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Chen Xiang was refining the Bone level Dan now, unlike before, he needed to suppress it in order to enhance the quality of the Bone level Dan, which was why he had taken a bit more time than before.

Yue'er had never heard of such a method of refinement, especially for the sake of increasing the quality, but now that Chen Xiang had concocted so few of them, she had no idea that it was possible for her to use such a method to refine Bone level Dan …

"Done!" Chen Xiang took out three milky-white Bone level Dan pearls and leaned over to open her pair of cute cat eyes.

"It looks like the quality is quite high! It's really amazing! If you press it into a single grain, the quality will be even higher!" Moon Child said in surprise.

"Let me give it a try first." Chen Xiang ate one pellet and started refining it. After four hours, he finished refining it.

"It looks like I still need to be refined a bit more." Chen Xiang put away the two Bone level Dan s in his hands, took out a portion of medicinal ingredients and said, "I will directly press them into a single pellet."

Right now, Chen Xiang did not have a method to quickly condense Divine Deity, but there was a direction for him to quickly condense Bones.

Of course, he felt that four Bones was not enough for him right now. He had no other choice, so he planned to first condense Bones so that he could at least increase his strength and at the same time strengthen his physical body. If he still had time, he would do his best to condense Divine Deity to six Bones.

Chen Xiang quickly finished refining the pill. This time, he had crushed the six Bone level Dan into a single pellet, which was already of extremely high quality among the Xiaping Dan. That was why when he opened the pellet furnace, it immediately burst out a bright light.

"This time, it should be enough, right?" After taking it out, Chen Xiang showed Yue'er the highest quality Xiaping bone level Dan.

"Very good. If the Star Law Divine Realm can sell it, then this Bone level Dan should be able to sell it at a very high quality because it is very easy to reach a balance. If it is directly sold as a middle quality Bone level Dan, then it will take a lot of time and effort to refine and refine the body and the spirit of the Bone level Dan." Yue'er felt that it was very rare for Chen Xiang to be able to control the quality of a high quality divine pellet.

After Chen Xiang consumed it, he began to refine it …

After Chen Xiang refined the medicinal force, he opened his eyes. This pellet did not allow him to condense Bones, but only by controlling the time that he had to refine the Bone level Dan would he have more opportunities to condense Bones.

Yue'er laughed. "A Alchemist like you, you are really frightening! You can really adjust the quality of medicinal pills according to your own circ.u.mstances! There are also Alchemist s in Star Law Divine Realm who do this, but it's not very successful!"

"If you're lucky, about ten of them should be able to condense Bones," Yue'er said. "However, after you condense Bones this time, the next time won't be so easy. You'll need to adjust the quality of the Bone level Dan and you'll need to raise the strength of your body."

Chen Xiang nodded his head before starting to refine the pill again.

After successfully refining the second pellet, he continued. When he went to receive Yue'er earlier, he had instructed her to duplicate as many of the Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients as possible. Lv Qilian had already pa.s.sed down the Alive Slain Method to many girls who were very familiar with Chen Xiang, and they could all trust each other.

It was not easy to condense Bones, Chen Xiang was clear on that point, then Yang Tianyi had to spend a lot of time eating medicinal ingredients and vomiting to condense three pellets, thus Chen Xiang was mentally prepared as well.

The third pellet still did not succeed in the fourth, fifth, sixth … Until the seventh pill … Chen Xiang suddenly felt some pain in his eyes.

"What's going on? There's actually pain in the eyes! This should be a sign of an opportunity … But why would it be in the eyes?" When Chen Xiang's left arm condensed Bones, there was a slight pain. That was an opportunity!

If it were the eyes, they would inevitably suffer a bit! And the pain they would suffer would definitely be much worse than cheating …

Yue'er saw Chen Xiang frown and ask in a low voice, "Are they coming?"

"I'm not sure because I feel a little pain in my eyes," Chen Xiang said. "Is the Bones in my eyes?"

"Of course! Eyes are also part of the body! In short, if there's an opportunity, don't give up! Once you give up, it'll be even more difficult to appear next time!" Yue Er was also very surprised. It actually appeared in her eyes.

"Gather all of your physical strength into your eyes …" 'Although it's painful, just endure it! You should be familiar with her from the past, right? 'Moon Child said.

Chen Xiang gritted his teeth and started to channel all his strength into his eyes to condense his Bones. He was also very curious about what would happen if his eyes could condense Bones, and if he were to focus on his limbs to attack, his punches and kicks would definitely be able to create a very powerful force.

Yue'er was also thinking about this question. In the past, she had only heard from the elders about the condensed Bones of those people. She also did not know how the strength of the Bones was used, nor did she know how those elders had raised it …

's face was pale from the pain, but he still clenched his teeth and did not make a sound.

'As long as I can endure it! 'All these years of his cultivation had been this long and painful every time he had to endure! But he had never backed down from it …


"Chen Xiang finally roared out in pain …

In the past two days, the pain on Chen Xiang's head had gradually subsided. At this moment, his eyes were emitting white rays of light.

"It's really torturous," the white light around Chen Xiang's eyes disappeared, and his eyes returned to normal. He wiped away the blood tears on his face …

"How is it?" Yue'er asked. "What kind of power can Bones allow you to obtain?"

"Yue Er... "It's really strange that both eyes of mine have a Bones inside! Bones should be inside the bones! Why is it inside the eyes this time?" Chen Xiang also felt it was inconceivable.

"Actually, this is within the skull … The eye sockets … These two places are considered more useful parts of the human body, so the condensed Bones are in the eyes … This belongs to a special part, but only a few people have this part … You're special … The Double bone level has actually appeared twice … Isn't that equivalent to having four Bones?" Yue'er was more surprised because Chen Xiang had condensed two Bones each time. And that Yang Tianyi had spent so many years imprisoned in the Star h.e.l.l only managed to condense three profound energies … If he knew that Chen Xiang was so quick, the four Bones would have definitely caused him to faint.

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