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Chen Xiang had thought that a long time ago, the Nine Divine Kings should have been able to control this Nine Heaven World, but he found out later on that the Nine Heaven World was so powerful that even the Nine Divine Kings couldn't estimate it. In the future, after swallowing the Super G.o.d Realm, the Divine Nations would definitely occupy and control an entire region.

Now, Yue Er said that there was some kind of terrifying Earth's Core Divine Spirit in this earth's core. If this was the case, he definitely wouldn't be able to stay on the ground at ease.

"Don't be afraid, Earth's Core Divine Spirit is only a legend in the Star Law Divine Realm. No one has ever seen it! But the Core definitely has a certain amount of spirituality. Otherwise, it would not have nurtured a divine fruit to nurture the Divine Guardian Beast in the Core. " Yue'er said: "Even the strong Core would have a terrifying Earthly beast, to prevent others from having impure motives towards the Core, such as controlling the Core or using the Core to cause destruction."

Chen Xiang had already reached the side of the Earthly beast fruit. When his hand got hold of it, he immediately picked it down, and it was actually extremely cold. Furthermore, it was extremely stiff and heavy.

"There's one more over there!" Chen Xiang had just put away the fruit, and he also saw the red light flashing in front of him. Previously, he stood at a high place, so he could not directly see the fruit on the wall at his side.

Furthermore, the fruit was embedded in the cave wall, and the red light it emitted wasn't that bright either.

"It should have matured by now!" Chen Xiang immediately flew over, since he had seen it, he would definitely take it off.

The divine beasts swimming in the lava below started to howl, because Chen Xiang had also taken the other fruit.

"Goodbye. It will be back soon anyway. You can have it next time." Chen Xiang laughed and quickly went up. Not long after, he returned to the cave, and the roars below became louder, as if he was angry at the same time.

"These Earthly beast are all very weak, otherwise they would have rushed up long ago." Yue'er laughed. "Actually, you don't have to be afraid of them even if you rush up. They can't even take human form right now, and their bodies are huge too. If you hide in this cave, they definitely won't be able to come in."

This pa.s.sage was rather narrow, and the stones were very rigid. It was not easy to break them.

"What's the use of these two fruits?" Chen Xiang pinched it hard, it was very strong, other than releasing a cold Qi, he couldn't feel the energy in it at all.

"So this is Divine Deity and divine soul! As long as the Earthly beast eats it, it can increase one's Divine Deity by one high quality. As long as it does not reach a hundred, after consuming it, it can increase one's Divine Deity by one. " Yue'er replied: "But only Earthly beast s can do it, not humans or other beasts. Their effects will be greatly reduced."

Chen Xiang was instantly overjoyed, "Isn't this the same as the Great Divine Deity? Others can't, I can! "

He was just worrying about not being able to cultivate to the Six Divine Deity, and right now, it just so happened that he was able to immediately enter the Time Formation.

"Is that really possible? I heard from my grandfather that other than Earthly beast, other people and beasts can only get 10% or less of their energy after eating it. " Yue Er said.

"Sure!" When Chen Xiang had first fused with the Great Divine Deity, he had used the method of refining pellets to refine it into his own Divine Sense Sea. Not only did he not lose any energy, he could even strengthen the Divine Deity.

"This Divine Deity should be reduced by at least three or four times. What makes me feel a little regretful is that these are all fire attribute Divine Deity s and divine soul s. Chen Xiang chuckled, "My Divine Sense Sea already has two fire attribute Divine Deity pract.i.tioners, adding the two here, I wonder how strong my flames will be."

If it were not because the conditions did not allow it, he would definitely condense a spatial Divine Deity and a heavenly body's Divine Deity respectively.

"There's a chance in the future. Right now, you need attack power, so fusing with these two fire attribute Divine Deity is the best." Yue'er said: "Moreover, you still have to properly tap into the power of the Divine Deity in your eyes. I feel that it's not as simple as just increasing your eyesight. The eyes are the window of a person's heart. I feel that you can directly use the eyes to attack another person's heart, which is equivalent to a powerful spiritual attack. This is very difficult to defend against. "

Chen Xiang felt that this plan was very feasible, but the most important thing for him right now was to first condense two Divine Deity before deciding anything.

"At such a young age, I can start training inside the Divine Sense Sea." Chen Xiang placed a fruit into the Divine Sense Sea and released the Magic method furnace inside.

Previously, when he was refining the Great Divine Deity, because the Great Divine Deity required a large amount of compression, he had to first use a pill furnace outside to refine it.

Right now, the Earthly beast Fruit was relatively small and could be directly carried out in the Divine Sense Sea.

"It's pretty hard to refine! The stuff bred by the earth's core is different, it's originally very resistant to heat! " Chen Xiang activated his two fire attribute Divine Deity and released the strongest flames, otherwise, he would not be able to refine the Earthly beast fruit.

The Earthly beast Fruit was extremely hard to smelt, so he used even more time than last time, a total of five days before there were signs of it melting, and he even used all sorts of Heavenly Alchemy s to refine it.

Only after an entire ten days of time, did he finally refine the Earthly beast fruit into a mist state. At this time, he had to soak it in the Divine Sense Sea for a period of time, and let the Divine Deity in the Divine Sense Sea resonate with the mist, so that he could compress the mist into his Divine Deity.

Chen Xiang had noticed it when he was refining the Divine Deity, so he had already pulled the divine soul out of the body and allowed his main divine soul to a.s.similate it. Once the Divine Deity was completed, the divine soul could also immediately integrate into the body.

Yue'er wagged her tail, eating all kinds of delicious things. Because she looked very cute, and had a very sweet mouth, she was very popular among the girls in Hundreds of Flowers Village. As a result, she also received a lot of delicious things.

"Fifth Divine Deity, Large Success!" Chen Xiang opened his eyes, his face br.i.m.m.i.n.g with joy. "Yue'er, how long did I need?"

"Did it really succeed? You only took fifteen days! " Yue'er was very surprised, she immediately flew over and laid on Chen Xiang's head, but sensed that there were actually five of them inside Divine Sense Sea.

"What an explosive Divine Deity, it's very hot!" Yue'er said in surprise: "I never thought that you would be able to change this Earthly beast fruit into divine soul so quickly. Even if the Earthly beast eats it, it cannot be transformed into Divine Deity in such a way."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I am the Alchemist, and this divine fruit is being refined by me into my Divine Sense Sea, it's very simple!"

He threw the remaining Earthly beast Fruit into the Divine Sense Sea and continued to refine it. With his previous experience, he could progress even more smoothly this time.

"This is great, I should have learned how to refine pills." Yue Er sighed, "Being the enforcer of the Star Law Divine Realm is really a road of no return."

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