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The fighting stage was quite large, like a small square. It wasn't easy for it to fall out, and if one admitted defeat, one had to run off the stage. If the opponent was too strong, there was no time to run down and admit defeat, there would be danger.

After Zhou Sheng walked onto the stage, he was a little worried because the other party knew them like the back of his hand. However, they knew nothing about the enemy, which was why they were at a disadvantage.

Although Zhou Sheng had gone through twenty days of training, he still had not fixed the flaw that Chen Xiang had discovered, but if the other party knew that he had used it extremely well, it would be a difficult battle for him. When he went up on stage, Gu Dongchen sent a sound transmission to him, telling him to stand to the side as much as possible.

To Gu Dongchen, even if they lost on his side, just a little Shen Yuan stone would not be enough to make up for the loss of an outstanding disciple. As for disciples like Zhou Sheng, who used the power of time, they were even rarer and more precious.

"The rules should be clear." h.e.l.l Devil Emperor sneered: "Walk to the center!"

The square stage was three to four hundred feet wide, and there were only two people standing on it. It seemed very s.p.a.cious.

Zhou Sheng was a little nervous, he could tell that this was the first time he had experienced such a fight, and in the past, he had always been fighting with his own people, but now, he was fighting with such a cunning enemy, or at least using his Evil Qi.

"Begin!" h.e.l.l Devil Emperor suddenly roared, scaring everyone, causing them to be secretly shocked, they all started to shout, while Zhou Sheng was the first to attack.

In the previous matches, he had used eight time clones from the very beginning, but now he was using sixteen. This was his limit.

"Kid who controls time, haha …" Fu Tiangao suddenly laughed sinisterly, the black aura around his body started to surge, Zhou Sheng's time clone who was just about to get close, was immediately affected by it.

Zhou Sheng didn't know what method the other party used, but he knew that his time and energy had been greatly restricted! Now he knew that the two brothers did not have enough control over the power of time, and that there was a fatal flaw.

"It's a soul form!" Chen Xiang frowned, "He released a lot of dead souls just now. These dead souls are connected with Fu Tiangao's divine soul, and are equivalent to a part of him, so time and energy are useless against these dead souls."

At this moment, he realized that it was extremely difficult to control the power of time. He immediately understood that the barrier was simply too strong, and changing the time inside of the barrier was extremely difficult, and he secretly hated himself in his heart. He was strong in the power of time, but being in a useless place like this, he had already been restricted greatly in his power.


Zhou Sheng suddenly cried out in pain, he spat out a large mouthful of blood, a black shadow had struck his back, it was a fist that had been transformed into a ghost, and Zhou Sheng was unable to change the timing of the attack, furthermore, the opponent's attack was extremely fast, and even if it came from all directions, it would be difficult for him to dodge.

"Come down!" At this time, they had also realized that because the barrier was too strong, and Zhou Sheng's use of the power of time wasn't good enough, she was definitely limited by a certain amount of restrictions.

Zhou Sheng's back was. .h.i.t, not only were his body injured, his divine soul had also suffered some sort of injury. What shocked him was that he was currently surrounded by a large number of souls, all of them had been refined and possessed very strong powers. Under Fu Tiangao's control, they turned into fists or legs, and rushed towards Zhou Sheng.

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Sheng had been hit multiple times again.

"I don't believe I can't kill you."

Fu Tiangao's power was very strong, the Undead Spirits that he had controlled were able to suppress Zhou Sheng and he had not made a move yet. But right now, he was rushing towards Zhou Sheng as his palm suddenly grew larger, his fingertips growing long and sharp, the skin of his palm became rough and black smoke emitted out of it, making him look like a demon's claw, which was extremely terrifying.

Fu Tiangao flew over as fast as lightning and used his terrifying claw to stab towards Zhou Sheng., who had been retreating this entire time, had already sensed it.

"Humph!" Black skin appeared on Fu Tiangao's face, and he seemed to be even more powerful than before. He snorted angrily, and quickly retracted his hand, ripping off Zhou Sheng's arm.

After Zhou Sheng let out a miserable cry, another arm grew out from the area of his severed arm.

was even more furious now, with his cultivation of the Evil Demon, he would have easily been able to enlarge his evil thoughts. If a normal person was only envious of Zhou Sheng's abilities, but Fu Tiangao was crazy with jealousy, if he could not obtain it, he would destroy it.

This time, he reached his claws out towards Zhou Sheng's neck. His speed was even faster than last time and his strength was even stronger than last time.

Because Zhou Sheng had already walked down the stage, this was equivalent to him admitting defeat. Fu Tiangao couldn't attack him anymore!

"Brat, don't ever go on stage again. I won't give you another chance next time." Fu Tiangao said angrily, he had already recovered to his original appearance, the way he looked just now when he was angered, was extremely terrifying.

"Qianxiang, do you think you can take care of him?" Gu Dongchen asked. If Mu Qianxiang could not do it, Chen Xiang would directly go up, and then, Fu Tiangao's strength was truly terrifying. Zhou Sheng could only concede.

"I'll try." Mu Qianxiang said: "Since we are here, we should fight."

Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to her, "It is enough for you to use the Devil Slayer Clan to deal with him. This kind of Evil Demon is most afraid of this kind of thing, you should be more familiar with the Devil Slayer Clan, right?"


Mu Qianxiang jumped up onto the stage, upon seeing him, Fu Tiangao's eyes instantly revealed an evil light, as though she wanted to pull him out completely.

"Begin!" h.e.l.l Devil Emperor shouted, and Fu Tiangao suddenly flashed, and appeared behind Mu Qianxiang. He pressed his lips together a little, and used his pair of evil claws to fiercely stab Mu Qianxiang in the back.

Mu Qianxiang was extremely vigilant, and when she noticed that Fu Tiangao had disappeared, she immediately left her original position to avoid the pair of demon claws. When she tried to avoid the claws, her jade hands shot out a gold light that was filled with the sacred power of exterminating devils, hitting Fu Tiangao's body and turning into a chain that tied Fu Tiangao up.

"Demon Slaying Chains! You did a good job! " w.a.n.g Jinshi heaved a sigh of relief, she was worried about Mu Qianxiang, because that Fu Tiangao was too terrifying.

After Mu Qianxiang tied Fu Tiangao up, he released her few swords that were condensed from G.o.d Power. She controlled these swords to form a sword formation and pierced towards Fu Tiangao.

"You're underestimating me, d.a.m.n you." Fu Tiangao laughed out loud. After shattering the golden chains on his body, he let out a furious roar, and a terrifying scene appeared. Six arms suddenly appeared from his back, these arms were all black and rough skin, they all had those kind of terrifying demon claws.

"Come down." Chen Xiang anxiously shouted.

Mu Qianxiang clenched her teeth, increased the power of her swords, and quickly ran down the stage. In the blink of an eye, she was about to leave the stage, but her back was still hit by a flying Demon Claw.

Mu Qianxiang was sent flying and off the stage. Chen Xiang rushed over to catch her, and she incinerated the palm that had stabbed into his back. At the same time, Mu Qianxiang was also severely injured.

"I'm leaving!" Mu Qianxiang shouted. She was injured at the moment, if he did not save her, she would be in danger.

Now, it was Chen Xiang's turn to go up on stage. Neither Zhou Sheng nor Mu Qianxiang could be a match for him!

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