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As Chen Xiang sat inside the basin-like object, he had the urge to fill it up with water to soak in a bath.

"Is Divine Cauldron Nation very far from here? With Senior Master's strength, you actually took such a long time to get there! " While Chen Xiang was speaking, the surroundings became pitch black, and in the distance, there was a huge fireball releasing a strong light, it was the scorching sun, and they were already far away from the ground.

"A few hours is considered fast. If you go to Divine Cauldron Nation yourself, you might not even make it in a few days." Huang Yantian pointed to a small dot of light in the sky and said, "Divine Cauldron Nation is right on top of that huge star.

Chen Xiang turned his head to look in the direction he was pointing. He simply did not know that he was talking about that star, because there was such a large, densely packed star over there.

"Senior Master, do you understand Divine Cauldron Nation? Didn't you go to Heavenly Fire Divine Country before? " Chen Xiang asked. Since Huang Yantian knew how to go to the Divine Cauldron Nation, then he must know more about the divine cauldron.

"I've only been there once, and it's no different from Super G.o.d Realm. The only difference is that there are more experts there, and they have a lot of resources. This is better than Super G.o.d Realm." Huang Yantian said: "Why are you going to the Divine Cauldron Nation?"

Huang Yantian did not ask before, but when he saw that Chen Xiang was in a hurry to go to the Divine Cauldron Nation, he took out his powerful Sky Spill Divine Plate. Now, he was somewhat curious as well.

"My wife has been taken away. I'm going to save them." Chen Xiang said with a face full of helplessness and anger, "These fellows are casually taking away my wife, I'm not done with them."

"So serious! Can you tell me the details? " Huang Yantian asked: "Do you know who took your wife away? There has to be a direction, the Divine Cauldron Nation is so big, and has many big and small forces. "

"It's a woman, and should be one of the daughters of the Divine Cauldron Nation's Great Emperor. I heard that she has quite a decent power and has the chance to fight for the throne of the Divine Cauldron Nation." Chen Xiang said.

"Oh?" Huang Yantian frowned: "If that's the case, then it's also a useful clue, but you need to be clear, people like them cannot be easily approached. To be able to fight for the position of Emperor, all of them are existences close to the pinnacle, the weakest would be the G.o.d King."

Yue'er asked, "How many Divine Deity does the Divine King usually have?"

Huang Yantian thought for a while, "At least seventy Divine Deity! But don't think that the Divine King is already very strong. In the Divine Nations, below the Divine Lord, the Divine King is not the strongest.

"The Divine Kings are usually sealed within the Divine Nations. There are a total of two types of Divine Kings, one is related to the Divine Lord by blood, after reaching a certain level of strength, one can pa.s.s the Divine Lord's personal a.s.sessment and obtain the t.i.tle and territory, and become the Divine King! The other option was to be loyal to a Divine Nations once one reached a certain level of strength, and pa.s.s the Divine Nations's examination to become a Divine King. There wasn't much difference between these two types of Celestial Kings. Generally, they were divided into the first, second, and third ranks! Among them, the first tier Divine King is the strongest, and has to have at least ninety Divine Deity.

Chen Xiang never thought that Jiu Canghai, this Great Divine Lord, would be so powerful that he already possessed ninety Divine Deity. This was because Jiu Canghai was a person who was close to the peak of a hundred Divine Deity, but even so, he was still so depressed, and felt that it was impossible to restore his country.

"Reaching the 90th Divine Deity is going to be very difficult, and there are many old people who would die at this stage in Star Law Divine Realm." Yue'er replied: "Other than that kind of powerful world, wanting to reach the peak of Hundred G.o.ds level is extremely difficult."

Huang Yantian nodded. "After nine Divine Lords leaves, it will be the world to the Divine Kings within all the Divine Nations!"

"Don't we still have Great National Master s?" Chen Xiang had heard Jiu Canghai say before that the ones who had caused the deaths of the eight Divine Kings were the Great National Master s from the Divine Nations.

"If the Great National Master does not partic.i.p.ate in the struggle, the ones to obtain the throne must be the descendants of the Divine Lord. The Great National Master does not matter who the Divine Nations is, they will always be loyal to the Divine Nations. The Great National Master is also the last guarantee for the latter." Huang Yantian said: "For example, if there are some fellows that want to split a Divine Nations, then the Great National Master will make a move, because this is already a threat to the life and death of the Divine Nations."

Yue'er said, "If they can fight for the throne, they must be a first-tier Divine King!"

"That's right, only with this kind of strength will he be able to suppress it. After becoming a Divine Lord, gather the resources from a country and rush to the peak of the Hundred G.o.ds level. At that time, his position will be even more solid!" Huang Yantian said: "Of course, the greatest benefit is obtaining the thing left behind by the Old Divine Lord. As for what it is, I don't know, in short, making the successor stronger, suppressing the Great National Master!"

Chen Xiang never thought that the succession of Divine Nations would be so complicated, and now, this was the first time these nine Divine Nations s had experienced such a thing, which coincidentally happened to be the case.

As they spoke, they had already pa.s.sed through many small stars. There weren't any resources on them, and the environment was very vile. Those who possessed resources had long since been taken over.

"The Heavenly Fire Divine Country that I went to previously was terrible. They have already started fighting there. A few level one Divine Kings are leading a large group of people into a chaotic battle. It's very b.l.o.o.d.y." Huang Yantian looked at Divine Cauldron Nation, "According to the information I gathered from Heavenly Fire Divine Country, the situation in Divine Cauldron Nation is the best.

"Senior Master, if you go to Heavenly Fire Divine Country, you will definitely earn a lot of wealth for the dead." Chen Xiang laughed.

Huang Yantian laughed, "That's right."

Just like Huang Jintian, if a huge battle were to break out there, his figure would appear!

Several hours later, Chen Xiang finally saw a gigantic blue star in front of him. Under the intense sunlight, it reflected a beautiful blue light, which was extremely huge.

"It's just an Earth Stage Star. In the Star Law Divine Realm, this Star is everywhere!" Yue'er replied, "If I can reach the star realms of Heaven Stage in the future, I can compete with Star Law Divine Realm."

Huang Yantian laughed and said: "This is a new world, we need to take it slow! Nine Heaven World is a very special existence. It is not a star, but a giant floating square continent. When I was in Star Law Divine Realm back then, I had never heard of such a spatial composition. "

Chen Xiang asked, "Is an Earth Ranked star not good? "Are there many in this place?"

"It's the best in this star field! There are three levels of stars that can be inhabited, the Heaven-stage Stars s are the highest, then the Earth Stage, and the worst are the Profound Ranked Stars. However, in this kind of place, Profound Ranked Stars are extremely rare. " Yue'er surveyed her surroundings. "Most of them are those kind of dead stars."

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