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The young man was grabbed by Chen Xiang very painfully, his face was flushed red, and he was also in shock, but he shouted instead, "You, a foreigner, don't know our rules? Attacking in front of the street is courting death! "

"Big brother, let him go!" Ah Dong anxiously pulled on Chen Xiang's clothes: "He is Murong Tian's man, it would be bad if Murong Tian did not find him."

When Chen Xiang let go of the youth, he had even strongly pushed him, causing him to fall on his b.u.t.t. The youth instantly cried, his face full of hatred, and even clamored for someone to take care of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang hated people who relied on others the most.

"Ah Dong, take me to this pill shop to take a look." Chen Xiang said, then handed over a Storage bag, with three thousand Shen Yuan stone inside.

When Ah Dong saw it, he was so shocked that he couldn't move anymore. He never thought that Chen Xiang would really give him this many Shen Yuan stone!

"This... Brother, didn't you overdo it? I only accept ten Shen Yuan stone for one day. " Ah Dong said: "How many days did you give them to me?"

"Three days!" Chen Xiang smiled at him, then patted his head: "Hurry up and go, I'll give as much as I can previously, you better not refuse me. This is equivalent to forcing me to lie, I will be angry."

Ah Dong was extremely moved. When he saw Yue'er who stuck her head out from Chen Xiang's backpack, he couldn't help but reach out to touch her: "Thank you Big Brother, you are really a good person. This little kitten is so cute and beautiful, I have never seen such a pretty little kitten."

Yue'er was extremely happy to be praised. She mewled a few times, then returned to her backpack.

Ah Dong brought Chen Xiang and headed towards the medicine store. He knew that Chen Xiang was definitely very powerful and of high status, but he never thought that this kind of person would actually be so approachable, unlike those famous aristocrats he had encountered.

"Ah Dong, what's the situation in the Divine Cauldron Imperial City?" Chen Xiang asked. He had originally only been asking casually, and didn't really expect this kind of youth to tell him anything useful. However Ah Dong's following words caused him to be slightly shocked.

"Not bad!" The dozen or so first-tier Divine Kings in the Divine Cauldron Nation have all made a preliminary agreement. They are going to find the smallest way to determine the ownership of the throne. At that time, there will be no b.l.o.o.d.y purges, and no cruel battle for the throne will erupt before the b.l.o.o.d.y purges. " Ah Dong said.

"Is that true?" Chen Xiang asked. If that was really the case, then after the decision to become the emperor of the Divine Cauldron Nation was made, the power that the Divine Cauldron Nation retained would be the strongest.

"It's true, this is something released by the general director of Imperial Nine Palace, it must be true." Ah Dong said: "Don't underestimate me, I'm very well-informed!"

Ah Dong looked at Chen Xiang's bag and asked softly: "Big brother, that kitten is very special, and very powerful. I can feel it, but to be honest, I have a special ability that allows me to communicate with all kinds of small animals, so I can get the latest news from these small animals! Because Big Brother is a good person, that's why I told you. "

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that his 3000 Shen Yuan stone s were not for nothing. Ah Dong's abilities were indeed very strong, because when he was walking on the road, he already saw many little birds and monkeys scattered all over the place. These small animals were not expelled, and that whatever Imperial Nine Palace must have some of these little animals.

"What kind of place is the Imperial Nine Palace?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's precisely the Imperial Palace. There's a total of nine great palaces, and the Imperial Nine Palace's general director is a Third Rank Divine King. The words he says are definitely true." Ah Dong said, "And all the first-tier Divine Kings who had the power to fight for the throne are within the Imperial Nine Palace. Originally, there were fifteen, but for some reason, more than half of them retreated.

Chen Xiang nodded. "Did those retreating Divine Kings secretly support the other Divine Kings?"

Ah Dong shook his head: "No, the reason they left was to prevent their own people from getting settled. When they withdrew, they all said that they would be loyal to the new Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord."

Suddenly, Chen Xiang felt that this Divine Cauldron Nation was different from the others. The other Divine Nations s had started to fight, fighting to the death with each other, but this Divine Cauldron Nation was able to sit down and talk about who should hold the throne. He felt that this might be related to the influence of the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord. The Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord had many secrets, and it was still a mystery whether or not he had told everyone the secrets of the Heavenly Divine Lord.

"Amongst these seven first-tier G.o.d Kings, are there any G.o.ddess Kings?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, this G.o.ddess King is amazing!" Big Brother, you must have heard of her, right? Her name has shocked the entire Nine G.o.ds Nation, and after so many years, this time, many people think that she might very well become a female Divine Lord. " Ah Dong said.

"This... I came out of the mountains. I've never heard of it. " Chen Xiang smiled awkwardly: "Can you tell me how powerful this G.o.ddess King is?"

"Her name is Xiao Yulan, she has a very powerful Heavenly Jade Divine Cauldron, so her Divine King t.i.tle is also called Jade Cauldron Divine King. Although she has a very powerful Divine Cauldron, her Divine Cauldron isn't for refining nor refining pills, it's for killing people." Ah Dong said: "What she did shocked the most was during the compet.i.tion between Divine Nations and Divine Nations's princes and daughters. Because she was taken advantage of by the other party, she became so angry that she directly blasted the other party to death."

"The person who was killed was a first-tier Celestial King, and one that was extremely famous. He was a heavyweight of a major power. Although the Divine Lord s of the two great Divine Nations knew about this matter, they would not interfere in matters concerning the younger generation! After that, Xiao Yulan had a conflict with the Divine King's power and he destroyed all of them by himself. Yes, that Divine Nations is called Divine Nations Jiuyang. "

"How powerful!" This meant that she had a great advantage while fighting for the position of emperor, but why did she need to capture Xue Xianxian and the others to repair that damaged cauldron?

Chen Xiang thought about it carefully and he couldn't help but be shocked. He felt that there was only one possibility, and that was that Xiao Yulan wanted to borrow the cauldron left by the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord to fight against the other Divine Nations s.

The other Divine Nations s were currently in a state of chaos. Even if a new Divine Lord was created, one of them would be severely injured, and the one who was more difficult to deal with would be the other party's Great National Master. However, if she was able to repair that cauldron and increase Xiao Yulan's power, it was not impossible for her to eliminate the other Divine Nations s.

"What a scary woman!" Chen Xiang felt that he could guess correctly.

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