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It could be seen that Dong Lijun had only lightly used the blade-like pure Yang divine power just now! At this time, Chen Xiang already had a shadow over that power. He did not want to be hit by that power again, and he would definitely suffer serious injuries.

What he did not understand was how the other party was able to stop him just now!

"It's here again!" Just as Chen Xiang was pondering about how he was frozen, he once again felt his body unable to move.

"This is actually caused by the power within my own body. The power within my body is actually controlled by him." Chen Xiang's face was filled with astonishment. He looked at Dong Lijun, who was standing afar, and saw that Dong Lijun was smiling complacently, but he had suddenly disappeared.

Chen Xiang was panicking. This Dong Lijun had already attacked, and right now he could already feel the terrifying pure Yang energy coming from Dong Lijun!

"He only controls the power within my Divine Sense Sea, I cannot use the Six Realms' Power inside!" Chen Xiang immediately controlled the Six Realms' Power to return to the Divine Sense Sea!

Originally, in order to erupt with a very strong power at any moment, Six Realms' Power would gather in his limbs and bones. The reason he was frozen was because no one knew what these Six Realms' Power were controlled by Dong Lijun.

After taking back the Six Realms' Power, Chen Xiang's legs slipped and he activated the Shrinking step. In the blink of an eye, he was already at the side of the stage, avoiding Dong Lijun's swift punch that was made with the pure Yang Divine Spirit.

"So close! If my reaction was a bit slower, I wonder what would have happened to me!" "I wonder if my Art of Breeding Heavenly Elephants will be able to stop this guy's Pure Yang energy?" Chen Xiang was not clear about this, but he did not dare try. If he was unable to resist, then without the help of a profoundwu clothing, his body would be punched b.l.o.o.d.y holes.

Dong Lijun was also a little surprised, he never thought that Chen Xiang would actually discover that he could control the Mysterious power so quickly!

"This guy must have some sort of ability, to be able to control other people's Mysterious power. I never thought that even my own Six Realms' Power would be controlled, what kind of ability does this guy possess? No wonder he was so confident in himself. With the Pure Yang Divine Power in him and this ability to control other people's Mysterious power, even if it were the nine Divine Deity s against him, they would probably not be able to survive past thirty moves. " Chen Xiang kept on looking at Dong Lijun's eyes, wanting to clearly see the other party's Divine Sense Sea, but he did not reap any benefits.

"Do you plan to use only the strength of your fleshly body?" Dong Lijun taunted while sneering: "This means that you have to give up your Six Divine Deity and only use your body to fight me. Do you think you have any chance of winning?"

The six Divine Deity were fundamental. If one did not use the six Divine Deity nor the power of the Divine Sense Sea, then their strength would be greatly restricted, and even if Chen Xiang had the Bones, it would be useless.

"Let me see how long you can last!" His palm exploded with waves of terrifying rays of pure Yang energy, completely covering the direction of Chen Xiang. Other than running off the stage, Chen Xiang could not dodge at all, and using the Six Realms' Power, that level would immediately be frozen, making it even more dangerous.

"Got it!" Chen Xiang's mind flashed, he immediately used a transformation technique and created many mirrors on the surface of his body, because he only sensed rays of light, they were not very strong, but the light that the Pure Yang Spirit Qi turned into was like extremely sharp blades.

Just as Chen Xiang had expected, all of the light beams shot back!

Dong Lijun was very afraid of this light and immediately circulated his body to absorb it into his body, if not his body would also be cut off.

Chen Xiang took this opportunity to rush forward. When he was using Shrinking step, his speed was also extremely fast, in a blink of an eye he was already in front of Dong Lijun, and kicked him out!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Although he did not have the support of the Six Realms' Power, his strength was still very frightening. He kicked at Dong Lijun's abdomen, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

At the same time that Dong Lijun was kicked, his palm imbued with pure Yang energy, swept towards Chen Xiang's neck. Chen Xiang raised his head and barely dodged it, a streak of blood appeared on his neck, and his head was almost chopped off.

After the two exchanged one move, they both sensed that the other side was in extreme danger. They did not dare to use the second move and retreated!

"So dangerous!" Mu Qianxiang almost shouted out just now.

"Big Bro seems to have his strength restricted." Leng Youlan said.

"This fellow from the Divine Nations is not ordinary. With his Pure Yang Divine Body, he is definitely highly valued! Even Chen Xiang, who possess such a terrifying Mysterious power, is controlled. It can be seen how terrifying this Dong Lijun is. He is definitely a top genius among the Divine Nations. " Yue'er said: "Now let's see if Chen Xiang has a way to break that strange divine ability of the other party."

From the kick that Chen Xiang gave him, Dong Lijun was able to deduce that the strength of Chen Xiang's body was much stronger than he imagined. He was also certain that the leg Chen Xiang gave him earlier contained Bones, so he understood the terrifying strength of Bones very well.

Previously, when he was watching from below, he had suspected that Chen Xiang's left and right leg possessed Bones. So when he first attacked Chen Xiang's left arm, it was only to test him.

"So what?" Dong Lijun spat out blood in the air, and it looked like nothing had happened. It was true that Chen Xiang's leg did not cause any damage to him, but it was too sudden, and the blood flow in his body was suppressed to his internal organs, which caused him to vomit blood. However, it did not harm him too much.

Although Chen Xiang was expressionless, he was secretly pleasantly surprised, because when he had attacked earlier, he had been paying attention to Dong Lijun's eyes. Just as Dong Lijun was about to cut his head off, he suddenly saw a divine soul appearing inside Dong Lijun's Divine Sense Sea.

Dong Lijun's divine soul was actually hidden within the Divine Sense Sea! As for the divine soul that appeared just now, it was releasing its innate ability, wanting to control his Six Realms' Power, just in case, but Chen Xiang did not use it, so its ability power was not used on him.

Chen Xiang wiped away the blood on his neck. Because it was only a very shallow wound, it could quickly recover. The piece of flesh that was kicked out earlier had already grown out.

"I can only wait for an opportunity. I have to be more careful next. I've angered this guy." Chen Xiang saw that Dong Lijun's expression was already equipped with a lot of equipment. Previously, it was cold and heartless, but now it looked to be filled with a tinge of anger.

Just like before, he used the Shrinking step to approach Dong Lijun. However, he did not attack, but pretended to attack from the front, and then dodged to Dong Lijun's side.

He released a bit of Six Realms' Power and emitted a bit of Qi. When Dong Lijun sensed it, he immediately turned his head and used his strange divine ability to control Chen Xiang's Six Realms' Power. At the same time, he flew over.

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