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The nine Divine Lord s all had countless imperial harem and groups of women. Because they had inherited the bloodline of the Divine Lord and also because they were the royal family of the Divine Nations, they had a lot of resources. Thus, there were a lot of powerful princes and princesses.

Great Divine Lord continued, "Back then, before our Ninth Heaven's Divine Nations was annihilated, I already knew about Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord's secret. This was naturally what my royal father had told us! The reason why it was called Divine Cauldron Nation was because Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord had obtained a very mysterious cauldron. Of course, the cauldron that he showed others to look at is one that he has refined himself. Although it is also very strong, it is still far inferior to the cauldron that he had mysteriously obtained. "

"Back then, my royal father had a secret battle with him. Back then, in the distant starry sky, other than the two of them, no one else knew about this matter. During the battle, because my royal father's strength was too strong, he forced Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord to use the cauldron he obtained from his secret. "

"And the last? Has Heavenly Divine Lord won? " Seeing that Great Divine Lord had stopped, Chen Xiang anxiously asked.

My royal father lost miserably, but it was difficult for even the Nine Furnace Great Emperor to win, so his mysterious cauldron was destroyed by my royal father using his Heavenly magic sword! You must know that the Heavenly magic sword is my royal father's strongest divine weapon, because when it fought against the divine cauldron, the divine sword was completely destroyed! Back then, it was precisely because of this divine sword that my royal father made the other Divine Lord apprehensive! Therefore, after the news of his divine sword being destroyed spread out, we, the Divine Nations of the Ninth Heaven, had begun to embark on the road of annihilation. " Great Divine Lord looked at the sky and sighed: "Originally, my royal father and my Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord were good friends, but in order to maintain that att.i.tude, they ended up like this."

Chen Xiang never thought that there would actually be such a story behind the destruction of Divine Nations of the Ninth Heaven.

"Because the cauldron was destroyed, Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord harbored hatred within his heart and told me about the Heavenly magic sword being destroyed, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"That's right!" The Heavenly magic sword was completely destroyed, but that divine cauldron of his was not completely destroyed. My royal father had also promised to repair it, so my royal father travelled everywhere, even went to the Star Law Divine Realm, searched for materials, and then went into closed door cultivation day and night just to fix that cauldron! But who would have known that the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord would reveal the destruction of the Heavenly magic sword for some reason. " Great Divine Lord said this with a face full of anger.

"Great Divine Lord, are you sure that this was leaked from the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord?" Chen Xiang asked.

"My royal father said, other than the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord, no one else knows about this matter. They had previously agreed to keep it a secret." Great Divine Lord suddenly took a deep breath: "This is not right!"

"What's wrong?" didn't join in to besiege you guys? " Chen Xiang was going to the Divine Cauldron Nation right now, so he needed to know a few things about there.

"I did, but he did not attack!" You can see that he doesn't really want to destroy our Heavenly Divine Palace. Could it be that there is another story behind this? It's a pity that I don't have the chance to ask any further, nine Divine Lords should be searching for the way of immortality. " Great Divine Lord looked at Chen Xiang, "If you have the chance, investigate me thoroughly."

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Get down to business! Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord's cauldron is broken, it has lost its strongest power, and is no different from a piece of trash. But my royal father said before, as long as we repair that small damaged area, the cauldron would recover its original strength! " The Great Divine Lord said.

"Could it be that the reason they took Xianxian away was to repair that cauldron?" Chen Xiang suddenly exclaimed, Xue Xianxian and the others mastered the refining techniques of the Heavenly Divine Lord.

Back then, Chen Xiang had told Great Divine Lord that his profoundwu clothing had been repaired by his wife. That was why Great Divine Lord had immediately thought of this when Chen Xiang mentioned that his wife had been taken away.

"They came from the Divine Cauldron Nation, they should have told you! So, your wives are in no danger now. " Great Divine Lord patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

"Then how did you know they were women, Great Divine Lord?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Because I know that the young girl who was chosen by Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord's first wife dotes on this little girl, and this little girl also has outstanding abilities. Forget about her power, she also has good relationships with other people, if not, just based on the fact that she was doted on by the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord, she would be able to cause many women in the harem to be jealous.

Great Divine Lord laughed at himself, "Back then, my royal father also had many wives, but in the end, not many could survive. My mother also died in obscurity, while my royal father silently allowed this kind of struggle, and us nine brothers have always known how to unite, so we were the only ones who could survive to the end."

Now that the Great Divine Lord was the last prince of the Ninth Heaven, and he couldn't return to his country, and his brothers had all died, Chen Xiang inexplicably felt that he was very pitiful.

"Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord's daughter obtained this cauldron, but she doesn't know where it came from. I had seen her play with it before, at that time I also didn't know, but it was my royal father who told me later! Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord was probably the last one to tell her, and she found out from who knows where that the reason why your wives took them away was because they received my royal father's inheritance of artifact forging! " The Great Divine Lord said, "It's very obvious now. She wants to fight for the Divine Cauldron Nation's throne, but her strength is not enough. If she can repair this cauldron, then the Divine Cauldron Nation's throne would be confirmed."

Chen Xiang said, "Regardless of who it is, all the great Divine Nations s cannot avoid a bloodbath!"

Great Divine Lord nodded his head: "This is inevitable, the one who inherits the throne, in order for the throne to be stable, must be rid of his potential enemies. Even if these people are very outstanding, they must be cleansed.

"If you want to survive in the nine Divine Lords's imperial harem, you have to depend on the prince or royal daughter, or even some of the Divine Lord's wives! Over time, many forces will be formed, and if you go to the back and stand in the wrong line, you will be purged. " He understood this kind of thing very well, because he had also snuck in like this back then. As the Great Divine Lord, the eldest son of the Heavenly Divine Lord, he naturally held a very strong force in the imperial harem, and his enemies were often his blood-related brothers and sisters.

"Great Divine Lord, what do you know about this daughter of Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord? "What kind of person is she?" Chen Xiang started to worry about Xue Xianxian again. Those who grew up in the harem, which one of them were not vicious and merciless people? This was all honed, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to grow at all.

"I'm not sure. When I met her, she was very good at hiding her personality! Furthermore, many years have pa.s.sed in such an environment, so it is not strange that a person's character would undergo such a great change. " Great Divine Lord shook his head.

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