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Hearing someone shout, Chen Xiang, like many others, looked around. Soon enough, he saw a man in red robes walking over, and behind him was an old man.

This red-clothed man was Xiao Ping, whom he had secretly fought with Chen Xiang alone when he had watched Chen Xiang refine Bone level Dan. He was the disciple of the Great National Master and he was also currently one of the few who could refine Bone level Dan.

He wasn't very handsome, but he could still be considered pretty. He walked over at a leisurely pace with a faint smile on his face, his clothes weren't very luxurious, his body didn't exude a strong aura, and he didn't have a very handsome appearance. But for some reason, he gave off an extremely charming feeling, making people unable to help but glance at him a few times.

But no matter what, he was a prince, a disciple of the Great National Master, and was also a Third Rank Divine King. Just based on these things, no one dared to look down on him, and these were all manifestations of strength.

"I've heard about the Fire Xiong Divine Monument for a long time, but I never dared to test it. I was worried that I would be too weak and get a blow from it!" Xiao Ping walked to the side of the Divine Stele. He was very obedient as he took out his ident.i.ty jade token and handed it to the old man in charge of inspecting it.

After the test, the elder gave the jade token to him!

When everyone heard his words, they were all speechless. If even he didn't dare to test his strength, then who would dare to come? He was the disciple of the Great National Master, so his flames were definitely not weak. Everyone was looking forward to it.

He didn't like to partic.i.p.ate in complicated and b.l.o.o.d.y battles and wholeheartedly pursued the highest realm of alchemy, which was why he had come to partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion. Thus, he didn't represent any major power and was only here to join in on the fun.

There were rumours that after finding out that he was not partic.i.p.ating in the struggle for the throne, the first-tier Divine Kings had all offered generous conditions to rope him in, but they were all rejected one by one. There were even those that said he had been looking for divine medicines for many years, but he rejected them all.

Chen Xiang heard the soft discussion of many people, and couldn't help but admire Xiao Ping, who was indeed a person worthy of respect. When he grew up in an environment like the Imperial Nine Palace, it was truly difficult for him to maintain his personality.

Xiao Ping extended both of his hands into the two holes beneath the Fire Xiong Divine Stele and frowned slightly. A red light immediately surged out from the bottom of the neat engravings on the stone tablet.

In the blink of an eye, the red light surpa.s.sed the tenth inscription. It went directly up to thirty. After thirty, its rising speed gradually slowed down. However, it still continued to continuously rise until it stopped at forty-five.

"I did my best!" Xiao Ping looked at the place where the red light stopped, "The Heavenly Divine Lord back then was really scary, being able to go straight to over a hundred. Even if I had the Hundred G.o.ds level, I might not be able to instantly go over a hundred!"

Xiao Ping had 45 years of experience, which was already pretty good. Many Alchemist s couldn't even pa.s.s this level, and before Xiao Ping came, the highest he could reach was 15 years old!

"It's your turn, go and try!" Xiao Baifeng pushed Chen Xiang away as he took a few steps forward.

"Isn't this the little man raised by Xiao Baifeng? It is said that they are also partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion, where did Xiao Baifeng get this half a Alchemist from? "

"He must be here to try his luck!"

"Yeah, if this Alchemist is not bad, then Xiao Baifeng can be considered to have pretty good luck, at least he won't be just a maid in the future."

She was already used to it, but Chen Xiang was actually furious in his heart when he heard her speak of this. He believed that it must be the Ming Prince's rumors and slanders.

"These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they actually look down on us like that?" Chen Xiang looked at the people around him coldly.

Xiao Ping also felt that it was boring when he heard the crowd's discussions. Of course he knew Xiao Baifeng, since she was Xiao Yulan's female servant, he had seen her several times, although she had 30 Divine Deity, but because she was a female servant, she was always looked down on! Of course, Xiao Ping would not look down on Xiao Baifeng, he felt that Xiao Baifeng's strength was greater than most of the people here!

"Young master!" When the old man behind Xiao Ping saw Chen Xiang's appearance, he shouted in surprise.

Xiao Ping also felt that Chen Xiang looked familiar, so Chen Xiang's appearance immediately surfaced in his mind. But Chen Xiang right now had changed his appearance a little, and was somewhat similar to before, which was why Xiao Ping and the old man felt that he looked familiar.

Xiao Ping looked at the old man behind him, telling him not to talk anymore. Originally, he had planned to go and refine pills immediately, but he realized that Chen Xiang looked familiar, and wanted to see Chen Xiang's reaction.

Xiao Baifeng was a little surprised. She could tell that Xiao Ping was more concerned about Chen Xiang and was about to leave, but he suddenly stopped and looked at Chen Xiang.

"Shen Fei!" After the old man checked the jade tablet, he returned it to Chen Xiang.

Hearing the name, Xiao Ping couldn't help but smile. He had already confirmed that this was Chen Xiang, and as Xiao Ping's follower for many years, he naturally understood why Xiao Ping was laughing! Last time, Xiao Ping was only sparring with Chen Xiang, but this time, they could truly compete.

Because he was the "little man" raised by Xiao Baifeng, he was also the center of attention. Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was rather calm as he burrowed both his hands deep into the two holes, sucked in a small breath, and then used the powerful Six Realms' Power in his body to attack the four flame Divine Deity s!

The four Flame power s that had undergone the transformation of the four Divine Deity fiercely collided with each other, and like four great rivers converging together, created an even stronger impact. After that, they went through the Double bone level on his left arm, and after an even stronger transformation, they congealed into flames.

After he released the flame, a red light instantly appeared at the bottom of the Divine Stele Inscription Pattern Array. The red light instantly broke through twenty and then slowly came to a stop at twenty-five meters, causing the crowd to cry out in alarm.

"Must be over thirty!" Chen Xiang increased the intensity of the flames, causing the red light to continue rising. In a few blinks of an eye, it had pa.s.sed 30, but the red light did not stop, it continued to rise.

"Thirty-six!" Chen Xiang forehead dripped with sweat, then he retracted his hand.

No one could believe that someone who emitted the aura of six Divine Deity could actually cause flames to soar to such a height!

"Did the Fire Xiong Divine Stele break? When Prince Ping used his strength just now, it must be because there are still Flame power remaining in the Prince Ping, which is why he is acting like this. "

"Right, this guy doesn't even look like a G.o.d. Just a flame of this degree is impossible!"

"Wait until the flame power of the Divine Stele disappears, then he can be reborn!"

Xiao Ping said: "If you don't think so, you can try. Is it because of the remnants of the Flame power?"

There was really someone who went up to try, but no matter how hard they tried, they could not get past eight! Following that, a few more people came up, all of them from 4 to 5.

"What this Fire Xiong Divine Stele is testing is not the strength of the divine power, but the flames! Do you understand the intensity of the flames? The intensity of these flames cannot be said to be because the more Divine Deity there is, the stronger the flames are. Back then, when my master went to take the test when he was at the sixtieth session of Divine Deity, he was able to reach that level, and there aren't even as many at the tenth Divine Deity as him! " Xiao Ping said indifferently, "If this Fire Xiong Divine Monument only relies on the quant.i.ty of Divine Deity to test the strength of the flames, then he wouldn't even be placed here!"

"The Fire Xiong Divine Stele tests your control over the laws of fire! Although there is a certain relationship between this and the Divine Deity, it is not a necessary one. "

Hearing Xiao Ping's words, everyone stopped talking. Xiao Ping was obviously speaking up for Chen Xiang, and caused those people who had mocked Chen Xiang to lower their heads in shame. Because, they already knew that they were unknowledgeable!

Xiao Ping looked at Chen Xiang and laughed faintly, "I hope that you can reach the end. I really look forward to battling with you for a bit!"

"I look forward to it too!" Chen Xiang also had this strong thought, as if he had met a rare opponent.

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