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The young Ranker from Divine Nations was already dead, and even more so so died so straightforwardly, he was killed by Chen Xiang in a few moves. Previously, he talked about how strong he was when he got on the stage, but now, he was killed by Chen Xiang just like that Fu Tiangao.

When h.e.l.l Devil Emperor saw that the strength that Chen Xiang had displayed was even stronger than before, he became even more furious and wished that he could go up on the stage and slap Chen Xiang to death now. Previously, he thought that Chen Xiang's strength was still far from his level, but if this continued, it wouldn't be long before Chen Xiang surpa.s.sed him.

From the beginning till the end, his expression had never changed, and even when Nie Lin was killed, he did not feel anything. It seemed that Nie Lin's death did not allow him to see Chen Xiang's strength in a new light, and at the moment, he was looking at Chen Xiang with the same expression of disdain as before.

"Dong Lijun, you are the only one left. Whether or not you can turn the tide depends on you." The h.e.l.l Devil Emperor said that if he lost the compet.i.tion here, not only would he not get the Shen Yuan stone, they would also not be able to cause trouble for a long period of time.

Although Dong Lijun did not speak as arrogantly as Nie Lin, he seemed to be even more arrogant. When h.e.l.l Devil Emperor was speaking to him, he did not even spare him a glance as he lazily walked onto the stage. In his eyes, the battle was not important, he did not even put him in his eyes.

"Are all these Divine Nations people seriously ill? "Each one is more arrogant than the last." Long Xueyi scoffed, "However, this guy seems to be quite calm."

Although Dong Lijun had a stern and arrogant face, he was still extremely cautious at the moment. Once he got on the stage, he became extremely vigilant.

Seeing Dong Lijun being so serious, Chen Xiang was also very interested in him, and immediately looked into his eyes. Dong Lijun's Divine Sense Sea immediately appeared, and to his surprise, there was nothing inside Dong Lijun's Divine Sense Sea.

Chen Xiang had seen a lot of Divine Sense Sea, so even if he saw a lot of strange Divine Sense Sea, he would not be surprised. But this time, seeing this Divine Sense Sea that was like the ocean in reality, he was very shocked!

It was because this Divine Sense Sea was very similar to him, and his Divine Sense Sea looked the same. It was just that there was an additional island, and his divine soul was also on that island!

"I can't see it at all. Could it be that he possesses the ability to conceal the true face of the Divine Sense Sea?" Chen Xiang was very suspicious in his heart. If this wasn't the case, then he felt that this Dong Lijun might be the same as him, hiding a mysterious Second Divine Sense Sea.

Dong Lijun did not directly walk to the center of the stage, but walked around Chen Xiang. He was actually examining Chen Xiang at the bottom of the stage, and then looked at the broken parts on the stage.

"Although Nie Lin is very arrogant, he possesses a certain level of strength. He himself possesses six Divine Deity and one Bones, yet he died so easily. Dong Lijun said lightly: "From the Qi that you are partic.i.p.ating in, you must have used the power of Bones."

Dong Lijun had finally walked in the middle. This meant that he was already prepared, and even though h.e.l.l Devil Emperor was shouting "begin", Dong Lijun and Chen Xiang didn't move.

"In other words, you possess three Bones?" Chen Xiang frowned. was different from Nie Lin, although he looked arrogant on the surface, he was actually so cautious in his way of doing things. It seemed like this was his habit, no matter who the opponent was, he would first check the opponent's strength.

Dong Lijun was unable to sense Chen Xiang's power from outside, so he was unable to accurately judge Chen Xiang's strength. However, after he walked onto the stage, he had a rough estimate that he would need to pay attention to his opponent.

"How many Bones I have is not important. The important thing is that I can defeat you!" Dong Lijun took a deep breath, a gold light suddenly flashed past his eyes, and they instantly turned gold.

Chen Xiang retreated a few steps back. It was as if Dong Lijun had become a completely different person, the strength of his body seemed to have increased by many times, the pressure he was releasing was already enough to crack the stage, causing the bricks to shatter.

"This... What exactly is going on? " Chen Xiang did not understand how this Dong Lijun in front of him used such a powerful skill to suddenly become so strong. His eyes were still gold, and the light in his eyes made Chen Xiang feel an indescribable heat.

"Be serious!"

In a flash, he arrived beside Chen Xiang and kicked him in the left arm. His leg shone with a golden light, as if it contained an endless amount of power, and when he kicked Chen Xiang's left arm, the extremely fast speed and terrifying power caused s.p.a.ce to ripple, and black cracks actually appeared on it.

"To think that... I can't move! " Chen Xiang was shocked, he immediately channeled all the energy in his body to move, seeing that the kick was about to come over, Chen Xiang finally moved his body slightly to the side, but he was too slow. Even though he was able to move, his left arm was kicked, causing a large chunk of flesh to fly out!

It was just a single kick, but it was as if he had been cut by a blade. Chen Xiang looked at the shocking wound, and saw that there was actually that kind of golden light on it.

Dong Lijun could not hold Chen Xiang still for too long, after kicking him, Chen Xiang immediately felt his entire body relax, and then distancing himself from Dong Lijun, he began to circulate the Alive Slain Method to repair his injured arm, at the same time using the Heavenly Alchemy to refine the gold light on his arm, to prevent it from seeping into his body, and causing fatal injuries.

"This is a Pure Yang Divine Body, Chen Xiang, you must be careful of his Pure Yang energy!" The Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d suddenly shouted, "This power is like a sharp blade, if it enters the body, it can grind the organs into pieces."

Chen Xiang didn't have the slightest understanding of the Pure Yang Divine Body, but after knowing the characteristics of this power, he secretly became nervous. If he had not refined that power just now, then it would have definitely infiltrated into his body and wreaked havoc there. The consequences were unimaginable.

"This kind of power has a numbing power. It's to prevent one from feeling pain when entering the body, but why is it that the moment it enters the body, the muscles will not tighten and it can directly enter. It's too terrifying." Chen Xiang looked at the Dong Lijun who was currently laughing coldly, and his heart still had lingering fear.

He looked at the piece of flesh on his arm that was kicked out. It had actually been twisted into a liquid by that power.

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