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Yue'er stayed at the corner of the secret room, staring wide-eyed at the strong purple light emitted by Chen Xiang's transparent Magic method furnace. Through the purple light, she could see Chen Xiang fusing three b.a.l.l.s of purple Medicine aura.

Chen Xiang had already completed his [Spirit Strengthening], and was entering the stage of fusion. At this point, he had to be even more careful, because the moment he started fusing, the berserk barrage of pressure would shatter the entire pill furnace!

"This brat, what is he doing?" Yue'er could not understand what Chen Xiang was doing. Previously, she saw that those three divine medicines were all fiery red, but now they had all become purple? Furthermore, from the looks of those rays of light, those purple Medicine aura were extremely terrifying.

Chen Xiang took an hour to finally squeeze the three b.a.l.l.s of Medicine aura together, and perfectly fused them together! At the moment of fusion, an even more intense purple light exploded forth. At that moment, it was also the most violent.

"That was close! I almost lost it!" Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh. He almost couldn't suppress his Magic method furnace just now! And to use Magic method furnace, in order to make the Magic method furnace stronger, he had to use even more Six Realms' Power.

"Is it time to start condensing the pill?" She knew this step, and Chen Xiang had also begun to divide the Medicine aura into six parts.

"It's actually six pills!" Yue'er said in surprise. Her Star Law Divine Realm also had this kind of Tianhuo Dan, but she understood that it would be difficult to condense even three, but Chen Xiang had more than doubled.

Chen Xiang originally only planned to condense four pills, but he never thought that after the change, after fusing with the beasts again, he would suddenly produce so many Medicine aura. Right now, he was only able to condense six pills in a conservative situation, if he wanted to challenge the limit, he felt that he could still condense one or two more pills.

Now that he had experienced the benefits of the magical medicine's mutation, there would be many more Medicine aura! He felt that the change must be related to his Chuangzao fire, otherwise it wouldn't be such a coincidence that he encountered this kind of situation twice.

After dividing the pill into six, Chen Xiang took a deep breath, the following step was extremely crucial, and he did not plan on condensing the pill as simply as he did now.

"Charge!" Chen Xiang shouted in his heart and fiercely controlled the six separated groups of Medicine aura to undergo a high speed and violent collision within a short distance.

"What are you doing? "This is killing me!" The instant they collided, Yue'er felt as if her cat's eye was going to be blinded by those purple lights. What she found inconceivable was that the instant they collided, they actually burst forth with a terrifying aura.

Yue'er, who was inside the secret room, and even Xiao Baifeng, who was outside, could feel the aura of a King descending from the heavens.

"What's he doing in there?" Xiao Baifeng suddenly stood up and looked at Chen Xiang's secret room.

After fusing the three b.a.l.l.s of mutated Medicine aura, they had become many times stronger and were already very violent. Then, they were split into six by Chen Xiang.

The moment they collided, even Chen Xiang was shocked by the power that exploded out. He could clearly feel the speed at which the quality of the energy increased after the collision.

Yue'er and Chen Xiang both looked in shock at the center of the Magic method furnace. At this moment, there was a purple ball there, just like a purple round jewel.

"This... It actually turned into liquid! " Yue'er couldn't help but cry out in alarm, "What are you doing? It's just three pieces of broken medicinal herbs, but after a few tries, you've become so frightening! "

Chen Xiang was also very excited at this moment, he laughed proudly: "This is concocting pills, transforming rotting into a miracle!" With that, he immediately divided the purple liquid into ten groups.

Yue'er seemed to be numb to it all, if that ball of liquid suddenly hit a boar, she would not be surprised, and would definitely understand the terrifying technique that was Chen Xiang used to concoct pills!

"Ten pills!" Very quickly, Chen Xiang was able to condense ten purple pellets, and they were of high quality, shining with a purple gold light. These were Shangpin dan with Spiritual Lights.

"This seems to be the Spiritual Light." Yue Er said.

"That's right, this is a Tianhuo Dan with spirit energy after mutation!" Chen Xiang laughed and wiped his sweat. On the way here, he spent more than a day to concoct the pill.

After walking out of the secret room, Xiao Baifeng, who was sitting in the center of the room, immediately stood up. He looked at Chen Xiang, who was covered in sweat, and Yue'er, who had flown out.

"So the kitten is inside. I thought she was running around." Xiao Baifeng carried Yue'er who had flown over, and asked: "Shen Fei, what are you doing inside? Such a huge commotion, did it explode? "

"That pill furnace has turned to ash!" Chen Xiang looked at the pill furnace in the secret room. Originally, it was only a fragment.

"Failed?" "Don't be too anxious. Even if you miss this match, you still have a lot of chances." Xiao Baifeng also knew that she had given Chen Xiang too much pressure. She was worried that Chen Xiang would be affected by the pressure and be unable to display his true abilities.

"No, I did it!" Chen Xiang took out a jade box and handed it over, then said with a smile: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, take a look, do you recognize what pill this is?"

Xiao Baifeng opened the jade box and inside the jade box, a wave of scorching air surged out, causing her to have no choice but to avert her head.

"This is …" "Spiritual Light!" Xiao Baifeng suddenly widened her beautiful eyes that were filled with astonishment, and involuntarily shouted. "This kind of quality … "It's a Divine Spiritual Pill!"

"Yes, but do you know what kind of divine pill this is?" Chen Xiang did not know what effects the mutated Tianhuo Dan would have.

"Is this a Nine Yin and yang Dan?" Xiao Baifeng asked. She had eaten Tianhuo Dan before, and had seen it many times, but the purple gold divine pellet in the jade box was completely different from the ones she had seen before.

"No, the Nine Yin and yang Dan is even stronger! This is what Tianhuo Dan's divine medicine looks like after it mutated. Later on, I used the method of refining spirit light to refine it, and it became like this. Eat one and see how effective it is. " Chen Xiang said.

Xiao Baifeng ate one pellet, and then asked: "You used up all of your divine pellets? One needs to have more medicinal ingredients to refine the Spiritual Light. "

"The effects are seven or eight times stronger than the Superior Grade Tianhuo Dan I've eaten before. Furthermore, there is another kind of …" Xiao Baifeng took in a deep breath of cool air, her pet.i.te jade face was full of surprise: "There is another type of power that can increase one's divine soul, is this another effect that comes from mutation? The increase in divine soul is more obvious! "

Chen Xiang laughed faintly: "How many Shen Yuan stone can you sell?"

"Twenty million pills definitely won't be a problem!" Xiao Baifeng said: "Thirty million is possible. Just how many medicinal ingredients did you use?"

"One set!" Chen Xiang laughed mischievously: "Relax, I have never done things that are out of the ordinary. How can I spend your Shen Yuan stone s to buy medicinal formulas for me, and also help me purchase the Nine Yin and yang Dan's medicinal ingredients? I'll get it back for you soon! "

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