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The Tiger G.o.d's body was huge, like an adult cow, its entire body was wrapped in fire essence, its red eyes shot out a strong killing intent, he opened his mouth and roared, then rushed towards Chen Xiang once again.

"What a terrifying Divine Sense Sea." The instant Chen Xiang met the divine beast's gaze, he saw Divine Sense Sea of the divine beast. The sky above the Divine Sense Sea was filled with raging fire clouds, while the sea water inside the Divine Sense Sea was frantically churning fire liquid.

It was because of this that this tiger-shaped Divine Beast had such a violent attack power.

"Don't you dare hurt me again." Chen Xiang's eyes opened, releasing a white light that shot into the eyes of the Tiger G.o.d, and the Tiger G.o.d's claws had already raised up, revealing its sharp claws, like a sharp dagger, just as it was about to attack, it suddenly stopped.

Even the ma.s.sive body of the G.o.dly Tiger Form was floating in the air.


In a flash, Chen Xiang arrived at the side of the tiger-shaped Divine Beast and slashed at its neck. The tiger-shaped Divine Beast immediately separated from its head and died on the spot.

"Hurry up." Just a moment ago, she had also almost been caught by him. Seeing that Chen Xiang had already flown to a relatively higher place, she heaved a sigh of relief, "These fellows' offensive abilities are really frightening, moreover, they are only in their infancy. We can see that they have yet to take shape."

"Oh right, what did you do just now? Why did that guy stop?" Yue'er, who was behind Chen Xiang's neck, did not see the two white lights that suddenly shot out from Chen Xiang's eyes.

I have used the Bones of my eyes to carry out my attack. After I saw his Divine Sense Sea, I immediately released a stream of energy that was condensed by the Bones of my eyes towards him. Although it was very weak, upon entering that fellow's Divine Sense Sea, he actually caused his Divine Sense Sea to freeze. Chen Xiang said: "I never thought that the power released from the Bones in my eyes would be so special and have such a strong attack towards the Divine Sense Sea. If I were to merge it with my soul, I would definitely be even more powerful."

Yue'er had said before that the Bones of the eyes could cause serious damage to the soul of the Divine Sense Sea, and this was indeed the case.

Returning to the top, Chen Xiang immediately took out an array disc and entered the Time Formation. He then took out the two divine beast's souls from the Six Realms mirrors and fused them with his eyes's Bones.

Meanwhile, his body had already turned into a stream of Flame Essence, refined into a Six Realms' Power by the Six Realms mirrors.

The Six Realms mirrors would produce a strong wave of Six Realms' Power every month, and Chen Xiang would absorb the Six Realms' Power into his own Divine Sense Sea to strengthen his own.

"It's fused." Chen Xiang's eyes flashed as flames burst out of them and shot out two fiery red rays of light, and an extremely terrifying wave of hot air immediately enveloped over.

"It's so hot. Is this released from your eyes?" Yue'er said in shock: "His eyes can actually release such power, if it were to hit a person with six Divine Deity, it should be able to directly pierce through."

Chen Xiang closed his eyes and said, "I can't do it yet. I don't have enough strength to concentrate it, or else it wouldn't be emitting such a strong heat. Let me try again, this is something I've created based on the Heart Permeable Demon Eye and the Meteor immortal power."

"What, you made the Meteor immortal power form in your eyes, aren't you afraid that the Meteor immortal power will explode out of control? That's something that can cause one's head to explode." Yue'er shivered. She didn't think that Chen Xiang would be so reckless, but even if Chen Xiang dared to take such a risk, it would allow him to control even more power.

"It's fine, I have good control." Chen Xiang was extremely confident in himself.

There are quite a few advantages to condensing Bones from your eyes, your eyesight has become very strong, and you can also look at other people's Divine Sense Sea, and interfere with the operation of other people's Divine Sense Sea. These are all very gentle uses, and that move of yours just now was too fierce. Yue'er was also afraid, afraid that when Chen Xiang looked at her, his eyes would shoot out two beams of light that would pierce through her small body.

Chen Xiang opened her eyes again, and this time, the light in her eyes weren't as intense as before, but the concentrated power of the light was even more terrifying.

"This... If these two trials can be used on someone else's Divine Sense Sea, this would definitely be a devastating attack. " Yue'er said in shock, "Don't look at me like that, I'm afraid!"

"What are you afraid of? It's not like I'm going to hurt you." Chen Xiang grabbed her and rubbed her little head while he laughed.

"You have the Fire Soul now too, and there's still nineteen years of time here. What else do you need to do, cultivate a little more Divine Deity, then you won't be able to partic.i.p.ate in the battle with the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor." Yue Er said.

"That's right, I already have six Divine Deity now. I can't even cultivate another one, but I can still cultivate Bones." Chen Xiang took out two sets of Bone level Dan s' medicinal ingredients.

"You already have four Bones. If you want to continue cultivating it, you will need at least a mid-tier Bone level Dan." Every time Chen Xiang condensed Bones, he would condense Double bone level s two times, and that would make four Bones pellets. As for those strong warriors at the peak, they were at most at nine Bones, which was more than half of his original strength.

"Although I have four Bones, in other aspects, I can only be considered two, because I have only evoked the opportunity to condense Bones twice." Chen Xiang laughed as he released a Magic method furnace and placed the Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients inside. Then, two beams of fire shot out from his eyes as he transformed the two sets of Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients into Medicine aura s, almost instantly completing the task.

This scene scared Yue'er silly. Previously, she had seen Chen Xiang burning Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients, so it would take a period of time. But now, through her eyes, it was completed in an instant.

"It really is useful." Chen Xiang chuckled and said: "Just now, I used Divine Sense Sea's four fire Divine Nations's, and adding the two flame Bones in front of my eyes, I finished it in an instant, which is faster than I imagined."

Yue Er took a deep breath. "Those old Alchemist can go and die now."

Chen Xiang never thought that the Bones in his eyes would actually have this kind of ability. He only recalled the steps of refining a Bone level Dan, the first thing he needed was the Original source refining, the Spirit blood s that were refining all kinds of divine medicines. Once the Spirit blood was fused together, they could fuse all kinds of divine medicines together.

However, after releasing the two flames from his eyes, it actually went as far as he wanted and was almost as free as he wanted. He knew that the two flames carried intelligence and completed these steps in an instant.

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