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Even though Chen Xiang had condensed the Double bone level once again, he was still a bit depressed, because the Bones was already in his eyes. He did not know if it was a good thing or bad thing, but what he was sure of was that while the Bones was in his eyes, it temporarily could not form a strong power. If the Bones was on the legs, he could directly attack during battle. But in the eyes, one couldn't use one's face to attack during battle, right?

"Chen Xiang, you don't have to be depressed, it's a good thing that your Bones has congealed in the eye. This is a very special part, not everyone's Bones can grow in this place. Yue'er said: "Although the location of the Double bone level that you just condensed cannot be attacked directly, it still has other uses. Try it yourself and see if the Double bone level on your left arm can be used in contact with your eyes."

He immediately nodded his head. Now that he knew what to do, he tried to create a stronger connection between the Bones of these two parts of his body. He wanted to see if it could affect each other, so that the power of the Bones and divine soul could be shared.

"My eyes are hurting!" Chen Xiang tried to absorb the Bones on his left arm, but when the power of the soul came over, it caused his eyes to burn, and he had no choice but to give up.

"How exactly do I use it?" Chen Xiang was depressed to the extreme, the Bones that he had spent so much effort to cultivate was actually useless!

"The eyes are the window to the soul of a living being. In many cases, it is possible to see what the heart of a living being is thinking through the eyes! It is also through the eyes that one can obtain the most direct information! " Yue'er suddenly said: "Bones can normally cause the body to produce a very strong power, but if it appears in a special place, it will have a special use, and cannot be equipped with common sense."

Yue'er saw that Chen Xiang was deep in thought, and continued to speak, "I feel that the Bones that is condensed in your eyes is able to produce special powers in your eyes. Since your eyes already possess the Bones, there is definitely nothing good about it. "

When Chen Xiang heard this, he started to quietly ponder. A light suddenly flashed through his mind, and he said: "The essence of the Bones is to stimulate the strength of the body, then if the Bones appears in my eyes, then logically speaking, it should be able to unleash a power that is stronger than my eyes! "What kind of power does an eye usually have?"

"The first one will definitely be there to see! With your Bones, you will definitely be able to see further, and maybe even more things, that's for sure! "Try it." Yue'er said, "When you try, don't even think about condensing a violent power. Otherwise, your eyes will hurt."

"I can only try it outside. What can I see here?" Chen Xiang brought Yue'er and walked out of the Time Formation, and stood at the edge of the pa.s.sage.

He looked into the depths of the earth, where a thick layer of red mist enveloped him.

"What did you see?" Yue'er was also watching, but she could not see anything. The fiery red fog that was being released from the earth's core was too thick, and it also had the power to incinerate people's mental energy.

"Sure enough, I saw something that I couldn't see before. What exactly is it?" Chen Xiang frowned: "I saw a huge pond below, it's just that it's filled with Flame Essence, there's something inside that's boiling over, could it be the Earthly beast that you were talking about?"

"What does it look like?" Yue Er hurriedly asked.

"I can't see clearly. That fellow in the terrifying fire liquid is like a fish in water. His body is a fiery red color, but I can't see anything else. His movements are too fast." Chen Xiang said, at this time he had already felt the benefit of condensing Bones, if it was before, he would not have been able to see the bottom part of the Flame Essence.

"Hmm? What is that thing!? " Chen Xiang saw a flashing red dot on the stone wall in the depths of the cave. He controlled the Bones in his eyes to strengthen his vision and quickly saw that thing.

"It's a fruit. It looks like a tomato, glowing red and trembling." Chen Xiang said.

"Is there anything else around this fruit? "How did it grow?" Yue'er hurriedly asked with a hint of surprise in her voice. She seemed to know what kind of fruit this was.

"It looks like it grew from a rock wall. Let me take a look …" Chen Xiang rubbed his eyes. This was the first time he had used the power of the Bones in his eyes to increase his eyesight, causing him to feel a little tired.

"As I thought, this is the unique Earthly beast Fruit of the Core!" Yue'er was extremely excited: "You must obtain this fruit. You said that the fruit is trembling, right? It should have already matured, and is waiting for it to fall down to feed that Earthly beast."

"This... Isn't this equivalent to s.n.a.t.c.hing food from Earthly beast? I am currently in his territory, is this place in danger? " Chen Xiang also wanted the Earthly beast Fruit.

"The Earthly beast is still weak right now. Otherwise, it would have left the core of the earth and jumped up to eat it! So you don't have to worry about him running up here! Furthermore, after that fruit is picked, it will quickly grow back. This is specially bred by the Core and given to Earthly beast to eat. " Yue'er replied, "My grandfather used to do this kind of thing as if his life depended on it. There was no need to be afraid."

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and said: "Alright, it will definitely be very hot when we go down. Can your spatial barrier hold up?"

"There's no problem at all. Hurry up and go down." Yue'er said, "The fruit will soon fall, and there will be no more chances. We can't miss this chance."

Chen Xiang immediately jumped down and carefully floated in the air. Currently, the danger in this place was only too great, and the Earthly beast in the fire liquid could not leave the fire liquid.

"Strange, how many Earthly beast are there?" Chen Xiang asked: "I should have seen more than one!"

"These Earthly beast should not have formed yet, they are still growing! So, it's normal to have many heads. If the Earthly beast Fruit falls down, it will definitely cause a lot of compet.i.tion, and the person who obtains the Earthly beast Fruit will become even stronger. " Yue'er said: "The Core is an extremely mysterious existence. My grandfather said before that the most terrifying thing in the Core is the Earth's Core Divine Spirit, the person who controls the Core. If he gets angry, he can instantly destroy the entire world."

Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart: "There's actually such a thing? Is that true? Has your grandfather seen it before? "

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