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Chen Xiang took out a piece of paper, wrote down the names of the several divine medicines, and gave it to Xiao Baifeng.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, go and check for me tomorrow. If you have any of these divine medicines, sell them to me! Remember, you must come in secret! It's for you to investigate, not ask, so you can't use your current ident.i.ty. " Chen Xiang said seriously.

The pet.i.te Xiao Baifeng was shorter than Chen Xiang by two heads. When Chen Xiang became serious at this moment, he gave off a kind of presence.

"Alright!" Xiao Baifeng looked at the divine medicine on it. She didn't know what pill it was used to refine, but she felt that it was a little familiar.

These were all divine medicines used to refine Bone level Dan, Chen Xiang only had low quality divine medicines, while the middle quality ones required a large amount of spirit liquid to ripen them, he was currently unable to cultivate with the girls to condense spirit pearls, he only needed to rely on his own spirit liquid to make them mature quickly, if they were to sell here, it would be extremely difficult, and if they were to use it, it would be the best.

Chen Xiang took the two divine medicines and excitedly went into the secret room to concoct pills!

Deep into the night, Xiao Baifeng slept soundly. Yue'er flew out from her embrace and sat by the window, shaking her cute tail as she looked at the stars and the moon in the sky.

"Only the stars of the moon can live here. The moon here is quite big." Yue'er looked at Xing Yue, secretly using her power to communicate with Xing Yue, asking her if she had seen Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er and the others.

"Bam!" A m.u.f.fled sound rang out, jolting Xiao Baifeng awake.

"This kid blew up the furnace!" When Xiao Baifeng heard the voice coming from Chen Xiang's secret room, he let out a sigh of relief and then continued to lie down.

She looked at Yue Er who was squatting at the window and softly asked, "Yue Er, what are you looking at?"

Yue'er mewled a few times, "I miss home!"

"Where is your home?" Xiao Baifeng did not know about the matters of the Star Law Divine Realm, nor did he know about the matters of the Star Moon Divine Race.

"Far, far away!" Yue'er said three things that were very far away, but that was because they were truly very far away.

"Did that brat capture you?" Xiao Baifeng suddenly became angry: "If you miss your home, I'll send you back, it's just that the other Divine Nations are in a mess right now, so it's not safe to go back."

Xiao Baifeng only thought that Yue'er was brought here by Chen Xiang from another Divine Nations.

Yue'er shook her head. "No, that little scoundrel saved me and helped me greatly. He also promised me that he would bring me home in the future."

Yue'er had already sent a message to Starmoon, so the result would be revealed very soon. If Starmoon had seen Xue Xianxian's and his figure before, she would definitely tell her.

Just then, another "bang" sound came out, and Chen Xiang's pill refinement exploded again!

Several hours had pa.s.sed, and before the sky brightened, Chen Xiang had already refined all ten batches of medicinal ingredients. When he walked out of the secret room, he was in a sorry state;

Xiao Baifeng only had a little bit of information, but after hearing Chen Xiang explode ten times, she immediately rushed over. There were many broken pieces of the pill furnace inside the secret room.

"As expected, this Nine Revolving G.o.d Pill doesn't even exist. I wonder which bored fellow caused this." Xiao Baifeng looked at Chen Xiang's dirty body, and said: "Quickly go wash and rest. I will think of a way to help you look for the Shangpin dan's pill formula, don't try to refine the Nine Reverse Divine Pill again, it will take your life."

"No, continue buying the divine medicine for me... How many Shen Yuan stone s do you need? " Chen Xiang had asked for thousands and thousands of gold from Lv Qilian, so he felt that it should be enough to buy a lot.

"3 million a portion, 30 million yesterday." Xiao Baifeng sighed lightly: "The Shen Yuan stone is not a problem, I have acc.u.mulated some over the years! The most important thing was whether he could concoct pills! Many famous Alchemist have tried to concoct the Nine Revolving G.o.d Pill, but none of them succeeded, so don't be stubborn about it. "

Chen Xiang took out ten million Shen Yuan stone and said: "Help me buy three servings!"

Xiao Baifeng took it and looked at Yue'er helplessly, because he did not hear what she said before.

"I don't need the cauldron anymore!" Chen Xiang added, and then entered the secret room, after that he heard the sound of water splashing inside, he took a bath, and at the same time washed the ground clean.

"There's really nothing we can do about it!" Xiao Baifeng sighed, returned to his room and washed up, put on some clothes, and walked out of the courtyard, wanting to help Chen Xiang buy the Nine Yin and yang Dan's medicinal ingredients.

Yue'er teleported into the secret room. It was very bright and s.p.a.cious inside, Chen Xiang took out a bathtub inside, and at this moment, he was underwater.

"Hey, is there a chance for the Nine Yin and yang Dan?" Yue Er asked.

He must have succeeded, but he thinks that only he can succeed, which is why he released the pill formula. After so many years, no one has succeeded, so he is even more pleased with himself. Chen Xiang came out from under the bathtub: "The one who created the pill formula is declaring war to others, I must beat him."

"Who would be so bored?" Yue'er was curious about this.

"It should be Divine Cauldron Nation's. This guy is the best at refining pills, he must have spread the news about the pill formulas!" Back then, Bone level Dan were also obtained by this fellow. Other than him, I can't think of anyone else who would be that bored. " Chen Xiang chuckled: "Since that's the case, I will accept his challenge. I must refine this Nine Yin and yang Dan!"

Xiao Baifeng left early in the morning. She returned at noon, and Chen Xiang was already waiting for her in the hall.

"This is the Tianhuo Dan's pill formula, I bought it!" Xiao Baifeng threw a jade tablet to Chen Xiang: "This is the Shangpin dan's medicinal formula, even though it is a common product, at least it will allow you to become a Alchemist capable of refining Shangpin dan!"

"The Tianhuo Dan's divine medicine, a total of ten of them!" Xiao Baifeng placed a Storage bag on the table. When she saw the disappointment on Chen Xiang's face, she could not help but snort: "And this, thirty pieces of the Nine Reverse Divine Pellet's divine medicine."

Seeing the ingredients for the Nine Reverse Divine Pill, Chen Xiang finally revealed a smile, he was secretly moved in his heart. Xiao Baifeng must have used a lot of Shen Yuan stone to get all these for him.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, you are really good to me, just like you are to your own little brother. I will not let you down." laughed, taking those things, the thing he cared about the most was Nine Yin and yang Dan.

Xiao Baifeng glanced at Chen Xiang snappily, because it was as if Chen Xiang was possessed by a demon in her eyes.

"In order to obtain these items, I have already expended more than half of my savings. Work hard!" After Xiao Baifeng finished speaking, he hurriedly ran out again. This was because Chen Xiang had told her last night to help her check if any Bone level Dan were being sold.

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