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"In these three days, you can compete in the Central Divine Palace of Imperial Nine Palace. Other than refining pills, there are also compet.i.tions, refining weapons, setting up formations, and other sorts of compet.i.tions. As for your main task, Pill Refining, you don't have to worry about anything else."

Chen Xiang never thought that it would be this fast. If he had had one or two months, he might be very confident in breaking through to the Supreme Pellet, but he felt that it was impossible now.

"Don't worry. Three days later, the preliminary round will be held. It will be a simple test or compet.i.tion, and the candidates with more qualifications will have to be chosen. The time has yet to be set." Xiao Baifeng said: "I have already reported what happened regarding you to the princess. She didn't seem to be too concerned about it, but she still gave me a pill formula …"

"Is this the Shangpin dan's pill formula? That's enough! " Chen Xiang immediately became overjoyed, "Quickly give me the medicinal formula... Could it be that he didn't have any divine medicines? Or is it that divine medicine is hard to find? "

Seeing Xiao Baifeng's expression, Chen Xiang was also extremely worried. If the pill formulas that Xiao Baifeng asked for were not good, he could only think of a way himself.

"That's not it... This is because this pill formula is very difficult to make. Although many pill G.o.ds have this formula, they have never refined it before! " Xiao Baifeng sighed: "To put it bluntly, these pill formulas are usually used to send people away, these Broken Pill Formulae are everywhere on the streets, but there is not a single person who succeeded in forming a pill."

"That's alright, do you have any medicinal ingredients?" Chen Xiang liked to refine things that were difficult to refine. This was a very good challenge for him, as long as there were ingredients, it would be fine.

"Divine medicines aren't a problem. This type of medicinal pill only requires two types. Moreover, they are quite common, and the price is also relatively cheap." Xiao Baifeng took out a jade tablet and gave it to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took it and looked, and penetrated his mind, he immediately frowned: "This is indeed a little troublesome, let me try it first!"

"Do you know what the difficulty is?" When Xiao Baifeng was refining the Five elements Dan, he knew that Chen Xiang did not follow the pill formulas, but there must be some strange method.

"The difficulty lies in these two divine medicines!" Chen Xiang said: "These two divine medicines are famous for being incompatible fire and water. The Three disasters destroy flower and the merciful divine fruit, one is killing while the other is life! The Three disasters destroy flower contains the 'Nine Yang Divine Flame', while the merciful fruit contains the 'Nine Yang Divine Flame'. This is the energy of the elements, and the energy of the consciousness is also very strong. "

Xiao Baifeng nodded: "Just like how I understood it, I heard that this pill formula was just another person's playbook and was used to fool others. There is no such formula, there is no way to refine a divine pellet … The reason Princess gave me this pill formula was to send me off! However, this cannot be blamed on her. After all, what she needs now is someone that she can directly use! "

"Help me buy these two herbs, a hundred apiece." Chen Xiang said. He felt that he could give it a try as he was also very interested in it.

"I'll help you get ten portions temporarily!" After Xiao Baifeng finished, he quickly left.

Yue'er flew to Chen Xiang's shoulders and said: "I saw that Xiao Yulan, he's a great beauty!"

Chen Xiang snorted, "So what if you're a great beauty? Was she as beautiful as Xianxian and the others? The person who took my wife, no matter how beautiful she is, is as ugly as s.h.i.t in my eyes. "

"Hee hee …" Yue Er immediately laughed tenderly: "Don't let her hear that. If this woman gets angry, she can burn half of Imperial Nine Palace!"

"Oh right, Chen Xiang, are you really planning to refine this Nine Yin and yang Dan?" Yue Er asked.

"Of course, have you heard of this kind of pill in Star Law Divine Realm?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this pill, especially regarding the effects of the Nine Yin and yang Dan. After consuming it, the medicinal effect would trigger the Nine Transformations of the body, and during the process of the Nine Transformations, the Nine Transformations Qi would be released, which could quickly condense Divine Deity.

"I've never heard of them, but I've heard of those two divine medicines. There are Alchemist s in the Star Law Divine Realm who can specially refine these two divine medicines into two high quality divine pellets. Once they collide, they can create a very strong explosion." Yue'er said, "You should have Baifeng prepare a better pill furnace for you!"

"She should have helped me prepare it. This woman has a good heart!" Chen Xiang stroked his chin and laughed: "Although I don't know how to laugh, but it's a very good female slave embryo."

"Little Scoundrel!" Yue'er laughed and scolded him, "When I went to see Xiao Yulan with her, I didn't hear anything about Xianxian and the others.

Chen Xiang took out a mirror, and laughed: "My appearance has already been slightly changed, when the time comes, even if someone here recognizes me, they will only think that I look like one! I just don't know if my Chen Xiang's name has reached this Imperial Nine Palace or not. "

Xiao Baifeng returned very quickly. As expected, she had helped Chen Xiang prepare a set of pill furnaces, and there were three of them. She did not concoct any pills, but she knew the effects of the two divine medicines clashing together.

"I've asked the person who sold the pill furnace, he said that even if the Three disasters destroy flower and the merciful fruit collided, it would not cause any harm to the Alchemist!" Xiao Baifeng pa.s.sed Chen Xiang three very small pill furnaces.

"Here are ten vials of divine medicine. It's already late at night so I can only get these ten vials. Tomorrow, I will help you get more!" Remember, don't go into closed-door training for too long. You will be partic.i.p.ating in the preliminaries in three days. At that time, you only need to refine Zhongpin Dan. Xiao Baifeng gave everything to Chen Xiang, she also hoped that Chen Xiang could grow up, this was the first time she trained him.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, I heard that Three disasters destroy flower and merciful fruit are divine medicines that can be grown. There shouldn't be just high quality ones, go and find out if there are any high quality ones!"

"Alright!" Xiao Baifeng nodded.

"Oh right, Elder Sister Bai Feng, do you know the Bone level Dan's pill formula?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This... Amongst the nine Divine Nations s, only the Great National Master and his disciple know how to refine it. His disciple is also a prince, and although he only has the strength of the Third Rank Divine King, he is considered to be someone who can compete for the throne. However, he disdains to compete for it. " Xiao Baifeng shook his head: "Don't think about Bone level Dan s."

's heart also skipped a beat. The Bone level Dan was something that he accidentally obtained in the Supreme Divine Palace, but he didn't expect it to be pa.s.sed down from the Divine Cauldron Nation, and it was even set up by the Great National Master himself. He felt that the Great National Master did it on purpose, to see if anyone else could obtain it, and then successfully refine it.

"What a powerful prince, Third Rank Divine King, and he's the disciple of Great National Master as well!" Chen Xiang exclaimed. He did not know that, at that time, this prince had secretly competed against him.

Previously, the entire Imperial Nine Palace thought that he only possessed twenty to thirty Divine Deity, but even so, they felt that he was still able to compete for the throne. It was said that when someone wanted to make a move against him, he revealed his true strength. At the same time, he also declared that he would not struggle for the throne! " Xiao Baifeng also admired this prince, not just anyone could resist the temptation of power.

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