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Yue'er was envious because she saw Chen Xiang refining pills. She also clearly knew that this eccentric Alchemist Chen Xiang was really different from the other Alchemist s! The other Alchemist s stayed in the pill refining rooms all day. Their houses were so big that the sky and the earth went dark. She had heard of a Alchemist refining a furnace of pills, and several other Leader s from that sect had all come out.

"You don't have to be so anxious. If you use it another ten days or so, you will have six Divine Deity s. However, we still have nearly twenty years here." Yue'er said. Chen Xiang had come here in order to buy time to become stronger, and if this were to continue, it could be said that he had already reached Chen Xiang's goal of cultivating to the Sixth Divine Deity within a month.

While Chen Xiang was refining the Earthly beast Fruit in the Divine Sense Sea, he laughed: "I will be using the rest of my time to attack Bones! The Bones that I managed to cultivate previously went back to my eyes, which makes me feel more regretful. I want to condense the Bones on my hands and feet. "

When Chen Xiang possessed four Divine Deity and the Double bone level above his left arm, he was already very strong.

"Sigh, who asked you to be the Alchemist! It's as easy to condense Bones as to grow teeth. " When she was condensing her Bones back then, all she said out was blood and tears, but Chen Xiang said it easily.

After ten days, Chen Xiang suddenly burst out laughing, because he had successfully condensed six Divine Deity, the power of his flames were now even more terrifying, four fire attribute Divine Deity s made from, combined with the Double bone level on his left arm, attacking the Meteor immortal power, Yue'er couldn't help but become excited just thinking about it, it must be very strong.

"Yue Er, look at me." Chen Xiang suddenly grabbed Yue'er and carefully examined her pair of cat eyes.

"What is it? You used the Bones in your eyes to experiment with me? " There was a smile in Yue'er's eyes as she replied, "My divine soul is very powerful, you simply cannot cause mental attacks on me. My divine soul …"

Before Yue'er could finish speaking, Chen Xiang said with a laugh: "I saw your Divine Sense Sea, haha …"

"Impossible, I simply did not sense a single bit of energy entering my Divine Sense Sea, you can't see it." Although Yue'er said this, her voice also carried a trace of fear, as if her secret had been discovered.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Didn't you say that eyes are the window to the soul? The Bones is condensed at the special part of my eye, so it produced a special power. I clearly saw your Divine Sense Sea just now … And your two divine soul. One of them is in the form of a little girl, the other is a little kitten.

Yue Er was dumbstruck, she shook her head: "At most, you can only sense my divine soul, and can never see through my Divine Sense Sea. Even if you are a very powerful expert of the Hundred G.o.ds level, you can't see through other people's Divine Sense Sea like that."

"Do you want me to tell you what your Divine Sense Sea looks like?" Yue'er's eyes were filled with fear. She seemed to be very afraid of others seeing her Divine Sense Sea, so she could not accept the fact that Chen Xiang had seen her.

"Tell me about it." Yue'er mustered up her courage and made Chen Xiang say it out loud. If it really was like this, she could only accept it.

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth rose slightly, and then he laughed out loud. Your Divine Sense Sea has a very luxurious palace, and your divine soul is sitting on a chair inside the palace. "

"I never thought that Yue'er, your heart, had always wanted to dominate the Star Law Divine Realm. This dream is really too vast." Yue'er shrieked with a "meow meow" sound, broke free from Chen Xiang's hands, and flew to the top of Chen Xiang's head to randomly grab his hair.

"Don't laugh!" Yue'er shouted very seriously, grabbing Chen Xiang's hair in a mess, "Meow …"

Chen Xiang and Yue'er played around for a while before both of them laid on their backs on the ground, gasping for breath.

"Yue Er, although I feel that it's funny, it's not that I'm looking down on you!" You are very strong in Star Law Divine Realm, have three G.o.d bloodline, and even met a genius Alchemist like me, you can't help but become stronger in the future! " Chen Xiang laughed and said: "I am not bragging. Among those who have come into contact with me, as long as my relationship with me is not bad, then I will more or less become stronger because of me. That's why, with me here, you will be able to become the Star Law Divine Realm's Empress Cat in the nick of time! "

Yue'er humphed tenderly: "You are even more narcissistic than me, but what's strange is that your Divine Sense Sea is so ordinary. Is your goal really that simple? Do you only want to live the most ordinary life? If that's really the case, then your talent is truly a waste. "

Chen Xiang stroked his chin, and said with a smile: "I have seen you, Sister Feng, Qilian, Xianxian, and Meng'er, the few Divine Sense Sea s, and they all have a lot in common."

"Bulls.h.i.t, whose Divine Sense Sea is not this exaggerated? Your Divine Sense Sea is the most abnormal. " Yue'er was extremely unhappy, she felt that since Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea was so ordinary, he should have a very high ideal. Although it was absurd, many people would construct their Divine Sense Sea like that, so their divine soul would be able to unleash its strongest power.

"I'm not saying that what you have in common is an exaggeration, but … You all only have one Divine Sense Sea. " Chen Xiang smiled slightly.

Yue'er fiercely jumped up: "Don't tell me you have two Divine Sense Sea s? How is that possible? I have never heard of such a thing and it is impossible for it to exist.

"I really do have two Divine Sense Sea s, but the other one is hidden very deeply!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Not unless you show it to me." Yue'er snorted. "You have to show me, you have already seen my Divine Sense Sea, and I can see that your Divine Sense Sea is only a fake one. I want to see your real Divine Sense Sea."

Yue'er was already starting to believe that Chen Xiang, who had created so many legends in Nine Heaven World, wouldn't be that simple.

"Nope." Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue at her, and Yue'er meowed. She immediately threw herself at him, grabbed his hair, and started messing with him again.

Yue'er shouted, "Hurry up and let me see! I want to see …"

Chen Xiang finally managed to calm her down. He didn't think that this kitten that was making such a ruckus was actually so scary.

"I have a second Divine Sense Sea, but it's in a very strange state. I can feel it, but I can't see it myself! In short, I am very sure that my second Divine Sense Sea exists and has existed for a long time. However, for some unknown reason, I have been unable to open the gate to the second Divine Sense Sea. " Chen Xiang frowned: "I feel like I've lost something! Originally, the first Divine Sense Sea I opened should have been the Second Divine Sense Sea, because that was already there. But then, for some reason, I caused the Divine Sense Sea to become like this. "

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