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The relationship between Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord and him was not bad, so it was normal for their children to know each other! Chen Xiang felt that the Great Divine Lord must know a lot about the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord's daughter.

"I'm going to find her!" Chen Xiang said: "I want to make sure that my wife is safe."

"To the Divine Nations? You will first have to go to the Super G.o.d Realm, and then use the Super G.o.d Realm to head there. The White Tiger is probably in Super G.o.d Realm, so I'll just let them help you when the time comes! " Great Divine Lord took out a shabby looking stone and said: "This thing might be useful, so I'm not afraid of your jokes. Back then, I tried to pursue her."

Chen Xiang took the stone, and it seemed as if there were some Spirit grain carved on it. He laughed: "Did you not succeed in the end? Is it sad? "

After all, the reason why I pursued her was only to increase my power. After all, she was also the famous royal daughter of the ten Divine Nations back then, and regardless of whether or not she liked it, as a man, he wanted to capture an outstanding woman like her. This was equivalent to displaying his own strength.

Great Divine Lord laughed sinisterly, Chen Xiang could tell that he was an expert in this field with a single glance.

"Although she didn't succeed, we still have a bit of friendship. Hopefully, she still remembers it." Great Divine Lord sighed: "This is something that happened a long time ago and can only be remembered by me now. She should be much stronger than me now, and I … "He will soon disappear from this world with the pa.s.sage of time." "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

"Great Divine Lord, you must find a way to live forever. Don't give up!" Chen Xiang said.

Great Divine Lord smiled calmly: "I don't have any lingering feelings for this world anymore. The biggest reason I want to create this Heavenly Divine Lord is to remember this memory."

"Don't you want to return?" Chen Xiang's voice was a little loud and his emotions stirred.

"I do, but time does not spare me. I cannot defeat time." Great Divine Lord sighed, "My eight brothers have placed all their hopes of restoring their country on me, but I am unable to do so."

"I'll help you!" Chen Xiang pressed down on his shoulder and firmly said those three words. Although he was not strong at the moment, he felt that he was qualified to say it.

"I will tell you about this when I save my wife!" Chen Xiang stood up. In the process of his growth, he was inextricably linked to both the Nine Divine Kings and himself. He could not just watch the Great Divine Lord sink into depression like this.

Great Divine Lord didn't say anything, he only looked at Chen Xiang with a grateful gaze. He was very clear what kind of heavy pressure Chen Xiang would have to bear if he said those two words.

"Do you want to know why I care so much about this woman? I don't love her, I don't like her, I even hate her. " Great Divine Lord looked at the stone in Chen Xiang's hand. This stone was obviously a keepsake from him and the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord's daughter.


Great Divine Lord laughed at himself: "Because she is a woman that I am unable to take down, I have a deep impression of her. However, I can't remember a single one of the women that threw themselves at me, this is truly ironic."

"Great Divine Lord..." Chen Xiang was interrupted by Great Divine Lord raising his hand.

"My full name is Jiu Canghai. Even though I don't like this name, it was given to me by my royal father. Even if I don't like it, I can only accept it." Jiu Canghai laughed, "You can call me Big Brother Canghai, but if others are here, you can't call me that."

Even Feng Yujie and Jiu Hanrou didn't know his name, so it could be seen that he really didn't like it much, so he didn't say it.

"I'll send you to the Super G.o.d Realm! If you stay there for too long, you should be able to see the Nine Heaven World annexing the Super G.o.d Realm very quickly. " Jiu Canghai channeled his energy and opened a dimensional door.

"Let's go!" You must be careful when you head to the Divine Cauldron Nation, and don't expose the Taboo magic on his body. " Jiu Canghai said.

"I got it!" Chen Xiang said: "I'm going to find Yue'er. I'll be more at ease with her by my side!"

Chen Xiang immediately teleported to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, found Yue'er, returned here, and stepped into that spatial gate.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had once again arrived at Super G.o.d Realm!

"Yue Er, where is the G.o.d Beast Mountain?" Chen Xiang asked as she looked at Yue'er, who was in her arms. Yue'er, who was sleeping soundly, was suddenly grabbed by him, and before she could even understand what was happening, she was already in Super G.o.d Realm.

"This... What happened? " Yue Er's nose twitched, as if she had already sensed that this was the Super G.o.d Realm.

"A lot of things have happened, I want to make a trip to the Divine Nations, so I have to go to the G.o.d Beast Mountain. I need the help of White Tiger and the others to send me over."

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, a group of Spirit grain s appeared above him. After they quickly gathered in a large formation, an elder fell.

"Master!" Just as Chen Xiang finished shouting, he realized that he had admitted his wrongs. This was not his master Huang Jintian, but her brother, Huang Yantian.

The two of them looked very similar to each other. They looked exactly the same, and they also had similar personalities!

"Uncle!" Chen Xiang shouted again. Although he was not Huang Jintian, he was still pleasantly surprised. "Why are you here?"

"Isn't it easy to find you, kid? I already know where you are by the count of one. I did have something to talk to you about, but since you were at Nine Heaven World before, I was too lazy to go over. So the moment you appeared here, I came over immediately. " Huang Yantian said.

"It's definitely not a big matter. Otherwise, you wouldn't be waiting for me." Chen Xiang curled his lips, "You must have waited for me for a long time here..."

As he spoke till here, Chen Xiang finally remembered that the time there was different from here. It shouldn't be long here.

It's only for a few days, I was considering whether or not I should go to Nine Heaven World, I didn't expect you to come! Right, what are you doing here? Isn't that a good place to stay? " Huang Yantian asked, and then touched Yue'er. Right now, he already knew that Yue'er was related to him.

"I'm going to the Divine Cauldron Nation, can you take me there? Senior Master must be stronger than my Master, so such a small matter must be really easy for you. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Bulls.h.i.t, this kind of thing is as easy as breathing to me, isn't it just going to a Divine Nations? How hard it was! "That good-for-nothing brother of mine definitely has to go through a lot of trouble to get there." Huang Yantian immediately snorted, and said proudly.

"Okay, to go to Divine Cauldron Nation, it will take about five hours!" Huang Yantian took out a big basin. It looked like a wooden shed for bathing, it was big enough for a few people to sit in.

"What is this?" It doesn't seem that powerful! " Chen Xiang jumped in.

"Not powerful? "This is the Sky Spill Divine Plate. It looks a bit strange, but it's actually very powerful!" Huang Yantian said proudly: "Settle down, get ready to go!"

He then activated the divine disc. Once the disc formed an air shield, it slowly rose up and then flew up into the sky!

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