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Chen Xiang laughed as he walked over, he grabbed a piece of cake and threw it into his mouth, chewing on it as he said: "What a joke, do you think I would be nervous?"

's experience was much richer than Xiao Baifeng's, who had thirty Divine Deity, and had experienced many great waves!

"Oh right, the Ming Prince went to complain to the Jade Cauldron Divine King, will that affect you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The princess will definitely believe me. It's not like she doesn't know the notoriety of Ming Prince. It is only because Ming Prince's mother had decent strength, that is why she allowed her mother to stay in the Jade Cauldron Palace. " Xiao Baifeng did not take this matter to heart at all.

After Chen Xiang finished eating, he immediately stood up and walked out of the courtyard with Chen Xiang.

"Get in, the place we are going is a little far, the center of Imperial Nine Palace! Many people will be partic.i.p.ating in today's preliminaries, and at least 3,000 will be able to refine pills. " Xiao Baifeng said: "These three thousand Alchemist s are all powerful forces, and our Jade Cauldron Palace has three hundred of them!"

"Do the Alchemist of the Jade Cauldron Palace have a meeting to exchange pointers?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, the situation of these Alchemist s are basically similar to yours, there is a special person in charge who can help them buy divine medicine and refine divine pills that they can sell to the Jade Cauldron Palace's manager in charge of purchasing divine pills! In short, you have yet to enter the sect. If you were to receive Jade Cauldron Palace's acknowledgement, I can directly use the Jade Cauldron Palace to purchase divine medicines in the future. It would be much cheaper. " Xiao Baifeng said.

Chen Xiang scratched Yue'er's itch and laughed: "That's also good, that is to say, the stronger I am, the more benefits you will receive, right?"

"Yes, if you can concoct a lot of good divine pellets and I sell these to the Jade Cauldron Palace, I will be able to obtain rewards from the Jade Cauldron Palace. These rewards will all be useful to me." Xiao Baifeng said: "It's just that not everyone can find a good Alchemist to work with!"

"Now that you have found him, I am a very good Alchemist!" Chen Xiang laughed out loud. "I'm not bragging!"

Xiao Baifeng only snorted lightly. She couldn't deny that Chen Xiang's pill refining was indeed heaven-defying.

Very quickly, Xiao Baifeng's car stopped. After Chen Xiang followed her out of the car, they saw a huge octagonal shaped building in the plaza ahead of them, which was constructed entirely out of huge golden rocks. It was at least three hundred meters tall, and was extremely grand.

Xiao Baifeng handed over a jade token to Chen Xiang and said: "This is your ident.i.ty plate, I have already helped you register for the pill. Just wait a moment, go and refine the pill according to the rules."

Xiao Baifeng tugged on Chen Xiang: "Stop looking, quickly go in!"

At this time, among the people who had entered the Eight Corner Hall, there were quite a few who were dressed extravagantly. Chen Xiang felt that those people were all aristocrats of the Imperial Family, and that quite a few of the people partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion would be princes and grandchildren of those with such esteemed status.

"Xiao Baifeng, is this your little man? Not bad, your face and figure are pretty good. " A mocking voice came from afar.

Chen Xiang immediately looked over, there was a beautiful woman dressed in a luxurious red dress.

Xiao Baifeng only glanced at the woman once before circling around her to continue walking forward, as if he hadn't seen her at all.

"Xiao Baifeng, the entire Jade Cauldron Palace knows about you raising a young man now … "Hehe, let's see if the princess can bear with your actions." The alluring woman laughed again. Her voice was so loud that everyone present could hear her, and they all turned to look at her.

"He is a Alchemist who is cooperating with me, I have told the princess that I do not need you to worry about him, if you continue to fabricate facts to ruin my reputation, don't blame me for being impolite, I, Xiao Baifeng am not a soft persimmon." Xiao Baifeng was furious, her pet.i.te body was releasing her anger, causing the enchanting woman's face to turn pale white.

Just as Xiao Baifeng was enraged, Chen Xiang suddenly shot forward like an arrow, raised his hand and slapped across!

The alluring woman immediately turned her head to the side to avoid the attack. Clearly, she was quite strong as well.

"b.i.t.c.h, don't make me up. I'm a little man. Don't think I wouldn't dare to hit you just because you're a woman." Chen Xiang had purposely slowed down a bit just now, if not with his explosive strength, even if this enchanting woman had 30 Divine Deity, he would still be able to hit her.

Xiao Baifeng was also very surprised, she never thought that she would actually make a move, and at such a fast speed, it was almost impossible to feel his movement trajectory, as though he had arrived in front of that woman in an instant.

"Hurry up and leave her be!" Xiao Baifeng reprimanded: "The preliminary compet.i.tion is more important!"

Chen Xiang snorted, and followed behind Xiao Baifeng, and quickly entered the octagonal hall.

There were a lot of people inside that looked to be in chaos, but Xiao Baifeng was very familiar with this place.

Chen Xiang saw that there were a lot of people concocting pills, the pill furnaces were emitting hot steam, some pill furnaces were trembling violently, some of them were letting out red light, the Alchemist s were seriously concocting pills.

"How do I pa.s.s the preliminaries?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The preliminaries are designed to eliminate a large portion of Alchemist s who are at a lower level! So, the first thing you need to do is to be able to refine a high quality Zhongpin Dan, and then you need to produce more than two pellets. Xiao Baifeng said: "This is the rule of refining pills, and before that, there is even a flame test. The flames are not qualified, and can't even be used to concoct pills later."

Xiao Baifeng pointed to a stone tablet not far away. This stone tablet was as tall as three people, and there were 100 patterns on it, there were two holes at the bottom of the stone tablet, Chen Xiang saw a person placing his hands inside it to release flames. After the flames were released, a red beam of light would shoot straight up! Now, after the person released the flame, he could only go up to the eighth inscription.

"I need to go to the tenth place to pa.s.s." Xiao Baifeng said, "This Fire Xiong Divine Tablet was a divine tool forged by the Heavenly Divine Lord back then. It is said that only the flames of the Heavenly Divine Lord can reach the top of the hundredth inscription pattern."

"Does it get harder the higher you go?" Chen Xiang never thought that he would be able to see the works of the Heavenly Divine Lord here. At this time, there were already three people who had come to try, and the number had not even reached ten.

He hadn't thought that it would be so hard. Those who were able to partic.i.p.ate in the preliminary heats at least had some foundation, but they had actually rolled out here.

"What's so good about refining pills? Why do I feel like there are a lot of people watching us!" Chen Xiang looked around, this area was rather crowded, but there were very few people partic.i.p.ating in the Pill Refining Exam.

"He is waiting for the Prince Ping!" Xiao Baifeng said: "Prince Ping is that Great National Master's disciple, the young Third Rank Divine King!"

"His name is Xiao Ping?" Chen Xiang asked: "I never thought that he would be so popular!"

"Of course, because he rarely appears, but there are all sorts of legends about him. Even many princes and princesses have seen him." Xiao Baifeng said.

"The Prince Ping is here!" Suddenly, someone shouted.

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