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Chen Xiang had also heard of Heaven G.o.d fire Dan before, this was recorded in the knowledge of pellets Feng Yujie had pa.s.sed down to him. As long as he ate the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan s that corresponded to his own strength, he could absorb the divine power of the heavens and earth and condense a very strong flame Divine Deity.

It was just that he needed to consume a lot of it to continuously absorb it and quickly condense Divine Deity. This kind of pill was indeed very precious!

"This is the Supreme G.o.d Pellet, but you can also use Shangpin medicine to refine Shangpin dan." Xiao Ping laughed, "Now you have the motivation to compete with me!"

Xiao Ping was only worried that Chen Xiang wouldn't use all of his strength to compete with him, which was why he did this. In the eyes of many people, this was an incomprehensible action.

"But you also need to come up with something to bet with me." Xiao Ping said.

"I can't take it out, I'm very poor. Elder Sister Bai Feng has been helping me all this time, and she provided me with the pill furnaces." Chen Xiang spread his hands.

Of course Chen Xiang had good things, it was just that he could not gamble on them, he was not as wasteful as Xiao Ping.

"A billion Shen Yuan stone, how about it?" Xiao Ping looked at Xiao Baifeng. "She should be able to afford these Shen Yuan stone!"

"Shen Fei, make a bet with Prince Ping. I'll pay for this one billion Shen Yuan stone." Xiao Baifeng agreed without hesitation. It could be seen that she was extremely confident in Chen Xiang, and she also knew the value of Heaven G.o.d fire Dan s.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't worry Prince Ping, I will definitely show my true strength! But don't get angry from embarra.s.sment when you lose. "

"Do I look like someone who would want to do such a thing?" He had already picked up the invisible divine fruit and began to examine it.

"How about this, since it's the same pill furnace and the same divine medicine, let's exchange for it so that everyone can be at ease." Xiao Ping said. After all, he had taken out his trump card and gambled with it, so he had to be very careful in this matter.

"No problem!"

Chen Xiang and Xiao Ping changed their positions, the pill furnace and the divine medicine were placed on the ground.

Now, more and more people started to gather, the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's reputation was too big, and the fire elementalists were the most famous, and now there was actually someone who used this pill formula to make a bet, many people did not believe it, but after knowing that Xiao Ping had taken it out to make a bet, everyone had no choice but to believe it!

The Heaven G.o.d fire Dan was the top quality divine formula created by the Great National Master, and Xiao Ping, as the only disciple of the Great National Master, would definitely have this recipe as well, so only he would dare to take it out to gamble.

"The quality, speed, and quant.i.ty will be determined by these three criteria. When the time comes, both you and I will have a plan." Xiao Ping said.

Chen Xiang nodded, "Let's begin!"

It was finally about to begin! Xiao Ping's face also became serious. Although giving away the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's pill formula wouldn't do him much of a loss, he would definitely be scolded by his master, so he had to protect it.

Chen Xiang's motivation had two aspects. On one hand, he would lose a billion Shen Yuan stone, and this Shen Yuan stone was definitely Xiao Baifeng's last resort! On the other hand, if he won, he would be able to obtain this precious pill formula, which was extremely useful to him.

Chen Xiang directly threw the five Five Elements Divine Fruits into the pill furnace. He did not do it according to the pill formula, Xiao Ping only followed the steps of the pill formula, only that he sped up his pace.

Before, Chen Xiang had said that Xiao Ping would definitely be able to complete it within two hours, and perhaps even faster. Now, it seemed that he had spoken correctly, if he followed the steps in the pill formulas, Xiao Ping would have already progressed to halfway.

However, no one knew about Chen Xiang's progress, he did not follow the pill formulas. There were even many people who suspected that he was capable of refining the pills. If it weren't for the powerful Alchemist s, a billion Shen Yuan stone would still be considered a large number to the thirty Great Saint G.o.ds with Divine Deity.

The Shen Yuan stone s that Xiao Baifeng had saved up for so many years, had been defeated mostly because they had only known each other for a few days. She also secretly felt that she had paid a lot to raise Chen Xiang.

Xiao Ping was a prince who had the qualifications to compete for the throne, so his every action would receive the attention of the great powers in the Imperial Nine Palace.

More and more people came, and the crowd didn't understand pill forging at all. All they were waiting for was the result, the one who lost and the one who won!

… ….

"Princess, I never thought that the little man from Bai Feng's group would be so powerful. The Fire Xiong Divine Tablet had reached a total of thirty-six, but Prince Ping held such high regard for him. In order to compete to his heart's content, Prince Ping actually took out a Heaven G.o.d fire Dan and used it to unleash his greatest strength!" In the garden of one of Jade Cauldron Palace's strictest villas, a woman was talking to a lady in a white dress who was playing a zither.

"Can you find out anything about this Shen Fei?" The lady in the white dress who was playing the zither kept the jade zither and asked softly.

"No, it's as if he suddenly appeared. The people from the other eight Divine Nations s have never heard of him either." The woman said, "I'm also worried that Baifeng will be tricked. She hasn't had any contact with a man for many years, but now, she's allowed a man to sit in the same house with her. Furthermore, she's even given him so much!"

"Don't worry, as long as we're in the Imperial Nine Palace, Baifeng will be fine! Before I figure out the reason for this Shen Fei's visit, I can't get him to leave the Imperial Nine Palace no matter what. The lady who was playing the zither just now was Xiao Yulan, she was much smarter than Xiao Baifeng. Although she did not seem to care about the "Shen Fei" that Xiao Baifeng had introduced, she had secretly investigated him many times.

Furthermore, in these past few days, Xiao Baifeng's whereabouts were all under her control!

"If you have any results, feel free to report to me. If Shen Fei is truly someone useful, I will personally talk to him." Xiao Yulan said.

"Yes, princess!"

… ….

Chen Xiang and Xiao Ping's match could be said to be extremely intense. Both of them were desperately fighting for time, using the fastest time possible to refine as many Five elements Dan as possible.

Soon, an hour pa.s.sed. However, their pill furnaces were extremely calm. It was terrifyingly calm, as if nothing had happened inside!

When the Alchemist was refining pills, more or less, the pill furnace would emit a bit of hot air. But right now, the two of them did not have a single pill furnace.

To them, this pill furnace was just a cover. When they were concocting pills, the flames did not touch the pill furnace at all! Under these circ.u.mstances, it was already amazing that they could still perform so well.

Now, everyone knew why Xiao Ping valued Chen Xiang so much. It was because Chen Xiang's standards were similar to his! However, there was a heaven and earth difference between Chen Xiang's Divine Deity and Xiao Ping's.

After about an hour, Xiao Ping suddenly opened the lid, and Chen Xiang opened it at almost the same time as him.

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