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Chen Xiang had heard Xiao Baifeng talk about the Great National Master's disciple before. He was a Third Rank Divine King, but he possessed the power to fight for the throne.

"Which side does he represent?" Chen Xiang asked, "Didn't you say there are seven first-rate Divine Kings competing? His appearance should be on behalf of one of the Celestial Kings, right? "

Xiao Baifeng said: "I originally thought it would be like that, but in reality it isn't, it's just that prince thought it was fun, and he himself is a Alchemist with extraordinary strength, so he also wants to join in the fun."

"This fellow must be here to cause trouble!" Chen Xiang never thought that it would be like this, he was also extremely curious now how powerful this prince was.

"If his performance is really outstanding, then he might become a Great National Master in the future, and he might even possess royal bloodline." Xiao Baifeng caressed Yue'er who was being naughty, and laughed softly: "But you don't have to worry, your compet.i.tion does not need to contend for the first place, it is also not something that you can contend for with with with with your current strength. You just need to demonstrate your strength, I believe that when the time comes, the Princess will definitely see through your potential."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, but he still wanted to fight for it. Right now, it was a good opportunity to compete with many outstanding Alchemist within a Divine Nations.

Yue'er suddenly meowed, "Someone's coming. This guy just pushed the door open and came in!"

After Xiao Baifeng sensed the familiar aura, he was suddenly shocked and said in a low voice, "It's a prince …"

Originally, she wanted to let Chen Xiang take cover for a while. She didn't want him to get caught, but that prince had already walked in.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had seen a prince of Divine Nations. This prince was very young, around the age of eighteen, although his face was not bad, but he was tall and thin, like a bamboo rod that would fall if he were to blow. It gave off a very thin feeling, but he was wearing a luxurious golden robe. This set of clothes gave him a n.o.ble aura, and he looked like a n.o.ble of the imperial family.

"Ming Prince, it's already late. If you have anything to say, say it tomorrow!" When Xiao Baifeng was speaking with Chen Xiang just now, her expression was very gentle, and there was even a faint smile on her face. However, the moment Ming Prince arrived, she immediately recovered her ice-cold expression.

Ming Prince saw a man here, and he was tall and handsome. This caused his heart to be filled with rage, and he spoke with an angry tone of voice: "Xiao Baifeng, I didn't think that you would hide a man here! Bringing an outsider into the Imperial Nine Palace is a capital offense! "

"He's not an outsider. He's the princess' subordinate. He just joined the group. Here's his jade medallion!" Xiao Baifeng immediately took out a jade tablet, on it was Chen Xiang's name, and the bright side of the jade tablet also had his appearance.

Other than that, there was a small cauldron carved at the bottom right corner of the jade tablet, and the words "Xiao Yulan" were written on top of the cauldron! Chen Xiang immediately understood that this jade tablet was something that Xiao Baifeng had just obtained. Only by obtaining Xiao Yulan's authentication would his ident.i.ty be recognized.

"He belongs to me now, so why is he staying with me temporarily? Is there something wrong with that?" Although her expression was ice-cold, the way she spoke was still very gentle. After all, she had always been like this.

"Xiao Baifeng, there is now a chance for you to soar into greatness. As long as you agree to it, your ident.i.ty will undergo a tremendous change." When Ming Prince found out that Chen Xiang was not Xiao Baifeng's man, he felt much more comfortable and his tone became better.

"What chance?" Xiao Baifeng asked.

"Be my concubine!" The prince faintly smiled. "You don't have to worry about that prince consort of mine. He only came to find you because he persuaded her. As long as you agree, even the imperial sister cannot oppose him."

Xiao Baifeng rejected him immediately: "No, I'm not so unlucky as to be able to bear it. I have already gotten used to being a servant girl, Ming Prince, please go back!"

"You …" Ming Prince was immediately angered. He waved his hand and gathered a burst of G.o.dly power, preparing to attack.

"Ming Prince, please behave yourself!" Xiao Baifeng's voice suddenly became ice-cold, and divine power condensed in his body.

"I understand, you must be having an affair with this guy!" "Hmph hmph, I'll go and tell my royal sister right now. You must know that my royal sister hates her servant girl the most for doing such despicable things." Ming Prince looked at Chen Xiang and snorted. Then, he left in a hurry.

Seeing that he had left, Chen Xiang laughed: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, you are quite powerful, didn't you tell me to be careful of these princes, and not to provoke them? You seem to have offended him already! "

Xiao Baifeng coldly snorted: "It's just that this guy is too useless. In all these years, he only has fifteen years of Divine Deity and it's even so tyrannical. Isn't it just because he has a very powerful mother? He and his mother are both part of the princess faction, so I can only bear with it a little. "

"Not to mention that this fellow has a decent prince's concubine, there are more than a hundred women by his side, and they're still not satisfied. They go everywhere to pick a flower and make trouble for him."

Chen Xiang laughed: "The women beside him are probably not that powerful either! That's why I wanted to subdue a Heavenly G.o.d like you who has thirty Divine Deity. "

Xiao Baifeng glared fiercely at Chen Xiang: "Go back and sleep. Tomorrow, I'll bring you to partic.i.p.ate in the preliminaries!"

She had thirty Divine Deity, so even if she wanted to find a guy, she couldn't be too different from him. Even if she rejected him, she had to at least have potential, and that Ming Prince didn't have any potential at all.

It was only fifteen years old and Xiao Baifeng had already defeated him with a single slap. Even if it was a prince, Xiao Baifeng had no interest in him.

… ….

In the morning, Chen Xiang was woken up by Yue'er's small tail. Yue'er was just a cat at night.

"Little Scoundrel, I have some information on Xianxian and the others. After communicating with Xingyue for a few days, I finally got some rewards!" Yue Er said.

"Is that true?" Chen Xiang pinched her small tail, causing her to meow loudly.

"They were brought to a mountain inside the Jade Cauldron Palace. I will have the stars and moon draw out a detailed map for them in a few days and then pa.s.s it on to you." Yue'er replied, "Elder Sister Bai Feng has already woken up and is waiting for you!"

Chen Xiang looked outside the window. The sky had only just brightened. After he finished washing up, he walked into the hall and saw Xiao Baifeng in a white dress sitting there. Beside her, there was even some food.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, you look so pretty in a white dress! Although this dress is a bit old, when worn on you, it gives you a kind of simple beauty! " Chen Xiang freely praised him, but Xiao Baifeng thought that he was just saying those flowery words.

"Do you want me to give you some beautiful dresses? I'll go out and pick a few good ones another day! " Chen Xiang had good taste. After all, he had many great beauties by his side.

"No need, I can't be that eye-catching in Imperial Nine Palace!" Xiao Baifeng shook his head, looking at the pastries on the table, "Hurry up and eat it, it's useful to you, it can let you relax."

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