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Just as Chen Xiang had expected, it was impossible for him to see Xiao Yulan even if he took the jade tablet that Yin Ting had given him. In the past, there used to be a group of people responsible for this kind of thing to receive his old subordinates, and Xiao Yulan would usually not ask about it, unless it was something very special.

Chen Xiang followed the pet.i.te girl to a secret room. There was a set of seats and the woman invited Chen Xiang to sit. Then, she politely poured him a cup of tea.

"Don't be so nervous." Her face was ice-cold, but the tone and voice she used was very gentle, giving people a strange feeling from now on.

After the lady saw Chen Xiang take a sip of tea, she asked: "What's your name?"

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to answer, he found out that his mind was a little dizzy and his mind was in a daze. He had wanted to say a fake name, but in his heart, he strongly requested for him to say his real name, and after he suddenly sensed it, he immediately activated the Heavenly Alchemy to refine the special power that did not belong to him.

"Shen Fei!" Chen Xiang said this very naturally. The woman also believed him and nodded.

Chen Xiang secretly sighed in his heart. He did not think that the tea that he had just drank would contain such a powerful object that could make him speak the truth.

This was also understandable, because the people who were recruited had to be absolutely loyal. After all, they might be able to get close to Xiao Yulan in the future, and had to be strict with him.

Chen Xiang drank another mouthful of tea. This was to prevent the opponent from becoming suspicious, after he drank it, he would refine the mysterious power, and this way, it would not disturb him.

"Why do you want to follow Jade Cauldron Divine King?" She gazed into Chen Xiang's eyes. This gave Chen Xiang a lot of mental pressure, and Chen Xiang, after all, was someone who had experienced great trials, so this sort of simple method was not difficult for him.

"Because I feel that the Jade Cauldron Divine King will become the new Divine Lord. As long as I follow her now, I will definitely soar to greatness in the future. I also heard that she has an unparalleled beauty in the world, so following such a beauty is also not a bad thing." Chen Xiang said.

"What is your relationship with Yin Ting? Why would she hand over such an important jade tablet to you? " The woman asked again, she had to know Chen Xiang's origin, the reason Chen Xiang said he wanted to follow the Jade Cauldron Divine King was also very reasonable, the woman did not suspect anything.

Her grandson is called Ah Dong, and he was bullied by someone called Murong Tian! After I helped Senior Yin Ting cure the poison, Senior Yin Ting killed Murong Tian and his son. She knew that I wanted to become a subordinate of the Jade Cauldron Divine King, so she gave me the original skin for the sake of increasing my strength greatly. " Chen Xiang was not lying.

The girl seemed to know about this too. She nodded and asked, "Where are you from? It shouldn't be from the Divine Cauldron Nation, because you don't know anything about Murong Tian. "

In just one day, the woman had investigated many things, so she knew about this point. When she attacked Chen Xiang, she had even attacked in front of so many people, it was very easy to find out.

I came from a mountain range, I grew up inside until my grandfather said that the outside world might become a chaotic world. He let me take this opportunity to go and gain some experience, and then he left the mountain range by himself. Chen Xiang definitely wouldn't say that he came from the Nine Heaven World, because Xue Xianxian and the others were people who had just been kidnapped in the Nine Heaven World.

The woman thought about it and felt that there was nothing suspicious about it. It was normal for a man who came running out from the mountains to worship the Jade Cauldron Divine King after hearing about her.

"Who is your grandfather? "What's your name?" The woman asked again.

"Shen Tianyuan!" Chen Xiang randomly made up a name.

The woman had never heard of this name, but she would check if there were any hidden experts, so it was not strange for Chen Xiang to say that he came out from deep inside the mountains.

"What are you best at?" The woman asked, "If you tell me, I'll arrange something for you."

"Pill refining and killing demon beasts!" It's fine to kill people, you're just like a demon beast. " Chen Xiang said, but at the same time, he raised his cup again, and was about to drink the tea inside, when the lady s.n.a.t.c.hed the cup away.

"This tea is cold, I've just poured it for you." The lady changed a pot of tea and poured Chen Xiang another cup. After Chen Xiang finished drinking it, he knew that there was nothing else in the cup of tea.

"What rank pill will you refine?" The woman was a little surprised. If they were hiding deep in the mountains, the resources needed to concoct pills would not be much. The path of alchemy was very difficult, and without the pill formulas, it would be difficult to grow.

"Zhongpin Dan!" Chen Xiang said: "I'm almost able to refine a Shangpin dan."

She thought that Chen Xiang was just a brat, she didn't think that he could actually refine Zhongpin Dan s! This kind of young Alchemist was always very popular wherever he went. Even if it was the large groups under the Jade Cauldron Divine King's command, there were still less young Alchemist.

"Is that true?" The lady was a little doubtful, because Chen Xiang did not drink the tea that was filled with the truth. The one that he drank previously was already dead.

"Then Big Sis, do you have any Zhongpin Dan s' ingredients? I will try to refine a cauldron for you to see. If you fail, I will use the Shen Yuan stone to compensate you with your divine medicines. " Chen Xiang said confidently. When he was refining the Zhongpin Dan, he had even comprehended a "Spirit Strengthening Technique".

When the other Alchemist s were refining Zhongpin Dan, they would normally need a large amount of Holy Pellets as support, but Chen Xiang did not. This was all because of the Spirit Strengthening Technique that he had comprehended from the Heavenly Alchemy.

"Alright!" The woman took out five different coloured fruits from a Storage bag and asked: "Do you know these divine fruits? Do you know what kind of divine pill this is? Do you have a pill formula? "

"Five Elements Divine Fruits can be used to refine Five elements Dan s, and it is one of the most beloved Divine Pills for Divine Cultivators of the Five Elements with ten Divine Deity and higher. I don't have the recipe, but can you give it to me?" Chen Xiang said. Actually, he did not need a pill formula to concoct one, he just wanted to hide this heaven defying ability.

"This is a pill formula!" The woman pa.s.sed Chen Xiang a jade token. "Even if you don't become one of us in the future, this pill formula will still belong to you."

After all, it was Yin Ting's jade tablet. This could be considered as help to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took the jade tablet, pretended to read the contents seriously, and asked: "Big sister, if I am outstanding in pill refining, will I be able to see Jade Cauldron Divine King?"

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