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Ah Dong who was in a daze reacted, hurriedly nodded, and then started to run.

Ah Dong did not have any residences in the Divine Tripod City, so he built a small hut in a forest near the city. When Chen Xiang followed him to the small cabin, he saw an old granny lying on the bed.

"Grandmother, I've stirred up trouble. I need to leave this place as soon as possible." Ah Dong said to his grandmother with a face full of helplessness and guilt.

This elder opened her eyes and her eyes were incredibly bright. Although her hair was white, the skin on her face was as tender as jade. It was obvious that she was an elder with a certain cultivation base, but for some reason, she was bedridden.

"Did Ah Dong damage anything you do? How much do I have to lose? " The old granny's voice was very weak, as if she was using all the strength in her body to speak.

"She's poisoned!" Yue'er stuck her head out from her backpack and said softly.

When Ah Dong saw Yue'er speak, he was shocked. "Little Cat spoke!"

Chen Xiang smiled at him slightly: "She knows how to speak to begin with, heal your grandmother first! This isn't a serious illness, it's just that she was infected with a powerful poison! "

Chen Xiang took out a blood-red pill. This was an antidote pill refined with his blood, it could cure many different poisons, he didn't know whether it was effective or not.

"Let your grandmother eat it!" Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the antidote pill to Ah Dong.

When Ah Dong pa.s.sed it to the old man's mouth, she did not open her mouth and said weakly: "Ah Dong, who is this person? Could it be to harm me! "

"No, he saved me. Otherwise, I would have been beaten to a pulp by Murong Tian and the others." Ah Dong said, he was certain that Chen Xiang was a good person and would never harm him. "Grandma, believe me, just eat this!"

The old granny looked at Chen Xiang with her pair of eyes that were filled with doubt and brightness. Chen Xiang smiled at her slightly, "Senior, just eat it! All these years that Ah Dong had been bullied around, if your poison was cured, he wouldn't have to go through so much trouble. "

Chen Xiang was sure that this old granny had extraordinary strength!

When the old granny saw the frail Ah Dong, her eyes filled with tears. How could she not know that Ah Dong had been bullied? She was just powerless as she opened her mouth and swallowed Chen Xiang's antidote.

Not long after, she regained her spirit and her face had regained its color. Moreover, there was black smoke coming out from her body. The antidote pill had already taken effect and was rapidly detoxifying.

"Thank you. My poison has finally been dispelled. After more than ten years, I had thought that I would die just like that." The old granny sat up, could use her own energy to cooperate with the detoxification.

"What did you do?" the grandmother asked.

"Beat Murong Tian up. I was worried that he would send people to take revenge on you, so I asked Ah Dong to bring me here!" Chen Xiang said: "If you're well, you shouldn't be afraid of Murong Tian, right?"

"Of course not!" The old granny looked at Chen Xiang, "Who the h.e.l.l are you? I have never seen that Detoxification Pill before, and it can even dispel the strange poison in my body. "

"I'm from somewhere else, and you don't know the name." Chen Xiang smiled blandly: "I am actually quite curious about Senior's ident.i.ty. Senior's strength is definitely not weak, if not, if you were to be poisoned, you wouldn't have persisted for so long."

Chen Xiang patted Ah Dong's head and laughed: "In the future, Ah Dong will not have to suffer, it's still not too late for him to start cultivating."

"I am sorry, Ah Dong!" The old granny let out a long sigh as she looked at Ah Dong lovingly. At this time, Ah Dong's face was full of tears.

This old granny had recovered very quickly and was now able to stand up. She took out a few G.o.dly pills to eat and was able to restore the vitality she had expended over the past ten years.

"Thank you so much, you saved my, Yin Ting's life." After Yin Ting recovered, she immediately thanked and bowed to Chen Xiang. Although she was an old lady, her actions were extremely elegant, and it was obvious that she was an extremely beautiful woman when she was young.

"There's no need to be polite, it's just a small matter." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Grandmother, big brother wants to see the Jade Cauldron Divine King. Do you have a way?" Ah Dong could feel that Chen Xiang was heading towards the Jade Cauldron Divine King, he was very sensitive in this regard, although Chen Xiang seemed to be speaking casually.

Just as Yin Ting wanted to answer, he suddenly frowned and said coldly: "Someone is approaching, so it should be Murong Tian's father. It's time to settle the score with them."

Chen Xiang looked through the window and saw Murong Tian, as well as a middle aged man who looked very similar to him. There were a lot of people coming, some were even a few dozen.

"Ah Dong, I know you're inside, there's also that b.a.s.t.a.r.d who injured me, hurry up and come out, I can spare your lives!" Murong Tian roared.

When he finished roaring, the door opened, but the ones who came out were not Ah Dong and Chen Xiang, but the white-robed Yin Ting!

Seeing Yin Ting flying out, the face of the middle-aged man beside Murong Tian immediately changed. He seemed to know Yin Ting's strength and also know about the matter of Yin Ting being poisoned.

Although Yin Ting was old, he was extremely agile. After flying, he arrived beside Murong Tian in the blink of an eye and struck him with her palm. With a thunderous explosion, Murong Tian's body exploded into a burst of light and then disappeared, while the air was filled with the smell of burnt flesh.

Murong Tian was actually killed by Yin Ting's palm strike! Chen Xiang and Ah Dong were shocked, Yin Ting's strength was stronger than what Chen Xiang had imagined!

"Murong Hua, long time no see!" "Your son has become quite amazing. He looks like he misses you as well. What a good seedling." Yin Ting sneered.

Murong Hua was infuriated. So what if he was a good seedling? He had already been killed.

"You … How did you cure yourself of the poison? " Murong Hua took a few steps back, but he suddenly couldn't move. At this moment, the group of people that came with him started to run, but before they got far, they were all charred black by the lightning and fell to the ground dead.

"My poison was poisoned by you, I really didn't expect it! "You're so vicious, aren't you trying to threaten my old man so that you won't kill us?" Yin Ting immediately slapped his palm towards Murong Hua without waiting for him to reply. Using his powerful lightning divine power, he struck Murong Hua dozens of times consecutively, turning him into dust.

Chen Xiang never thought that this seemingly elegant old man would be so violent and decisive when he attacked!

"After lying down for more than ten years, she has become much weaker." Yin Ting looked at the charred corpses around him, let out a soft sigh, and then, gently flew back.

"Grandmother, you're so awesome!" Ah Dong opened his eyes wide, and said with a face full of worship.

"Kid, you'll be even stronger than me in the future!" Yin Ting laughed and led Chen Xiang and his sister into the house.

After Yin Ting entered the room, he looked at Chen Xiang with a serious expression: "Why do you want to see Jade Cauldron Divine King?"

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