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"She's sick, she has to be cured!" Chen Xiang said casually, making Xiao Baifeng even angrier, but she didn't say that she really wanted to, but was thinking about it. Previously, Chen Xiang did indeed want to see Xiao Yulan a lot, but now, she looked like she hated Xiao Yulan, and even said such shameless words!

After all, he was still in the Jade Cauldron Palace. Just based on the words that he had said earlier, it was enough for him to die several times! Now, Xiao Baifeng also felt that he was unable to see through Chen Xiang, to think that he actually had such guts!

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, that girl just now was called Hongque. You are Bai Feng. Chen Xiang laughed.

"We're both female servants, there's no difference in status. I'm just a bit older than her!" Xiao Baifeng said with a sad sigh: "But my innate talent is not as good as hers, she currently possesses forty Divine Deity and is a Monarch. She is highly valued by the princess! As long as the princess does not go into seclusion, she will basically always be by her side. "

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang laughed out loud: "Luckily she didn't beat me to death earlier, otherwise, even you wouldn't have been able to stop her!"

"Mm, you really don't want to die!" Xiao Baifeng glared at him reproachfully.

"Now that I have obtained the qualifications to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, what I need to do next is to earn some Shen Yuan stone! You can go and buy some Five elements Dan's medicine and I will refine them into a divine pill. Then, you can sell them for a good price. Chen Xiang said: "From the looks of it, your princess most likely does not value me anymore."

Xiao Baifeng nodded, this was her plan before, good quality Five elements Dan were easier to sell! Most people could afford to buy it, but if there were a lot of them, they would be able to earn Shen Yuan stone very quickly.

"If you are not tired, then go and purchase the Five Elements Divine Fruits. I will concentrate on concocting pills now since I have nothing else to do. I haven't used that move for a long time!" Chen Xiang stretched his back, then said with a smile: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, can your secret room be expanded a little?"

"You can dig a secret chamber in the underground. What do you need such a big secret chamber for?" Xiao Baifeng was a little confused.

"Secret!" Chen Xiang smiled mysteriously.

Xiao Baifeng hurriedly ran out to purchase some ingredients and he quickly returned.

"Two million a serving of medicinal herbs. There are only ten sets here." Xiao Baifeng pa.s.sed a Storage bag to Chen Xiang: "I have used all of my Shen Yuan stone, if you still need more, I can go borrow …"

Chen Xiang laughed: "There's no need, just help me create a big secret room. I know Elder Sister Bai Feng has never borrowed Shen Yuan stone before, you don't want to do this either."

Indeed, Xiao Baifeng had never done such a thing before. She was just like Xiao Yulan, both had this kind of bad temper, but she was forced to do it. She nodded slightly, secretly grateful to Chen Xiang for being able to understand her.

Very quickly, Xiao Baifeng created a very large s.p.a.ce in the ground. Now, she took out a piece of specially made stone bricks and wanted to build a stone room.

Chen Xiang was also helping.

"How many Shen Yuan stone can be sold for a high quality Five elements Dan?" Chen Xiang wanted to estimate how much he could earn by refining a cauldron of Five elements Dan.

"4 million!" Under normal circ.u.mstances, a high quality Zhongpin Dan would cost twice as much as a portion of medicinal ingredients. " Xiao Baifeng said: "If you can successfully produce six pills, you should know how much you can earn."

"The Zhongpin Dan is so expensive too?" Chen Xiang didn't think that it would actually be twice the price of a single set of medicinal ingredients.

"This is the price of a high quality product. If it is of low quality, it would be great if someone wanted it!" You have to understand that for Alchemist s like you who can concoct six pills in a single go, and furthermore, are of high quality, only someone of Prince Ping's level can produce one. In the entire Imperial Nine Palace, other than you and Prince Ping, there are probably not many other young Alchemist! " It was also why Xiao Baifeng bet everything on Chen Xiang.

"To be able to refine two or more high quality Five elements Dan within six hours, there are not many Alchemist s who can do it, even within the Imperial Nine Palace s. Alchemist s who are able to do it are also completely carefree, and they would definitely not refine such pellets to earn Shen Yuan stone s." Xiao Baifeng said: "For example, Prince Ping and his master, as well as those Alchemist with the same strength as his master, would they be lacking this little bit of Shen Yuan stone?"

"They are not lacking, we are not lacking!" "That's great, we can make a ton of money now, haha!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Once I'm done with the secret room, I will go and concoct the pills. With your ten sets of ingredients, I can at least give you fifty Five elements Dan pills."

Xiao Baifeng smiled lightly and nodded. This was the benefit of meeting a strong Alchemist, so she felt that her investment just now wasn't a loss at all.

After the big secret room was built, Chen Xiang told Xiao Baifeng to go out and find a good place to sell. He said that he would sell it when she came back.

Even if Yue'er were to stay here, she didn't know why Chen Xiang needed such a large secret room.

"Don't you want to build a bath or something? This secret room is as big as the courtyard house above us. " Yue Er said.

"If it isn't that big, how can it be forged so quickly?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"What does this have to do with producing pills quickly?" Yue'er did not understand.

Chen Xiang laughed and did not speak, he took out the ten sets of divine medicines and checked them. There were no big problems, he just released the ten sets of Magic method furnace!

Ten sets of medicinal ingredients would be fifty Five Elements Divine Fruits, and under Chen Xiang's control, they would fly into the ten Magic method furnace s!

This was the Dawan refining method, Chen Xiang had never used it to refine a divine pellet, and this time, he was very confident that he would be able to complete it smoothly.

"You want to refine ten batches of Zhongpin Dan at once?" Yue'er was stupefied. She couldn't believe that Chen Xiang was actually going to do such a crazy thing.

"That's right!" This is a challenge to my limits, and at the same time, it is a cultivation that can squeeze out my potential. " When Chen Xiang finished speaking, the ten Magic method furnace's insides lit up with flames, and began to burn the divine fruits inside.

This time, he was using the Dawan refining method differently, because he was going to use the on ten of the pill furnaces at the same time.

Yue'er now understood why Chen Xiang wanted to own such a large secret room. It was very likely that Chen Xiang would not only need to simultaneously control ten pill furnaces, he might even need to control more.

The ten Magic method furnace were burning the ten sets of Five Elements Divine Fruits, and each pill furnace released a dazzling, five-colored light. The light was extremely beautiful, filling the entire room, making Yue'er feel as if she was in a five-colored s.p.a.ce, while the ten Magic method furnace were like ten five-colored stars.

"How long will it take?" Furthermore, previously, when Chen Xiang was refining his Five elements Dan, the fastest thing he could do was for it to be more than an hour. Even if he were to refine a cauldron, it wouldn't be slow, so she felt that there was absolutely no need for Chen Xiang to do this.

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