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Chen Xiang saw that the lady in red was blocked by Xiao Baifeng outside the door, and immediately saw that the relationship between Xiao Baifeng and the lady in red was not good, causing him to not understand, Xiao Baifeng had followed Xiao Yulan from a young age, and stayed in Imperial Nine Palace for a long time, but did not have any trusted friends!

"Can't you just let me in?" The woman in red didn't get angry. She only stuck out her tongue and smiled.

"Did the princess send you here?" Xiao Baifeng was still as cold as ever, and didn't welcome the red-clothed female in the slightest.

"Yes, she asked me to come and talk to you about something, and at the same time, wanted me to take a look at this man called Shen Fei." The lady in red giggled. "What? Are you afraid that he will be lured away by me? "

Xiao Baifeng snorted, and opened up a path for her to walk in.

The red-clothed female walked into the hall and opened her big watery eyes, looking at Chen Xiang curiously, as if she had seen something magical.

"Xiao Hongque, if you have something to say, quickly say it!" Xiao Baifeng said: "He's very tired today and needs to rest early."

Xiao Baifeng was currently unhappy, not because she saw Xiao Hongque, but because she felt that Xiao Yulan did not attach enough importance to him, and this would miss the chance for Chen Xiang to partic.i.p.ate in the upcoming compet.i.tion. needed resources right now, but she did not, and she could only hope that Xiao Yulan could provide some.

Now that she saw Xiao Hongque coming, without a trace of sincerity, she understood that Xiao Yulan had asked her to come take a look. If Xiao Yulan truly valued Chen Xiang, he would have definitely sent people to find her and talk.

"Princess asked me to come and ask about Shen Fei's background, because he was too mysterious. Princess would not be at ease if she did not understand him fully. You should know the princess' personality. She has always been this cautious! Don't blame the princess, the princess is doing it for your own good, she doesn't want you to be tricked! She understands that you need to nurture your own people, so she's worried that you'll get ahead of yourself … " Xiao Hongque looked at Chen Xiang, and mischievously made a face at him.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Big sister, when you say these words, just sound transmission is enough, there's no need for me to hear it right?"

"I'm just letting you hear me. What do you think?" Xiao Hongque chuckled, "Tell me about it for big sister."

"I'm a good person!" Chen Xiang laughed, "Whether you believe it or not is up to you!"

"Do you have any proof? Even if I believe you, the princess doesn't believe me, and I don't trust you, so there's nothing I can do! If you really want to be chosen by the princess, you'd better honestly tell me your purpose in coming here. Don't think that the princess can't see through your motives in coming here. " Xiao Hongque came to Chen Xiang's side and said with a charming smile.

Xiao Baifeng was a little angry: "Hongque, quickly leave! Go back and tell the princess that I can handle this kind of matter by myself, there's no need for her to worry about it. "

The past few days that she had spent with Chen Xiang, she believed that she understood Chen Xiang very well. She believed in her intuition that Chen Xiang would definitely not harm her. Furthermore, the fact that she was together with Chen Xiang gave her a joy that she had never felt before. For some reason, when she was together with Chen Xiang, she felt very relaxed and didn't need to be on her guard against Chen Xiang!

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, I know that you haven't had a breakthrough in all these years and I'm a bit worried! But you can't lose your head because of this, we can all understand you! " Xiao Hongque frowned, and turned to look at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang rubbed his nose and said, "Are you saying that Jade Cauldron Divine King suspects me? She was worried that my motive for entering the Imperial Nine Palace was not pure? "

"Exactly! So you'd better cooperate and say what you're here for! If you truly wish to join the Jade Cauldron Palace, we will be the most helpful to you and allow your progress in the Pill Dao to be smooth. You should be clear now that your own strength is not enough. " Xiao Hongque kept her sweet smile, and said very straightforwardly.

"I only came here to see Jade Cauldron Divine King, to be her subordinate! What I said was the truth, and it was up to you whether you want to believe it or not. Before I met the Elder Sister Bai Feng, I could not refine Zhongpin Dan, and it was only because she gave me the divine medicine that I learned it! So now I have a second goal, which is to grow as fast as possible and help the Elder Sister Bai Feng become even stronger. " Chen Xiang sighed: "If you still do not believe, then I have no choice, I can only give up my first goal, and achieve my second goal will be enough."

"Don't you want to see the princess now?" Xiao Hongque asked, she was very clear about the charm of her princess, there were a lot of experts who came here due to admiration, some of them had never seen Xiao Yulan before, but they worked hard for him.

"It's fine if she doesn't see me, I'm just a lowly n.o.body. She doesn't put me in her eyes, and she looks down on me. It's normal for her to not see me, so I feel that it's better to forget about it!" To me, it's easier to help the Elder Sister Bai Feng become stronger than to see him. " Chen Xiang was also angry in his heart, his goal in coming here was to save his wife.

The Jade Cauldron Divine King was so tyrannical, he kidnapped Xue Xianxian and the others. If he had the strength, he would have killed the Imperial Nine Palace already.

"Now, it seems that you are not worthy of my princess in your eyes, right? Aren't you afraid that we'll kick you out? " Xiao Hongque said coldly, her att.i.tude becoming very bad, because she could hear that Chen Xiang was angry, and furthermore, the tone of her voice did not even put Xiao Yulan in her eyes.

"You want to chase me away? "Please go ahead, since I am going to accomplish my second goal, I don't need to stay here." Chen Xiang did not give her any face, and had already stood up.

"Hongque, if you're still treating me as your big sister, then hurry up and leave. This is my business. If the princess is going to chase him away, then I will go with him. " Xiao Baifeng's voice carried a trace of anger.

Xiao Hongque glared at Chen Xiang fiercely, and then looked at Xiao Baifeng with a tender and affectionate gaze as he let out a faint sigh, "Alright, I'll leave now!"

After Xiao Hongque left, Chen Xiang snorted: "This woman is not the type to do big things. Before, I thought that the Jade Cauldron Divine King was very powerful, but now, it seems like it!"

"You're not allowed to talk about the princess!" Xiao Baifeng said: "Princess doesn't care so much about your background, she must have her own thoughts."

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "If she really needs talent right now, she shouldn't be putting on such a haughty att.i.tude! You're so concerned about my background, used everything to investigate, and even sent Hongque Jr. to go against you, but she's just not willing to come? You're already so concerned about me, you might die if you meet me! "

"You …" Xiao Baifeng also didn't know what to say to refute Chen Xiang. Xiao Yulan did indeed mind Chen Xiang a lot, but he just didn't want to come by himself. This was exactly the same as what Chen Xiang had said;

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