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This way, he could once again see the opponent's divine soul jumping out of the Divine Sense Sea. He was confirming that the opponent had to release their divine soul out of the Divine Sense Sea in order for them to be able to use their innate ability on him.

Now, he was sure that after seeing a divine soul jump out from the other party's Divine Sense Sea, the little bit of Six Realms' Power he released had been controlled.

Chen Xiang did not want to attack Dong Lijun immediately, but to probe him out. Therefore, after he succeeded in doing so, he used the Shrinking step to distance himself from Dong Lijun.

Dong Lijun's prediction was wrong, Chen Xiang did not attack him, causing his two punches to miss. However, the air shock wave that exploded out, still carried along an extremely terrifying power as it wreaked havoc on the stage.

After the stage was covered by this power, it was like tofu being slashed by a sharp blade. There were many pieces of broken bones jumping about on the stage, which had a smooth surface. It was just like what Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d said, this Pure Yang Spirit Power was as sharp as blades.

"This guy's power is so terrifying. As long as he releases this power, his body will be like a sharp blade, and he won't be able to attack his body at all. Right now, his body is covered in that kind of light." w.a.n.g Jinshi said.

"Chen Xiang is unable to use his Mysterious power. Otherwise, that Dong fellow would not be his match." Bai Youyou said. If Chen Xiang had used Six Realms' Power, his strength would definitely not be weak, and he would not be forced to such a state by the opponent.

Even the experts of the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d's side were trembling in fear as they watched the battle. If there was no barrier to protect them from the Pure Yang Divine Spirit, once they flew out, they would definitely cause a lot of damage.

They couldn't guide Chen Xiang either, because this was what was required of them under the contract.

"We can end it this time." Dong Lijun did not want to drag it out either. He already had some fear towards Chen Xiang in his heart, since Chen Xiang was a powerful enemy to him after all. He could not help but wish to quickly kill him.

Chen Xiang immediately released the Six Realms' Power, and at the same time, stared at the other party's eyes. This time, he was still able to see the other party's divine soul jump out from the Divine Sense Sea, and release a burst of white light;

When he saw the opponent's divine soul jump out, his eyes suddenly flashed with a white light, which was extremely weak, and not obvious at all. However, in a flash, Dong Lijun suddenly stopped, and even cried out in pain, as his divine soul was under attack.

The Bones in Chen Xiang's eyes also possessed special powers. Just now, he had released all of the power of the Bones in his eyes to attack the divine soul in Dong Lijun's Divine Sense Sea.

"Now." Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea that had been suppressed for a long time suddenly erupted into an uproar, the waves surging, the Six Realms' Power was like a torrent as it rushed towards the four flame Divine Deity s inside his Divine Sense Sea.

After the flame Divine Deity had turned it into a Flame power, it flowed into his left arm and right leg that possessed the Double bone level.

Dong Lijun was unable to suppress Chen Xiang's Six Realms' Power, he knew that he would be in danger, and his divine soul being attacked caused him endless pain. However, he still released a very strong Pure Yang energy to cover his entire body.

Chen Xiang's fist did not directly hit his fist, it stopped five to six inches away from Dong Lijun's face, but it released a strong burst of force, which caused an earth-shaking explosion, and violent fire energy exploded out of his fist like a fiery-red spring, rushing towards Dong Lijun's face.

Dong Lijun's entire head was. .h.i.t so hard that it crooked, and all the teeth and bones in his mouth shattered.

After the punch, he then kicked Dong Lijun's abdomen, causing the Meteor immortal power to explode and create a b.l.o.o.d.y hole.

The layer of pure Yang energy protecting Dong Lijun's body had already been scattered by the shockwave. Chen Xiang's fists continued to violently strike at Dong Lijun's head. At this moment, the other party's entire head was in a miserable state.

h.e.l.l Devil Emperor saw that Dong Lijun was about to be beaten to death, and anxiously said: "Chen Xiang, he is the most important person to Divine Nations …."

"So what?" Chen Xiang's fist flashed with fire as he condensed some Divine Deity and Bones. It struck Dong Lijun's chest and turned the upper half of his opponent's body into dust.

Chen Xiang had almost been killed a few times, so he would definitely not be merciful. Although the other party had not been fully prepared when he got on the stage, it was not his turn now.

A Pure Yang Divine Body could release such a terrifying Pure Yang energy, but it was still destroyed by Chen Xiang.

Dong Lijun only had half of his body remaining, without even looking, he walked down the fighting stage. The entire place was in complete silence, even after three consecutive rounds, he still looked so energetic, though he had not expended much energy.

This showed that Chen Xiang was still hiding an extremely terrifying power, but it had not been revealed yet.

"Since you have already lost, go ahead and follow the agreement. Withdraw your troops and let the Nine Heaven World recover its peace." Chen Xiang said. Chen Xiang's strength had already exceeded his expectations, and made him feel that he might not be able to defeat Chen Xiang. What made him incredulous was, Chen Xiang only had six Divine Deity.

"Don't be happy too early, Chen Xiang has killed two outstanding people from the Divine Nations, he is just waiting for the Divine Nations to come take revenge, maybe he will drag you guys into it." The h.e.l.l Devil Emperor laughed coldly and flew away with his men.

Seeing that the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had left, the spectators on the city wall immediately cheered.

"Are you alright?" Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d hurried over to Chen Xiang's side.

Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled, saying: "Another round shouldn't be a problem. That guy just now was really dangerous, and almost died in his hands."

The Penalty Heavenly G.o.d said, "That guy should have Bones as well. Coupled with his Pure Yang Divine Body, that's why he's so powerful, even if I go up against him, I have to be careful. Otherwise, it'll be very easy for him to kill me."

"There shouldn't be many Pure Yang divine bodies, right?" Chen Xiang already had a shadow over this kind of power, luckily it had already been extinguished by him.

"There are very few Nine Heaven World s, almost none of them. However, I am not sure about that, but Dong Lijun has used his Pure Yang energy quite well, he is obviously being guided, I'm afraid he still has more." The Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d said, "Right now, we still have to be careful and watch out for the Divine Nations. We hope that the internal affairs of the Divine Nations and the others are getting more and more chaotic."

Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly and thought: "Divine Nations, I need to become stronger before their internal conflict dies down. Otherwise, when facing such huge beings like them, I don't even have the strength to counterattack."

How much time was left for him to prepare? He was not sure, he only knew that he had to work hard to cultivate in the future.

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