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Ah Dong brought Chen Xiang to a pill shop that had a smaller shop. The decorations of the shop were very normal, but very lively. Chen Xiang went in to take a look, and found out the reason why the shop was bustling, because the pills that were sold here were all of a lower quality and of a lower quality, but the price was very cheap, and were welcomed by some of the poorer people.

Chen Xiang judged from the pills being sold here that Divine Pills were relatively expensive even in the Nine G.o.ds Nation, especially those with good quality. As for the high quality Divine Pills, even if the shop didn't have them, he couldn't refer to them.

"Ah Dong, is there any way to enter the Imperial Nine Palace? I want to meet that Xiao Yulan. " After Chen Xiang walked out of the shop, he said to Ah Dong in a low voice.

Ah Dong was slightly shocked as he shook his head, "It's very difficult to find a Divine King like him would only show up once or twice! Many powerful Supreme G.o.ds would find it hard to even meet this sort of G.o.dking, much less us! Unless a Divine King level expert introduces her, it is impossible to see her. "

As Ah Dong was speaking, he saw a few youths bringing a large group of people as they aggressively walked forward. These youths were the ones that were bullying Ah Dong earlier, and one of them had even been forcefully grabbed by Chen Xiang by the arm.

"It's Murong Tian!" Ah Dong said as he pulled Chen Xiang along, "Big Brother, let's quickly run. Murong Tian is not someone to be trifled with. With his nine Divine Deity, all he is missing is a Supreme G.o.d Pellet to condense the tenth Divine Deity and step into the realm of the Supreme G.o.d."

"We didn't do anything shameful, why do we have to run? They are bullying people, yet they are still looking for a backer. This is completely unreasonable, so there is no need for us to be afraid of them. " Chen Xiang looked at Murong Tian. This Murong Tian was a youth, he had a white and delicate pointy face, the clothes he was wearing all looked to be very good materials, it was the more expensive type, I could tell that he was relatively rich.

"That's him!" The youth whom Chen Xiang had caught pointed at Chen Xiang from afar and loudly shouted, "Boss Murong, this guy is extremely arrogant and does not place you in his eyes at all."

Chen Xiang wore a very simple set of black clothes. His skin was a little black, and he looked tall and wide. Even though his face was extremely handsome, in Murong Tian's eyes, he was far less handsome than himself.

"Ah Dong, I heard that you broke the rules again, so your asking price is lower than ours! Is my skin itchy? Come over here and let me teach you a lesson, so that you can remember better. " Murong Tian walked over quickly and said fiercely to Ah Dong.

Ah Dong clenched his teeth, and was about to walk over, but Chen Xiang suddenly stopped him on his shoulder, and after being pressed down, he was unable to move, he wanted to walk over, but was unable to do so: "Big brother, let me …."

"Ah Dong, I remember you have a grandmother who is about to enter the coffin …" A youth said with a sneer, "Do you want her to die faster?"

Chen Xiang frowned, anger rising, these people actually threatened Ah Dong!

Ah Dong was weak to begin with, and he could not s.n.a.t.c.h away other youths. In addition, if he wanted to earn Shen Yuan stone s, he would have to be a lot lower than others! But Murong Tian did not allow his price to be lower than these youths.

"Big brother …" My grandmother is my only family, so just let me go, and I will return the Shen Yuan stone to you. " Ah Dong said as he clenched his teeth. He knew that Chen Xiang was a good person, but he didn't want Chen Xiang to offend Murong Tian for him. After all, Chen Xiang had just arrived at this unfamiliar place, provoking the evil bullies here would only harm him for the future.

Chen Xiang still pressed him down, and did not let him walk over. She coldly swept a few of the youths with her gaze, and then looked at Murong Tian. How did Ah Dong provoke you guys? Why did you bully him like that? If you are human, you should help him, not bully him like this. "

"When Ah Dong works in my territory, if he broke the rules, he would be punished! It's none of your business! " Although Murong Tian saw the ice-cold expression on his face, he wasn't afraid at all. This was because he felt that he had some face here, and furthermore, he had brought a few people with him.

"Get Ah Dong to come over and beat us up, or you will be beaten to a pulp!" A young man shouted. It was obvious that they often bullied people and were already used to being domineering.

Chen Xiang coldly snorted and used the power of s.p.a.ce. He teleported the speaking youth right in front of him and then sent him flying with a slap to the face. Chen Xiang's body struck the other youths and knocked them all down!

"I never talk nonsense when I want to hit people, especially people like you who want to hit me." Chen Xiang's voice carried a tone filled with anger. The teenager who was slapped by him did not faint, but his entire face was ruined. He covered his face and screamed in pain.

"You … You hit my people, you're courting death. " Murong Tian felt that his dignity had been tamed, and he actually dared to hit his subordinates in front of him.

Just a moment ago, they saw that Chen Xiang had revealed a move and felt that Chen Xiang's skills were not bad, and the people who had been around often also had a better understanding of Murong Tian, they were very curious, who exactly was so reckless, and dared to provoke Murong Tian.

Just as Murong Tian took a step forward, his vision suddenly darkened, and he appeared in front of Chen Xiang! He was very clear that Chen Xiang was using spatial energy, but he did not expect that he would actually be so easily controlled by someone else. It could be said that the other party had quite the strength, and he originally thought that the youth was too weak, so he was taken over by Chen Xiang, but he did not expect him to be like this.

Murong Tian also possessed quite a good consciousness. He discovered that when he was in front of Chen Xiang, he had immediately activated the powerful Mysterious power in his body. Just as he was about to strike out with his palm, he discovered that his body was surrounded by a few water dragons and could not move.

"You like to bully people, don't you? Today, I will bully you! " When Chen Xiang was speaking, he had already slapped him over ten times. The "pa pa pa" sounds were clearly heard by everyone on the street and every slap was enough for blood to fly out of Murong Tian's mouth.

Ah Dong was completely dumbstruck, he did not think that Chen Xiang would actually make a move, and a very heavy one at that, he had already reached the point where there was no room for mediation. After Murong Tian had slapped him more than ten times, although his heart was filled with rage, he could not retaliate.

"Get the h.e.l.l out of my way!" Chen Xiang fiercely stomped his foot on Murong Tian's abdomen, and leaped towards the group of people brought along. When those people caught Murong Tian, they all felt a strong burst of force, and almost fell to the ground.

"Ah Dong, quickly bring me to see your grandmother." Chen Xiang said to Ah Dong, to prevent them from taking revenge on Ah Dong.

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