption would definitely not be that severe!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "That's right, but this kind of consumption is helpful to me. If I had been honed like this many times, I wouldn't be so tired.

After he finished, he came out of the big secret room. It was already dark now, so Xiao Baifeng sat on the chair, holding his head, with his eyes closed, as if he was resting.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng!" Chen Xiang gently shouted. He had told Xiao Baifeng before that he should not disturb him while he was refining pills. On one hand, he did not want Xiao Baifeng to see his Dawan refining method.

"Mm, how many batches have been refined?" You must be very tired! " When Xiao Baifeng saw how exhausted Chen Xiang looked, she also felt a little guilty. Other people who nurtured the Alchemist would never let the Alchemist risk his life to earn the Shen Yuan stone, but now she wanted the Alchemist to nurture her instead.

"I've finished refining them all. There's a total of 60 pills!" Chen Xiang took out a jade case and laughed complacently, "Have you found a market yet? Very soon, we will be making a huge profit! "

Xiao Baifeng could not believe it. She knew that Chen Xiang had entered the secret room much earlier than she had expected, and had been able to steadily produce six pills from every furnace!

She took a deep breath when she saw the five brilliant Five elements Dan s inside the jade box. She felt that the amount of Shen Yuan stone Chen Xiang had earned in a few days time was probably more than what she had acc.u.mulated over the years!

"If we are to compete like this, even the Prince Ping cannot compare to you! You are indeed stronger than him. If you had a master like him, you would be even more amazing! " Xiao Baifeng received the jade box. She was very curious about Chen Xiang's master, but she didn't know the name when Chen Xiang said it.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, finish selling these tomorrow morning and buy some Five Elements Divine Fruits. I want to try to refine a Five elements Dan with the Spiritual Light." Chen Xiang said: "I should be able to sell this for more!"

"If you can refine it, selling it for 6 million will not be a problem, but you need to keep the quant.i.ty to make a profit. Also, the refining process will be more complicated, is that alright?" Xiao Baifeng no longer dared to doubt Chen Xiang's strength, but she still felt that it was somewhat impossible. If Chen Xiang wanted to maintain his profits, then he would have to maintain the amount of Divine Light Pill he used to refine.

"Have you forgotten about Tianhuo Dan? The refining process of the Tianhuo Dan was even more complicated, and it had changed before! So, this is definitely not a problem, I'll try it and then I'll know. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Alright, go and rest!" Xiao Baifeng's pet.i.te jade face revealed a smile and nodded.

… ….

Xiao Baifeng had already found a selling place, and they were all large pill stores in the Jade Cauldron Palace, the price had already been agreed upon. These large pill stores were distributed in a few large cities in the Divine Cauldron Nation, and Xiao Baifeng had currently delivered them to his doorstep.

In just a single morning, she had sold all of these Five elements Dan. Now, she already had over two hundred million Shen Yuan stone, and she had only used twenty million Shen Yuan stone to buy divine medicine before, but now, she had increased it by ten times!

Xiao Baifeng was currently very excited. Shen Yuan stone were useful to her as well, but she had been acc.u.mulating resources over the years. How could she be able to earn as fast as she was earning now? She felt that she had placed her bet correctly. Thus, her current mood was akin to that of a gambler who had won a gamble. It had been a long time since she had such a good mood.

… ….

"Hongque, are you sure Bai Feng is going to sell sixty Five elements Dan this morning?" When Xiao Yulan heard the news, his fingers couldn't help but tremble, and she, who was playing a zither, also went into chaos, while her fingers were trembling.

"Absolutely true! And yesterday, she had coincidentally bought ten batches of Five elements Dan's divine medicine. During the compet.i.tion between that guy called Shen Fei and the Prince Ping, she had produced six pellets in a single furnace. Xiao Hongque was also very surprised. She had initially thought that Chen Xiang being able to refine six Five elements Dan was just a flash in the pan, but she didn't think that he would be able to steadily produce them, and ten batches at that.

"Princess, do you want to personally meet this Shen Fei fellow?" Xiao Hongque asked in a low voice.

"I will think about it! You saw him yesterday. What do you think of this man? " Xiao Yulan continued to play and asked softly.

"This person... Not bad, just a little crazy. " Xiao Hongque did not dare to say what Chen Xiang had done yesterday. She was worried that Xiao Yulan would drive him out of the Jade Cauldron Palace in a fit of rage, causing him to hate her.

"You lied!" Xiao Yulan let out a soft sigh, "Tell me the situation where you met him directly. I promise you, I won't make things difficult for him and Bai Feng."

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