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When the Sky Spill Divine Plate approached the Divine Cauldron Star, one could see that a transparent barrier was covering the entire Divine Cauldron Star. This was definitely to prevent the other stars from colliding with it.

Huang Yantian controlled his Divine Compa.s.s to fly around the stars for a distance and found an entrance. There was a huge door at the entrance, and at the moment, there were many people lining up on their flying treasures to enter the Divine Cauldron Star.

"These are all from other planets. Most of them are merchants." Huang Yantian said.

"Strange, to be able to create a barrier that can cover such a huge star, it shouldn't be too difficult to create a Transmission array, right?" Chen Xiang said.

"It's very difficult. The distance between the stars is different from when you're on the ground! Look at how big this Divine Cauldron Star is, you will need many years to complete a circle if you were to run at full speed on it! So, can you imagine how far away the Divine Cauldron Star is from the other stars? Even if you look at this Divine Cauldron Star from afar, it will only be a small dot. " Yue Er said. She was a law enforcer from the Star Law Divine Realm, and she often traveled between various stars, so she was the most knowledgeable about these things.

Huang Yantian smiled and said, "The distance between here and the Super G.o.d Realm can be separated by thousands of such huge Earth-stage Stars s, and this is the smallest estimate, so you can imagine how far it is."

Now, Chen Xiang finally understood why Huang Yantian said that his Sky Spill G.o.d Plate was so powerful. Chen Xiang thought about it and confirmed that it was very powerful.

Huang Yantian looked at the people in front of him and couldn't help but shake his head, because he still had to wait for a while. He said, "When I was in Heavenly Fire Divine Country, I heard a legend.

Chen Xiang had previously heard that the relationship between the Heavenly Divine Lord and the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord was not bad, so he felt that this legend was very believable.

Finally, it was Chen Xiang's turn. The guard took a look at the Sky Spill Divine Plate and said, "Three hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone!"

"Why three hundred thousand?" There's only two of us! " Huang Yantian immediately said in dissatisfaction.

"This cat counts. Are you going to give it to me?" If you don't hurry up and get out, there's still a lot of people waiting in line behind us. " The big guy said impatiently.

Although Huang Yantian was very unhappy, he still took out three hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone and gave it to the other party!

As long as there are Shen Yuan stone s, there won't be any hindrances in entering these Divine Nations. Yue'er tenderly snorted: "Isn't it just an Earth Stage Star? The price is so expensive, if it was in Star Law Divine Realm, I wouldn't even be bothered to go. "

"Forget it, isn't it just a little Shen Yuan stone?" Huang Yantian caressed Yue'er, chuckling.

"Senior Master, you're so much more generous than Master. That guy is always calculating." Chen Xiang said, he did not think that Huang Yantian was actually not as stingy as him.

Huang Yantian laughed proudly: "That guy is still the same, I wonder how he is now!"

Landing on the ground, Huang Yantian brought Chen Xiang to the nearest city. After entering the city gates, he paid the twenty thousand Shen Yuan stone, and then walked towards the Transmission array.

"To the Divine Tripod Imperial City? The transfer fee for the two of you to enter the city would total to four hundred thousand, and this cat would cost a hundred thousand, a total of five hundred thousand! " The old man looked at Yue'er, who was in Chen Xiang's embrace, and shouted.

Huang Yantian took out five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, and only after handing them over to the old man was he allowed to step into the Transmission array.

Chen Xiang never thought that Shen Yuan stone would be exhausted so quickly in this kind of place. They had only just arrived and Huang Yantian had already used eight hundred thousand!

Huang Yantian seemed to be already used to it, so he didn't complain about it. However, Yue'er was very unhappy, as she saw it, this kind of c.r.a.ppy place basically did not require any fees.

When the Transmission array opened, in the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang and the others had already arrived at the Nine Tripod Imperial City. After arriving at the place, Chen Xiang finally understood how peaceful it was and that the other Divine Nations s had all gotten into an uproar. That was why all the merchants of the other Divine Nations s had come here, because it was now peaceful in the Divine Cauldron Nation.

However, an extremely tense atmosphere enveloped the entire Divine Tripod City. Everyone here was very clear that battles were unavoidable. They only hoped that when fighting for the throne, it wouldn't bring about too much of a disaster.

Chen Xiang came here to save others, so he did not have the time to wander around.

"Kid, can you do it by yourself? If it's possible, I won't accompany you any longer. After you're done with this matter, come find me again. I have some things to tell you. " Huang Yantian pa.s.sed Chen Xiang a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper.

"Yes, Martial Uncle, I'm very grateful that you brought me here. You have your own matters to attend to, so go and busy yourself first." Chen Xiang said.

Huang Yantian patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, then stepped into the Transmission array and left. He was still in the Divine Cauldron Star, looks like he had other things to do here.

As Chen Xiang walked out of the Transmitting Square, he looked at the bustling streets and couldn't help but sigh. This place was indeed stronger than the Super G.o.d Realm and the Nine Heaven World;

He swept his eyes across the entrance of the Transmitting Square and found a few youths. These youths were usually there as guides to guide the people who had just arrived and provide them with some information about the Divine Tripod Imperial City.

Just then, a skinny boy noticed him and Chen Xiang immediately waved at him. Just as that skinny boy was about to run over, a few youths near him ran over like a swarm of bees, running in front of him.

Seeing that his business had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away, the skinny boy could only hang his head in disappointment and return to his original spot.

Chen Xiang did not pay attention to the group of youths who came first, but instead walked towards the skinny and weak youth. He could tell that even though this youth looked small and skinny, he was still extremely quick-witted, otherwise, he would not have discovered that he needed a guide the first thing.

"How much will it cost?" Chen Xiang asked after walking over.

Seeing Chen Xiang walking over and even asking for the price, the skinny young man immediately stood up and spoke with strength: "Ten Shen Yuan stone s a day, ninety in ten days!"

"Ok, deal!" Chen Xiang smiled at him slightly.

"I am Ah Dong, how many days do you need me to take for?" The teenager politely smiled back.

When the other teenagers saw this, they immediately ran over, one of them was a bit stronger and dressed well, and one of them said: "Ah Dong, what are you doing here, you don't know anything about Divine Tripod Imperial City, get lost quickly, don't embarra.s.s yourself here, the fee is so low, at least one hundred Shen Yuan stone a day, do you want others to think that the guides of our Divine Tripod City are all cheap?"

This youth scolded at Ah Dong, and just as he was about to slap Ah Dong, Ah Dong dodged immediately. His reaction was extremely fast! Chen Xiang moved very quickly, grabbing onto the youth's wrist, and said with a cold face: "Don't go too far, what if I want Ah Dong to be my guide? I give him one thousand Shen Yuan stone a day, what can you do about it? "

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