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h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had already brought the army and left. At that time, not only did h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and Gu Dongchen agree to the contract, the elders who were in charge of the demon army also partic.i.p.ated as well, in order to prevent h.e.l.l Devil Emperor from being shameless.

Chen Xiang returned to the Hundred Flowers Pavilion and directly went into his room to rest. Chen Xiang and the others were not surprised at all that he had won three rounds, it was because the Chen Xiang they were familiar with was one of them.

After this compet.i.tion, many people who had always thought that they had some power would feel fear in their hearts, because the strength of the Divine Nations was truly frightening. The people from the six Divine Deity were already so strong, and amongst them, excluding Chen Xiang, no one could defeat Nie Lin!

Even Gu Dongchen and the others had a complete understanding of the Divine Nations's strength, the elite experts of the Divine Nations were truly terrifying, if they were at the same level, it would be difficult for them to defeat him!

Hence, the people who came after the match were all very heavy, especially the disciples of the big powers. If Chen Xiang was not present today, they would have definitely lost! At this moment, everyone had the same thought as Chen Xiang. If the Nine Heaven World were to swallow the Super G.o.d Realm in the future, and the internal strife of all the Divine Nations s settle down, they wouldn't have enough strength to do anything, and could only allow themselves to be eaten by the Divine Nations.

Although Chen Xiang did not consume much energy, and wasn't too tired either, he still felt an exhaustion that came from his mind — that was an enormous pressure! To actually kill Nie Lin and Dong Lijun, meant that not long later, the strong power from the Divine Nations would come looking for him for revenge. If he did not have enough strength to resist, then not only would he be threatened by the life, even the people around him.

"I want to become stronger!" After resting, I'll start my cultivation! " Chen Xiang closed his eyes, allowing himself to enter a state of meditation.

Chen Xiang had only rested for a short while, he felt that it would only take around two hours, but he was suddenly woken up by Yan Zilan.

"Chen Xiang, something big happened! Xianxian and the rest were taken away!" Once Yan Zilan rushed in, he grabbed Chen Xiang's shoulder and shook it.

When Chen Xiang heard that Xue Xianxian had something on his mind, he immediately opened his eyes.

"Who took him away?" Chen Xiang bellowed, he was extremely furious, looking at him, it was as if he was prepared to start a ma.s.sacre, a few people suddenly appeared in his mind, such as the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, and the Fu Tian School.

"Divine Nations!" Yan Zilan said: "Sister Qilian and the rest have already caught up. Those fellows are all very strong, they managed to crack the array formation of our Hundreds of Flowers Village, directly charged into the manor of Xianxian and the others, sealed them in a Storage magic treasure that can pretend to be human, and then ran away!"

"Do you know what Divine Nations it is?" Chen Xiang told himself to calm down as much as possible. This time, the Divine Nations didn't cause any harm, but directly grabbed him, with a purpose in mind. They directly rushed to the manor Xue Xianxian and the others were in, and took away all their smithing teams.

"It's the Divine Cauldron Nation!" Looking at her expression, it was obvious that she did not bring Xue Xianxian and the others back. Her face was filled with guilt, and behind her were Feng Yujie, Long Huishan, and Jiu Hanrou.

Xue Xianxian was Chen Xiang's wife, a childhood sweetheart. Their relationship was deep, and now that they were captured, Lv Qilian, who had promised Chen Xiang many times before to protect Xue Xianxian and the others, felt extremely guilty right now as his head drooped.

"How did you know it was Divine Cauldron Nation?" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, trying his best to suppress his emotions.

"The ones who took them away were several women. When we were chasing them, one of them told me! They are all very strong, and we are not their match at all. However, they did not attack us, but instead told us that if we wanted to save Xianxian and the others, we should go to the Divine Cauldron Nation to look for clues. " Lv Qilian said: "When are you planning to go? I'll go with you! "

"I'll go too!" Jiu Hanrou said: "I have some understanding of the Nine G.o.ds Nation, and my strength is not weak either!"

"No need, Yue Er and I will go now. Given the current situation, Hundreds of Flowers Village cannot miss you two!" Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "Qilian, quickly go back and pacify the women in your Hundreds of Flowers Village, so as to not cause them to panic. Moreover, this matter must be kept a secret, and you absolutely must not leak it out."

"Sister Feng, you need to refine more Bone level Dan, and you also need to refine these Bone level Dan according to the person who eats them! After eating the Bone level Dan, it would be best to control the refining time to be around six hours, so that the opportunity to condense Bones would appear easily. " Chen Xiang said: "When you refine, you can use the compressed method. It is not exposing the Medicine aura, but the quality of the Bone level Dan that has been compressed and adjusted. "

Feng Yujie nodded his head, "I will remember. I will tell Xiangyue and the others when I get back!"

"When condensing Bones, the body must also be strengthened appropriately! Whether or not Hundreds of Flowers Village can be strong in the future will depend on you Alchemist s. " At this time, Chen Xiang was extremely serious. The Divine Nations had already begun to act against them, and their goal was unknown, to the point that they could just casually s.n.a.t.c.h them away.

"I have the latest news for you. I will think of a way to notify you guys. First, focus on cultivating and increasing your strength!" Chen Xiang had originally planned to go to the Earth Core to cultivate, but he had to go to Divine Nations to do so.

Xue Xianxian and the others were also a very important group in the Hundreds of Flowers Village. They were mainly responsible for refining and arranging arrays, as well as refining array discs. Previously, Chen Xiang relied on the Time Formation's array disc to buy himself a lot of time.

Chen Xiang left Hundred Flowers Pavilion and headed towards Heavenly Divine Lord to search for Great Divine Lord!

Great Divine Lord was still in the simple wooden house. He seemed to be living a very quiet life, and he looked like he had aged a lot.

Great Divine Lord remembered that the last time he had met Chen Xiang was only a few days, but this time, he felt that Chen Xiang had become much stronger.

"I've heard about your three battles. Amazing!" Great Divine Lord laughed: "You aren't here specifically to tell me this, are you? If you have something to say, just say it! "

"What kind of Divine Nations is he?" Chen Xiang sighed helplessly, "My wife was kidnapped by the Divine Cauldron Nation!"

"Oh?" Great Divine Lord frowned, the smile on his face had already disappeared, and his expression became very serious: "Are the people who took them away women?"

"Younger Nine Girl told you?" Chen Xiang asked: "How did you know, Great Divine Lord?"

"It wasn't Xiao Jiu who told me, I guessed it!" The Great Divine Lord said, "All the great Divine Nations are fighting amongst themselves now because they want to fight for the throne! The nine Divine Lord s all have a tacit agreement to leave together. Furthermore, before leaving, they did not appoint anyone to take over the throne, as it was to allow the most capable children to ascend to the throne. "

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