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Chen Xiang's origins were very mysterious, and Chen Xiang could see it. Furthermore, she had a very strong wife, but she didn't return, so Murong Hua poisoned her in order to force her and Ah Dong to hand over whatever it was that threatened her.

"I found out from Ah Dong that she was strong because I wanted to personally witness her elegance! Of course, this is just something I said casually, I can't take it to be true. " Chen Xiang said with a smile. He had considered this for a while, and before he understood Yin Ting's ident.i.ty, he could not tell anyone about Xue Xianxian and the others being taken away.

He felt that Xiao Yulan wanting to repair that mysterious cauldron should be a secret. If this was known to others, perhaps even Xue Xianxian and the others would be in danger, because they were the only Refiner who could repair that cauldron.

"Grandma, big brother came out from deep in the mountains. He's very curious about everything here! Let alone him, even I want to see the true appearance of Jade Cauldron Divine King. " Ah Dong laughed.

Yin Ting also didn't ask about Chen Xiang's origins, she also felt that Chen Xiang was very mysterious, but she could clearly tell that Chen Xiang was a good person. This was all a great favor to her.

"If you really want to see her, I can try, but I can't guarantee that you'll be able to see her! Of course, if you want to talk to her, that's going to be difficult. Yin Ting said: "I used to be a female servant by her side, but this has happened a long time ago. I wonder if she still remembers me."

"Oh?" Chen Xiang never thought that Yin Ting would actually be a female servant by Xiao Yulan's side. No wonder he was so powerful.

"Princess really needs someone by her side right now, I can see that. If you are really outstanding, you might be able to stay by her side and work for her! The princess has always been very good to her own people, I can guarantee that. " Yin Ting said.

"She is a first-tier Celestial King, and those around her are at least Third Rank Divine King!" Chen Xiang replied, "I don't have that capability, I'm not even a G.o.d now."

"If you want to be by her side, you have to at least be a king level expert, not to mention a G.o.d." Yin Ting replied: "As female servants, we didn't have too high of a requirement for strength back then. Yin Ting said.

Yin Ting looked at Chen Xiang who was completely confused and immediately knew that Chen Xiang was not aware of the difference in strength. She explained: "After condensing ten Divine Deity, one would become a G.o.d, twenty would become a G.o.d and thirty would become a G.o.d. I am now a G.o.d with twenty Divine Deity."

Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, this Yin Ting was actually an expert with twenty pieces of Divine Deity, and this was just a maid by his side!

"This is the jade token the princess gave me back then, she said that if I had any problems in the future, I could come and find her, but I've never used it, after all, I feel that after leaving her side, I shouldn't bother her, not to mention the things that I did provoke, I'm even more unwilling to find her." Yin Ting pa.s.sed over the jade tablet to Chen Xiang: "Many years have pa.s.sed, I don't know if this jade tablet will still be of use to you, but you should give it a try first. If it doesn't work, then take the second method."

"The second method?" Chen Xiang took the jade tablet. This Yin Ting had a lot of connections, after all, he had followed Xiao Yulan around for so many years.

"You can think of a way to find the Imperial Nine Palace's general director. He's my old lover, so tell me my name. Yin Ting caressed Ah Dong's head, Chen Xiang suddenly understood that this Ah Dong could very likely be the grandson of the Imperial Nine Palace's Great General Manager.

"I want to bring Ah Dong and leave this place. If fate wills it, we'll meet again in the future." Yin Ting looked at Ah Dong with a complicated expression. When she looked at Chen Xiang, she thanked him yet again.

After Yin Ting and Ah Dong bid farewell to Chen Xiang, she brought Ah Dong and disappeared into the forest.

Chen Xiang was a little troubled, he did not know what he should do first. After thinking about it, he decided to follow Yin Ting's instructions and contact him with his jade tablet.

He sent his divine sense into the jade tablet, and said: "I was introduced to you by Senior Yin Ting, I want to follow Jade Cauldron Divine King!" After the message was sent out, he strolled around the city by himself. He wasn't sure if he would be able to get a response to that.

Although that jade tablet was given to Yin Ting by the Jade Cauldron Divine King, Xiao Yulan, he felt that it was definitely not something that Xiao Yulan would personally return.

Chen Xiang was currently very weak, especially in front of a strong expert like Xiao Yulan who possessed eighty percent of his Divine Deity. If he wanted to save Xue Xianxian and the others, he could only try to get to Xiao Yulan's side first and look for an opportunity.

Chen Xiang only waited for more than two hours before he received a reply. It was a woman who wanted him to head to the Jade Cauldron Pavilion in the Divine Tripod City tomorrow morning!

Chen Xiang asked around and found out that this Jade Cauldron Pavilion was a shop that specialized in selling Divine Pills and Divine Cauldrons. He didn't even say what his specialties were when he told him to go to such a suitable place.

He found an inn to stay in and bought some decent looking clothes. After that, he tidied up his appearance to make himself look a bit more neat and handsome.

"I haven't seen such a person in a long time." Chen Xiang looked at himself in the mirror and laughed.

"I wonder if you can bring me in when the time comes. If not, then I'll wait for you outside." Yue'er said. Chen Xiang's goal was definitely to enter the Imperial Nine Palace. Xue Xianxian and the others must be in a secret location inside.

"Definitely, Ah Dong said that there are a lot of small animals inside." Chen Xiang patted her head, and laughed: "Furthermore, it is not so easy to enter now, I will definitely have to stay outside for a period of time to observe."

On the second day, Chen Xiang went to the Jade Cauldron Pavilion!

This shop named after a Jade Cauldron must have received a lot of attention from Xiao Yulan. Just by looking at the front, Xiao Yulan could tell that this row of shops occupied the entire street, and were even over a hundred floors tall.

After Chen Xiang came inside, he took out the jade tablet once again and said that he had arrived at the Jade Cauldron Pavilion.

The one who came out to greet him was a short woman. She looked somewhat fierce, and her expression was cold, but she was very beautiful. Her tone of voice didn't cause any discomfort, probably because that was how she was born.

"Was it introduced by Yin Ting? Show me your jade tablet! " The tender Xiao Linglong girl said.

Chen Xiang pa.s.sed over the jade tablet. The other party checked it and nodded his head, then took the jade tablet and put it away. It seemed that the jade tablet was already invalid.

"Follow me!" The woman turned and brought Chen Xiang to a door in the hall. There was a staircase there.

When Chen Xiang came in, he saw that there were a lot of people here, most of them came to buy divine pellets, but the hall was empty, there was nothing inside.

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