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On the city wall, everyone was suspicious of Chen Xiang's power, but Nie Lin felt that he was stronger than him.

"How's the fight going?" Long Xueyi ran over in a hurry, and pulled Mu Qianxiang along as he asked: "Why are you here, did you leave?"

Mu Qianxiang nodded, then quickly and simply told Long Xueyi about the battle.

Long Xueyi looked at Nie Lin and said, "This guy has a sickness, see how Little Scoundrel will torture him to death later."

Yue'er said: "Nie Lin is not in the fighting stage, so I am unable to feel Chen Xiang's strength! Furthermore, he looked down on the Fu Tiangao who was killed, so he felt that Fu Tiangao was not that strong.

Chen Xiang stood in the middle and watched Nie Lin walking over. He stared fixedly at Nie Lin's eyes, and immediately saw that Nie Lin's Divine Sense Sea, was actually a Divine Sense Sea that was filled with lightning. Nie Lin's Divine Sense Sea, which was filled with lightning of various colors, was constantly striking at the violently surging ocean waves.

"So he was using the Thunder power." Chen Xiang could only see all of this from his opponent's Divine Sense Sea, he guessed that Nie Lin did not have much ambition, and was only focused on training his thunder G.o.d powers.

h.e.l.l Devil Emperor was anxious to see Nie Lin's strength, he was not afraid of Nie Lin dying, he was even more excited, because if Nie Lin died, the Divine Nations would definitely be more furious.

"Begin!" h.e.l.l Devil Emperor saw Nie Lin walking in the middle and anxiously shouted.

Nie Lin made his move very quickly, he had only raised his hand slightly, and made a quick swatting motion. A flash of lightning appeared in his arm, and he released a lightning whip towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang also did not expect that the other party's casual slaps would be so fast and that his strength was frightening, hitting him in the face with a whip.

"Pfft!" The moment Chen Xiang's face was struck, he felt an extremely vast force hitting his face, as though it was going to shatter it. When he flew out, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Chen Xiang was sent flying. Lying on the ground, there was a whip mark on his face. He did not expect his opponent's attack to be so fast, causing him to be unable to prepare in time.

"Hmph, he's much weaker than I imagined!" Nie Lin snorted in disdain. When he spoke, he immediately waved his hands and lashed out dozens of times at the same time, all of them striking Chen Xiang's body.

The moment Chen Xiang laid on the ground, he only wanted to get up, but he was immediately pressed down by the incoming pressure. Soon after, he felt his body was struck by several tens of fierce and violent attacks, which made him spit out a large mouthful of blood. The opponent's strength was truly too strong, and coupled with his extremely fast speed, he simply did not have any time to defend.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had easily killed Fu Tiangao and displayed an extremely terrifying strength. But now, he had been ruthlessly beaten by Nie Lin from the start.

Mu Qianxiang bit her lips, and said softly: "Brother, quickly get up!"

Chen Xiang looked like he had been beaten badly, as he lay on the ground unable to get up. He laughed out loud, full of disdain.

This time, Nie Lin had only whipped Chen Xiang twice and Chen Xiang had already turned into smoke. This made Nie Lin frown, because he did not plan to kill Chen Xiang this quickly.

The moment Chen Xiang turned into smoke, Chen Xiang's friends all started to shout, but after seeing that cloud of smoke floating to a certain place and turning into Chen Xiang, they all calmed down.

"I won't die that easily!" Chen Xiang wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth. He had just used the Cloud Sky Sculpture, this was his innate ability and had a very unique power. It could turn his strong body into smoke to avoid attacks.

The moment Chen Xiang appeared, Nie Lin had already lashed out at him ruthlessly a few times. However, after hitting his body, the places where Chen Xiang's four matches were held would scatter like mist and then reform.

"Is this an innate ability of the body?" Nie Lin finally left his original position, and at the moment he disappeared, waves of electric currents suddenly appeared around Chen Xiang, and at the moment, he looked as though he was trapped in a cage made of electric wire.

"Trapped?" Chen Xiang struck the electric threads once, and a strong electrical current entered into his body, causing his entire body to tremble.

"This cage was created by him?" Chen Xiang was shocked, at the same time, a strong pressure came from all directions, causing the cage to gradually shrink.

"Goodbye!" Nie Lin suddenly appeared and punched at Chen Xiang. When his fist struck the stage, the resulting force tore apart the stage, causing lightning to dance around.

Nie Lin's fist was covered with thick layers of electric threads. Just now, he had used a lightning cage to trap Chen Xiang, preventing him from escaping.

"It's still too early to say such words!" Chen Xiang's left hand appeared in an extremely strange manner, and as it emitted flames, it grabbed onto Nie Lin's fist, which was filled with a violent and violent energy.

Nie Lin was startled, he was extremely clear about the power of his fist, he had used this level of power several times before, and could kill his opponent easily, but this time, his fist was caught, and what made him extremely shocked was, when the Thunder power struck Chen Xiang's palm, Chen Xiang was actually fine!

's left arm condensed with Bones, it was incomparably powerful and was not something Nie Lin could compare to. Even if Nie Lin's arm also had Bones, it was only a single Bones, which was simply too far away from Chen Xiang's two Bones s.

Nie Lin had six Divine Deity s, and the power of his punch could possibly be the power of four Divine Deity s. But the power Chen Xiang was currently using, was indeed the six Divine Deity s in his body and the two Divine Deity s on his arms, as well as the two energies constantly surging from his right leg, it was equivalent to ten Divine Deity s. Among them, four were Bones s that were still difficult to cultivate.

Chen Xiang suddenly increased his strength, causing Nie Lin's fist to clench into a fist, Nie Lin's face suddenly contorted and warped, the sudden pain was something he was not prepared to endure.

"Ahh …" Nie Lin screamed in pain, his fist was actually crushed by Chen Xiang, blood spurting out.

Everyone watching felt their scalps go numb. Just what kind of power was this, to be able to forcibly shatter another person's fist? And the frightening power that Nie Lin unleashed, was actually blocked by one of Chen Xiang's arms.

"Goodbye!" The moment Chen Xiang's voice fell, his right foot had already swept towards Nie Lin's head.

Nie Lin's head was gone, he fell to the ground, his neck still smoking, obviously his head was wiped off by the scorching energy.

Nie Lin who was extremely arrogant a moment ago was only left with a headless body on the stage.

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