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Chen Xiang had quite a number of Nine Yin and yang Dan's medicinal herbs, but he was not in a hurry to refine them.

Just as Xiao Baifeng had said, this Tianhuo Dan was a popular commodity and was sold in many pill shops! Although many Alchemist s knew how to refine Shangpin dan, that did not mean that these Divine Pills were very cheap. High quality Tianhuo Dan s were also relatively more expensive.

"Refining the Tianhuo Dan first, we can't let Elder Sister Bai Feng waste all that effort." Chen Xiang knew that Xiao Baifeng had already used up a lot of Shen Yuan stone just for him, so he wanted to let Xiao Baifeng see a glimmer of hope, or at least let Xiao Baifeng feel that his Shen Yuan stone was not spent in vain.

"The Tianhuo Dan's pill formulas should have all been sold at price, and after so many years, they were uncontrollable. But according to what I know, there are very few Alchemist s who can refine Tianhuo Dan to the extreme.

Chen Xiang took out a jade box and opened it. Inside was a gra.s.s the size of a palm, it was slightly thick and red in color. This was a Blazing Gra.s.s, Shangpin medicine s, it was rather common.

"The quality of the Blazing Gra.s.s is not bad! The Shangpin medicine in this kind of place all grow quite well. " Chen Xiang placed the Scorching Gra.s.s on his cheek as he felt the warmth coming from it, then took out a small, red leaf.

This leaf came out from the jade box, and after coming in contact with the natural energy of the outside world, it immediately began to emit flames.

"Divine Flame Leaf!" "The leaves on the Heavenly Fire Tree, and the red tree roots beside it, should be the Heavenly Fire Root!" Chen Xiang picked up a root and sniffed it, smelling a faint fragrance.

Blazing Gra.s.s, G.o.d Fire Leaves and Heaven Fire Root were the main divine medicines to refine Tianhuo Dan s. The Tianhuo Dan's main function was to strengthen the Mysterious power's fire attribute!

There were some people that had fire Mysterious power s that were not pure enough, and needed Tianhuo Dan s to cultivate, to make their own Flame power s even more powerful!

There were a lot of people who trained in Flame power, so these Tianhuo Dan were relatively easy to sell. It was just that the lower quality Tianhuo Dan were relatively cheaper, and there were a lot of Alchemist s that could refine it, so these Tianhuo Dan were all considered inferior Shangpin dan in the eyes of many high level Alchemist.

But in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was different. As long as it was a pill, being able to refine it into the highest level of Peak quality, that kind of wonderful feeling of accomplishment made him feel extremely happy and excited.

"It's been a long time since I've refined a Peak quality pill. I came to challenge a Shangpin dan this time. I want to refine a cauldron of Peak quality s."

Chen Xiang had also refined Peak quality many times before, and this time, the goal he set was not only to reach the Peak quality which would burst out with the pill light, but also to produce more pills!

"Yue Er, have you heard of the Divine Spiritual Pill?" Chen Xiang asked. He had partic.i.p.ated in a compet.i.tion before, and at that time he had to refine a Lingguang Dan, based on the foundation of refining a Peak quality, he added another method to the compet.i.tion, allowing him to refine just one Lingguang Dan out of every set of ingredients.

"Of course I've heard of it! This was a divine pill of extremely high quality that could be created by combining multiple ingredients! Generally speaking, this is only done during Alchemist's self-challenge! After all, it requires a lot of medicinal materials and it only requires a single divine pellet, yet the cost is very high. It is difficult to sell it for a high price, and even lower prices are not enough to return the price, so it is very rare to see it on the market. " Yue'er didn't go out with Xiao Baifeng. Previously, she only followed Xiao Baifeng because she wanted to see what kind of woman Xiao Yulan was.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "That is the refining methods of the other Alchemist s, and as long as I am serious, after a bit of time, a portion of the ingredients will be able to concoct a divine pellet with spirit energy!"

He had already started a fire and was going to refine it!

This was his first time refining a Shangpin dan, so he was very careful. The resistance energy released by these divine medicines was very strong, and he also needed to slowly burn the Spirit blood that produced these divine medicines.

Chen Xiang began to burn these three sets of G.o.d medicine. The most difficult thing for Shangpin dan was that the spirit inside the Shangpin medicine had a stronger repulsive force, which caused it to be difficult to fuse with.

Chen Xiang had never used the Original source refining and the Spirit Strengthening Technique to refine Shangpin dan, so he did not know what kind of difficult problem he would face right now.

"What's going on? No Spirit blood appeared yet? " Chen Xiang was a little anxious, because the three divine medicines had already been refined for a long time and no Spirit blood had been produced. If they did not appear now, this furnace would be considered crippled.

"I'm almost at my limit!" Chen Xiang saw that the three medicinal ingredients were about to completely transform into Medicine aura, and was even more anxious. He had controlled the refining speed to be very slow from the start, and it was impossible to miss the opportunity for Spirit blood to appear.

But now that the three divine medicines were like this, it made him worried. If he could not use the Original source refining on the Shangpin dan, then he would need more time to comprehend other refining methods.

Just as he was worrying secretly, he suddenly saw the three Spirit blood s. It was just that the Spirit blood was different from what he imagined, it was all purple!

Blazing Gra.s.s, G.o.d Fire Leaf and Heaven Fire Root all had a fiery red appearance, and Spirit blood should also have a fiery red fire shape. But now, he saw that the Spirit blood of the three divine medicines were all purple flames!

"Something strange has happened!" Chen Xiang was ecstatic. When he was refining the Zhenyang gold ginseng before, something had happened.

Feng Yujie had told him before that abnormal situations were extremely rare, and would usually appear in high-grade divine medicines! The mutation not only increased the quality of the medicine many times over, but it also gave birth to other uses!

"The three Spirit blood s aren't even balanced. I need to use a strong spirit technique to balance them before I begin the fusion." This was the first time he had encountered such a situation. In the past, when he was refining, he would at most use a portion of medicinal ingredients to cause a change.

He did not have the experience to refine Shangpin dan in the first place, so when encountering this kind of situation, he had to be extremely careful, or else he would fail.

"You need to be strong for a period of time. The difference between the Spirit blood in these three divine medicines is great, and the Spirit blood is the strongest among the root. You need to strengthen the Blazing Gra.s.s and the G.o.d's Fire Leaf to the same level of strength as the Heavenly Fire Root." Chen Xiang's progress so far was extremely smooth, but he had used quite a bit of time.

It was already dark, and when Xiao Baifeng returned, he thought that Chen Xiang would wait for her outside. He didn't expect that he would still be locked inside the secret room.

Xiao Baifeng did not see the interior of the secret room, otherwise she would have been shocked, because the secret room was currently filled with an intense purple light!

Chen Xiang had already refined the pill furnace and reacted quickly. He had replaced the pill furnace with Magic method furnace in time.

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