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Chen Xiang's expression was also very solemn. This Xiao Ping's alchemy level was really strong, he could clearly feel that he was unsure if he could win, if it was in the past, he would definitely be very confident.

"Alright, we finished it at the same time. Now it all depends on the quant.i.ty and quality!" Xiao Ping said.

Chen Xiang nodded, and at the same time, retrieved the Five elements Dan from the furnace with Xiao Ping!

Seeing the Five elements Dan that they took out, everyone was stunned, there were actually six of them! Being able to refine two or three of these Five elements Dan s was already very impressive, but now that they could refine six of them, it was clear from the l.u.s.ter of their pills that they were of high quality.

No one dared to look down on Chen Xiang anymore, and they no longer dared to tease him that he was raising men. A man who could refine six Five elements Dan s in one furnace and take care of two Xiao Baifeng s in half an hour.

"Is it even?" The old follower said.

"No, it depends on the quality!" Xiao Ping took out a round plate. In the middle of the plate, there was a small dent, just large enough to fit into a divine pill. In the middle of the plate, there was a square crystal with many complex Spirit grain s on it.

"This is a divine tool used to test the quality. My master entrusted it to the Heavenly Divine Lord to refine it. Do you trust this divine tool?" Xiao Ping said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Although the Heavenly Divine Lord had been defeated, the many divine tools that he had refined were still circulating around, and they were extremely precious.

"Alright, the square crystal on the plate will show the numbers. The higher the number, the higher the quality. We will test the six supreme dan beads separately, and the one with the biggest numbers is the winner." Xiao Ping's expression was also extremely serious, he did not want to lose to Chen Xiang.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang nodded.

"I'll go first!" Xiao Ping placed a Five elements Dan into the small dent. The crystal suddenly lit up and a number appeared.

"Ninety!" Xiao Ping said, then let Chen Xiang see it clearly.

"Continue!" Chen Xiang said.

Xiao Ping took out that Five elements Dan and placed it on the other one, showing that it was also ninety.

Chen Xiang was also very surprised that Xiao Ping could control it so well.

"It's your turn!" Xiao Ping said.

When Chen Xiang placed the Five elements Dan that he refined into the first pellet, it displayed a value of 93, which made everyone exclaim in surprise. The quality was actually better than Xiao Ping's.

And the next four pills were all 90. Now it was the last one. If it was also 90, then Xiao Ping would have lost!

At this moment, Xiao Ping was looking at the divine testing tool with rapt attention. His forehead was actually covered in sweat.

"Eighty-six!" Chen Xiang frowned, he did not dare believe that he had actually lost.

Xiao Ping's six pills had a total value of five hundred and forty, and Chen Xiang's was five hundred and thirty-nine, although they had lost a little.

"I won!" Xiao Ping smiled faintly: "But winning isn't easy, you are just a little bit away from defeating me, I don't even want that one billion Shen Yuan stone, in any case, I've won!"

Xiao Ping didn't care about the one billion Shen Yuan stone.

Although Chen Xiang had lost, it was still a glorious loss because Xiao Ping really did not win easily. Furthermore, it was already pretty good that Chen Xiang had refined a pill with the quality of 93.

This compet.i.tion, could already see Chen Xiang's level! This was also the main reason that it affected the quality of his medicinal pellets. If he had arrived at Third Rank Divine King like Xiao Ping, then it would be hard to say!

"Take it, give it to Prince Ping!" Xiao Baifeng took out a Storage bag and handed it over to Xiao Ping's old follower. Everyone knew that this was a billion Shen Yuan stone, yet Xiao Baifeng did not accept Xiao Ping's kindness.

However, for those who had the slightest understanding of Xiao Baifeng, they would know that even though she was a female servant, she had a lot of backbone.

According to the rules, the refined divine pellets could not be taken away, and after Chen Xiang lost, he was also not in a good mood.

"Next time, let's compete again." Chen Xiang smiled at Xiao Ping.

"I will definitely win against you again! Of course, if you can still beat me, this will still be yours. " Xiao Ping waved the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's pill formula in his hand. Even though he had won against Chen Xiang by a little, he still gave him enough confidence.

Chen Xiang came to Xiao Baifeng's side, looking at her with an ashamed face.

"Just win it back next time and you'll be fine!" Xiao Baifeng was very satisfied with Chen Xiang's performance, at least she did not feel that it would hurt to lose one billion Shen Yuan stone, and when she said these words, she even revealed a faint smile to Chen Xiang, that was a smile of encouragement and praise.

Chen Xiang did lose to Xiao Ping, but this also made him famous here. After all, his level was not far from Xiao Ping's!

Returning back to the house, Xiao Baifeng said: "Did you not bring out your true strength?"

Chen Xiang nodded, and sighed: "I was too careless, and underestimated this guy! It's all my fault. In order to not cause too much trouble, I didn't use my most powerful technique. "

Xiao Baifeng was very clear of Chen Xiang's abilities, it was because the mutated Tianhuo Dan that Chen Xiang refined was very scary, the high quality was scary. She felt that if Chen Xiang refined the Five elements Dan, it would also definitely be able to reach the quality that it was supposed to have, but she was curious why Chen Xiang did not refine it.

What she did not know was that Chen Xiang was using the Heavenly Alchemy, so when he came to the Divine Nations, he definitely could not expose this. And if he wanted to refine a divine pill that had a spirit light, just that broken pill furnace would definitely explode.

Yue'er said: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, how many Shen Yuan stone do you still have?"

"Not much, only 20 million!" But for the Alchemist s, this is not even enough to fill the gaps between their teeth. " Xiao Baifeng sighed: "I wonder if the princess will value you because of today's match with Prince Ping. If she still doesn't, I can only think of other ways to earn Shen Yuan stone to support you."

Yue'er chuckled: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, you aren't actually raising a little man, you're just raising a little scoundrel."

"Yue Er, how did you get this strange disease?" Chen Xiang reached out his hand to scratch her itch, thinking that it must be Long Xueyi's fault.

"Stop messing around. Someone's coming, and she's even a beauty." Yue'er shouted, giggling non-stop at Chen Xiang's words.

Xiao Baifeng knew that someone had arrived and hastily opened the door. It was a lady in red, with a charming smile on her jade-like face. She was tall, taller than Xiao Baifeng by two heads.

"It's you. Did the princess ask you to come?" Xiao Baifeng said, she did not give the lady any face.

"Something like that!" The lady in red did not enter, because Xiao Baifeng did not let her in, she could only look at Chen Xiang who was inside, and even gave him a sweet and gentle smile.

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