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Zhou Sheng had defeated both of them in such a short period of time, and he had even lost in such a pathetic manner. If Zhou Sheng didn't have the time and energy to heal his injuries, he would probably be even more injured than Mu Qianxiang right now.

Mu Qianxiang had already consumed a pill and was teleported back to the city. She stood on the city wall and looked at Fu Tiangao who had recovered from his injuries.

"This fellow is simply a demon! I hope nothing will happen to your brother. " Mu Qianxiang had clearly felt the difference between her and Fu Tiangao just now. She had used the power of the Devil Slayer, but the effect wasn't obvious, and she was still forcefully suppressed by the opponent.

"Big Bro will definitely be able to beat him! His opponents are the two fellows from Divine Nations. " Leng Youlan said.

Chen Xiang walked up the stage and slowly walked to the center, saying: "I didn't expect you to actually do such a disgusting thing in order to get power, I really admire you for that."

"What did you say?" When Fu Tiangao saw Chen Xiang, his anger surged for some reason, especially when he thought about how Chen Xiang was hugging so many beautiful and outstanding women, his heart almost exploded with rage.

"The only reason you can become so strong is because of that demon! I know that your Fu Tian School cultivates a type of nourishing evil technique. Are you trying to pick up nourishment for that kind of demon? Otherwise it would be impossible for them to fuse so well with their powers. " Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

Chen Xiang had only just stared into Fu Tiangao's eyes, yet he could directly see his Divine Sense Sea, which was filled with demons. Originally, Fu Tiangao was a good girl, but in order to obtain power, he stayed together with the demon. Currently, he was gradually being affected by the demon, so his Divine Sense Sea should have had all kinds of beauties, but now he was actually a demon!

What made Chen Xiang feel the most saddened was that Fu Tiangao did not wish to do so. He could no longer control his own Divine Sense Sea.

"Say a little more, because you won't have a chance to say more in the future." Both of Fu Tiangao's hands had already become devil claws, and as his face gradually turned black, his eyes suddenly grew larger, becoming half human and half demon. The demonic aura that continuously surged out from his body was also extremely terrifying, to the point that the stage was shaking.

Chen Xiang had already walked to the middle and lightly said, "That's right, you won't have a chance to hear me speak anymore in the future, because you're going to die very soon."

h.e.l.l Devil Emperor could not wait any longer and shouted loudly, "Begin!" He had not seen Chen Xiang for many years, and now, he also wanted to see just how strong Chen Xiang was. Of course, he wished to see Chen Xiang die a horrible death even more, and Fu Tiangao's methods would definitely cause Chen Xiang to die a miserable death.

Chen Xiang did not attack first, but stood at his original position with a composed expression. Fu Tiangao had long been furious, his body had been turned into a monster by his anger, he roared like a demon and rushed towards Chen Xiang, his hands were like two black swords as they stabbed at Chen Xiang. These two claws were extremely terrifying, Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Sheng almost died under the claws!

But now, Fu Tiangao's attacks were even more ferocious, as the spectators were looking at Fu Tiangao who seemed to have gone berserk, they were even more shocked. Seeing Fu Tiangao attacking, they almost shouted out, afraid that Chen Xiang would be instantly killed.

The outcome was outside of everyone's expectations. Facing these two claws, he would definitely have to dodge, but not only did Chen Xiang do not do so, he even reached out to grab the other party's palms.

"You …" Fu Tiangao suddenly perspired profusely, his hands that were filled with immense amounts of Demonic Qi was actually immobilized, and was grabbed tightly by Chen Xiang.


Chen Xiang raised his right leg and swept towards Fu Tiangao's thick waist, breaking the body that had turned into a demon from the waist!

The extremely strong Fu Tiangao just now had easily defeated Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Sheng, but his body had actually been cut into two pieces, and it was even broken by someone's leg.

This was the right leg of the Double bone level that Chen Xiang condensed, and the divine soul of two powerful Earthly beast had also fused inside. Chen Xiang did not use the Meteor immortal power, he only poured the fire G.o.d energy that was transformed from the four fire G.o.d Divine Deity into his legs, the power could be said to be extremely terrifying, and without the divine armor, it was simply impossible for him to resist.

"You're just so-so!" At this moment, Chen Xiang was still holding onto Fu Tiangao's hands. He lightly tossed and threw the upper half of Fu Tiangao's body to the ground. His right leg burned with raging flames as he fiercely stomped down towards Fu Tiangao's lower half.


Everyone only saw sparks flying in all directions, and Fu Tiangao's lower body was already turned into slag. This gave everyone a huge shock, and Fu Tiangao was already very scary, but Chen Xiang was even more powerful, as he instantly slashed Fu Tiangao's body into two pieces. Then, he stomped on Fu Tiangao's lower body till it became dust!

This kind of strength didn't seem like the power of the six Divine Deity at all! It had to be known that Fu Tiangao's strength had already far surpa.s.sed the ordinary six Divine Deity. Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Sheng were both outstanding divine G.o.ds of the six Divine Deity, but they could only retreat in defeat against Fu Tiangao!

Just how strong was Chen Xiang? No one had been able to find out, but the Primordial G.o.ds present actually doubted whether they could defeat such a terrifying Chen Xiang with the power of the Primordial G.o.d.

"You … "You …" Fu Tiangao crawled on the ground with both hands. He wanted to lie down and fight, but Chen Xiang would not let him succeed, he jumped over, and when he landed, his feet congealed into strong Flame power s, and stepped on Fu Tiangao's body.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! A wave of flames surged from under Chen Xiang's feet and spread in all directions.

This stomp of Chen Xiang's used a very strong fire divine power. After all, it was the upper half of his body. With Fu Tiangao's Divine Sense Sea, he wanted to destroy it once and for all.

The stage was covered in blazing fire, but it disappeared very quickly as if Chen Xiang had just absorbed it. Fu Tiangao had already disappeared, but there was only black dust on the ground!

Everyone looked at the smoldering ashes, and could not help but shiver. The terrifying Fu Tiangao from just a moment ago was done for!

"So there was such a huge gap between us. It seems like he was only playing around with me the last time we competed." The astonished Leng Youlan said in a heavy tone.

"Chen Xiang this b.a.s.t.a.r.d … "d.a.m.n, that's scary." Zhu Rong had fought with Chen Xiang before, so when he recalled that he wasn't injured when he lost, he felt extremely lucky.

The ones who were most shocked were of course the Supreme G.o.ds who had maintained the barrier the most. Just now, Gu Dongchen and the others could clearly feel that the aftershock was extremely strong. They only had six Divine Deity and felt very suspicious of Chen Xiang. Although Fu Tiangao was strong, the intensity of his power was still within their range of power, and Chen Xiang was simply too terrifying.

He looked at Nie Lin and Dong Lijun, the two men whose faces were still filled with arrogance. They had come from the Divine Nations, and were even connected to some Great National Master.

"Nie Lin, Dong Lijun, who will go up first? You should have seen Chen Xiang's strength. " The h.e.l.l Devil Emperor hesitated for a moment, then said: "If you can't beat him, then forget it, Chen Xiang will not show mercy at that time."

"Don't worry, the one who died was him! Even though I, Nie Lin, am not very strong in Divine Nations, I have more than enough to kill him. " Nie Lin walked up the stage.

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