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"If it was in the past, it would definitely not be possible! But right now, there might be a possibility that the Jade Cauldron Divine King needs an outstanding Alchemist. If you are able to refine Shangpin dan, I can tell you with absolute certainty that even if you cannot immediately see the Jade Cauldron Divine King, you can still enter the Imperial Nine Palace and meeting the Jade Cauldron Divine King is only a matter of time. " The woman understood Chen Xiang's feelings very well, because she had also walked over like this back then. She was a woman herself, and she worshipped such a powerful woman like Xiao Yulan.

"I don't have the Shangpin dan's pill formulas, if not I could let you see it right now." Chen Xiang said.

"I don't believe it! If you don't have a pill refining method, then you must have never refined a Shangpin dan before, how could you succeed? Usually, when you are learning to refine higher level divine pellets, you will have to go through a process of failure. This process is very long. " The woman said.

"Wait till I refine this Zhongpin Dan! I'll definitely think of a way for you to believe it when the time comes. " Just as Chen Xiang wanted to take out his pill furnace, he immediately thought that this furnace was refined by Xue Xianxian and the rest, and such a method was easy to see through, when Xiao Yulan finds out, he would not be able to reveal his ident.i.ty. Before he was certain whether Xiao Yulan had any ill intentions towards Xue Xianxian and the others, he could not reveal his ident.i.ty.

"Why haven't you started?" the woman asked.

"I don't have a pill furnace!" Chen Xiang's answer made the woman's ice-cold face even colder.

"Sorry, I sold the pill furnace because I was too poor! Elder sister, you can give me any pill furnace as long as it's not too bad. I just want to borrow it. I don't need yours. " Chen Xiang said in embarra.s.sment.

The woman snorted: "Alchemist normally sees a pill furnace as his second life, but you sell your own pill furnace. Are you still a Alchemist?"

Chen Xiang grinned: "My master said that the real Alchemist uses the heaven and earth as its furnace, as long as there is a furnace in your heart!"

The woman was a little angry. She took out an ordinary pill furnace and wanted to smash it onto Chen Xiang's little face. She really wanted to shout at Chen Xiang: "Without a pill furnace, what the h.e.l.l are you going to be?"

After Chen Xiang received the pill furnace, he immediately expressed his thanks. If not for the fact that he did not want to scare the girl in front of him, he would have immediately used the Magic method furnace.

After taking the pill furnace, Chen Xiang lit a fire inside the furnace, then took the five Invisible Divine Fruits and started to refine pills.

"Do you even know how to forge pills?" What nonsense! "You didn't follow the instructions in the pill formula at all, and you didn't prepare the commonly used supplementary sacred pills?" When the lady saw that Chen Xiang's steps in refining the Zhongpin Dan were messy, she could not help but say it.

"Sister, what's your name? You should have a lot of power in this Jade Cauldron Pavilion! " Chen Xiang asked.

"Xiao Baifeng, I am not working in the Jade Cauldron Pavilion. I am just borrowing this temporarily." Xiao Baifeng looked at the Five elements Dan's pill formulas, and the steps for Chen Xiang to refine the pill did not follow the instructions on the board at all: "One Five Elements Divine Fruit costs five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, these five are worth two million and five hundred thousand, you even sold the pill furnace, are you worthy?"

"I can't afford it!" Chen Xiang laughed, "Big Sister Baifeng, are you a phoenix?"


Xiao Baifeng did not expect Chen Xiang to answer her in such a way. She felt that it was like a meat bun beating a dog, and thought that these five Divine Fruits had been wasted. She silently berated herself, if Chen Xiang had continued to drink that tea, which was spouting truths, Chen Xiang would not casually brag about it.

"I am human! The princess gave me the name. She raised me. " Xiao Baifeng said: "If you fail, I will not blame you. Just consider it my misfortune, and give this pill furnace to you."

"Thank you, Elder Sister Bai Feng!" Chen Xiang giggled and then took out a jade bottle. He controlled the flames with one hand and poured the delicious juice with the other. This was what Huang Jintian gave him back then, and he copied a lot of it later on.

"I'll give it to you to drink!" Chen Xiang handed it over.

"Are you refining pills?" Xiao Baifeng could feel the flames inside the pill furnace, but Chen Xiang was currently smiling mischievously and even poured wine for her, it did not seem like a pill refining at all. Previously, when she had brought Chen Xiang in, Chen Xiang had given her a good impression and looked very serious, but now … But it blew her up.

"Of course! I will begin now! " Chen Xiang immediately closed his eyes. Then, with a stern face, he did not say a word.

When refining Zhongpin Dan, one would need the Spirit blood within the various divine medicines to reach a very uniform level of fusion. Otherwise, if the Spirit blood was a little unstable, it would cause an explosion! When the other Alchemist s refined these divine medicines, they would use some of the supplementary sacred pills to increase the quality of the divine medicines, allowing them to balance out several of the divine medicines.

Chen Xiang didn't need it either. He used the Heavenly Alchemy's method to mobilize the power within the Divine Sense Sea to directly enhance the quality of the Spirit blood. At the same time, he also increased the quality of the divine medicine itself! In this way, he wouldn't need the help of such a c.u.mbersome Holy Elixir.

Right now, what he wanted to strengthen was the five element Spirit blood, which was simply too easy for him. This was because the Six Realms' Power contained the energy of the five elements the most, so he quickly allowed the five Spirit blood to reach a balanced level. At the moment, only an hour had pa.s.sed.

Seeing Chen Xiang becoming serious, Xiao Baifeng was not as angry as before. She even picked up the juice Chen Xiang poured for her to drink, and after taking a sip, she felt that it tasted good, and finished it all without realizing it.

Two hours later, Chen Xiang had already begun to condense the pellet. He was just casually refining, to be able to condense four pellets, if he was serious, he himself would not know how many pills he could condense, but it was definitely more than what he could condense now.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, I heard that those around Jade Cauldron Divine King are at least twenty years old. How about you?" Chen Xiang was very curious, he knew that Xiao Baifeng was strong, but he was unable to see her strength accurately.

"I am a thirty Divine Deity Great Saint!" Xiao Baifeng's face darkened: Continue to refine your pill!

"So powerful!" If I pa.s.s your test, will I become your subordinate? This is good too, I'm not afraid of being bullied. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"That may not be so. There are many Divine Monarchs around the princess who possess forty to fifty Divine Deity s, but I was raised by the princess so I was taken care of by her." Xiao Baifeng glared at Chen Xiang: "Even if you become a subordinate, if you cause trouble, I won't help you take care of it. Hurry up and refine your pills!"

Just as Xiao Baifeng finished speaking, Chen Xiang took the lid off the pill furnace.

"Is it time to add an auxiliary Holy Elixir?" But this is not the time! " Xiao Baifeng was curious.

"No, I'm done!" Chen Xiang took out five colored pills from the furnace and threw them to her, smiling as he asked, "What's the quality? If you sell it, how much can you sell it for!? "

"This …" When Xiao Baifeng saw the four colored pills fly over, she reached out her hands in disbelief and scanned them. When she held all of them in her hands, she could clearly feel the warmth of the pill being transferred into her hands.

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