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Xiao Baifeng was very satisfied with Chen Xiang's performance. This was the only way Chen Xiang would be able to obtain more of Xiao Yulan's recognition, and at that time, he would be able to grow even faster.

Seeing Xiao Baifeng picking up such a good Alchemist, many people were secretly jealous that if they could develop an outstanding Alchemist, then with the help of this Alchemist, they would definitely have a very high status and strong strength.

The pretty girl who mocked Xiao Baifeng previously was also present. Thinking about how Chen Xiang wanted to slap her earlier, she became even more furious. Now that she knew that this little man had such potential, she became even more jealous of Xiao Baifeng.

The next step was the second stage of the test, to a.s.sess the pill refining level, it was just refining the Zhongpin Dan, but the requirements were very harsh, it needed to produce a certain number of pills, and the quality also needed to be good, and had to be within the time limit, otherwise it would be impossible to pa.s.s.

Beside this area was a group of Alchemist s that were seriously controlling the pill furnaces and refining Zhongpin Dan. Chen Xiang had also just seen a moment ago, Zhongpin Dan s' ingredients were all provided and they were all used to refine Five elements Dan s.

Now, Chen Xiang understood why Xiao Baifeng gifted the Five elements Dan to him so generously. This Five elements Dan and that Tianhuo Dan were also common goods, he could casually obtain them, but he would need a certain number of Shen Yuan stone to buy them.

Xiao Baifeng was very much at ease with this stage. She herself had personally witnessed Chen Xiang refining Five elements Dan, not only was it fast, the amount of Five elements Dan that came out was also extremely shocking!

Xiao Ping had already received his Five elements Dan and a pill furnace. In order to ensure fairness in pill refining, he used a single pill furnace.

"Young master, are you still not going to start?" At this time, many Alchemist had the same question. After Xiao Ping brought the medicinal ingredients and pill furnace into the arena, he sat down with his legs crossed. The medicinal ingredients and pill furnace were beside him, so he did not touch them.

"I'm waiting for someone!" Xiao Ping glanced at Chen Xiang. Here, he couldn't wait to have a small match with Chen Xiang.

Seeing his gaze, everyone could not help but be shocked, Xiao Baifeng's little man was really too polite, he actually made the Prince Ping waste time waiting for him.

Because they were both refining Five elements Dan and also using the same pill furnace, the compet.i.tion was very fair. Xiao Ping knew that he had lost to Chen Xiang once, and now he wanted to take it back.

Chen Xiang felt that this Prince Ping loved to duel too much, it was just that he did not know that this Prince Ping had once lost to him!

All of the Alchemist present were extremely jealous of Chen Xiang at this moment; to actually be valued so highly by Xiao Ping, and Chen Xiang had also caused them to secretly admire him. If it was them, they would probably be very nervous already, but Chen Xiang was actually very relaxed.

"Aren't you going over?" Xiao Baifeng looked at the people around him and saw that everyone was watching him. Xiao Ping's voice was also very loud just now.

Xiao Baifeng also thought that Chen Xiang was too calm. To be able to be so calm in the face of a challenge from someone of Xiao Ping's level, he did not seem afraid at all.

Chen Xiang smiled faintly, "There's no rush, both he and I tested on the Fire Xiong Divine Stele earlier and both have a certain amount of energy loss. If we start right now, we're definitely not in our best condition, we both need to undergo a short period of adjustment."

Young lad, to refine a Zhongpin Dan, you have to do it within the set time. The Prince Ping thinks highly of you, so don't waste his time. That old follower was very considerate of his young master and hastily came over to greet him.

"Aren't we supposed to complete it within six hours?" With your Prince Ping's strength, I estimate that it would be completed in two hours, and perhaps even faster. " Chen Xiang laughed: "So elder, don't be anxious!"

It took only two hours to produce two or more high quality Five elements Dan! Right now, they were risking their lives, but their speed was still the same. They couldn't understand, why was it that they were both concocting pills, their refining speed was so slow, but the others were all so fast, their methods were all the same!

Xiao Ping only wore a smile on his face. He agreed very much with Chen Xiang's words, and he could also tell that Chen Xiang attached a lot of importance to the following match with him, which was why he had to make the best adjustment.

And this time, Xiao Ping also decided to display his full strength. He had to defeat Chen Xiang! Therefore, he needed to adjust himself as well. He had indeed used up quite a bit of energy on the Fire Xiong Divine Stele just now.

Xiao Ping was not anxious, so was Chen Xiang, but everyone was anxious to death. They wanted to throw Chen Xiang onto the stage and compete quickly!

Four hours later, Chen Xiang finally went to collect the ingredients needed to refine Five elements Dan, as well as the uniform pill furnace!

After knowing that Xiao Ping had met an opponent and was planning to hold a small compet.i.tion here, everyone from the other regions rushed over!

The reason why Chen Xiang had raised his profile a little, was because he was following Xiao Baifeng's instructions. Only by doing this could he win over Xiao Yulan! And after this preliminary compet.i.tion, there would definitely be a period of time until the official compet.i.tion begins. If he could get Xiao Yulan's attention here, then he would definitely receive many benefits.

Xiao Ping was very knowledgeable about Chen Xiang, so he would never underestimate Chen Xiang. Instead, he viewed Chen Xiang as a target that he had to defeat, which was something only he and his old follower knew.

Chen Xiang was standing right in front of Xiao Ping. Because the moment Xiao Ping arrived, no one dared to refine pills beside him.

However, Chen Xiang was not afraid. After he sat down, Xiao Ping said: "I'm worried that you won't go all out!"

"Why are you so worried?" Chen Xiang smiled and asked.

The crowd burst into an uproar again. After sparring with the Prince Ping to refine pills, they did not even need to use all their strength, when suddenly they felt that the "little man" that Xiao Baifeng was raising was not small at all.

"Because whether you win or lose this match, you will not lose anything. Furthermore, there is no motivation for you to go all out." Xiao Ping said.

"That makes sense!" Chen Xiang nodded his head, "In that case, something is indeed missing."

Xiao Pinglang laughed and took out a jade token. "This is the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's pill formula.

Heaven G.o.d fire Dan! After everyone heard this, they almost couldn't believe that this was real. Xiao Ping actually dared to take out such a precious pill recipe to gamble with. Even if it wasn't a pill formula, just a Heaven G.o.d fire Dan was already extremely precious!

"Young Master... This Heaven G.o.d fire Dan is Great National Master's most prized pill formula, you … " The old follower was interrupted by Xiao Ping.

"You think I will lose?" Xiao Ping smiled faintly.

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