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Chen Xiang returned from the core to the surface and returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village. He brought Yue'er here with him and did not need much time. Right now, he was in a rush because he could not afford to waste any time, especially outside. He did not need to be so nervous inside the Time Formation.

Yue'er followed Chen Xiang into the tunnel. Chen Xiang asked, "Yue'er, are you afraid of the heat?"

"You're not afraid that my Spatial Barrier is relatively strong?! The heat from the earth's core should be able to resist the heat! If you use Spatial Barrier, wouldn't that be fine?" Moon Child said.

Chen Xiang shook his head, "My spatial protection is also very limited."

Yue'er smiled tenderly, "Then I'll cover you … but don't you fear going to the earth's core like that? Although currently the Nine Heaven World's core hasn't reached its complete state, it won't be weak either. It's probably because of the cultivation of the Earthly beast at this time."

"Earthly beast?" Chen Xiang asked in surprise, "Is it really that powerful?"

"I'm not sure about the Nine Heaven World's Earthly beast either. When Nine Divine Kings created this world, he had probably already set this up. It's hard to say whether it was aggressive or not … Let's go check it out first. With our escaping abilities, there's nothing to be afraid of." Yue'er didn't seem to be afraid at all as she flapped her wings and flew slowly through the tunnel.

"Lalalalala …" Yue'er hummed a cheerful melody, as if she was taking a leisurely stroll …

"Yue'er, does your Star Law Divine Realm also have a core?" Chen Xiang asked her earlier.

"Our Star Law Divine Realm is a planet with a core, but only the largest primary planet has Earthly beast. I went there twice with my grandfather the first time, but when I went there, I couldn't take the heat any longer. After I got back, I rested for a month," Yue'er said. "The second time was when I went to the central core of the core during the Law Enforcement a.s.sessment. It was very relaxing for me, but I didn't dare to go there."

Although he had been here a few times, every time he had come, it would increase to a different degree. And this time, the increase in power was the greatest …

Not long after, Chen Xiang saw those fiery-red granules slowly floating over from the tunnel in front. There were such granules everywhere, but they were all absorbed by the four formation plates.

"Coming!" Yue'er immediately flew onto Chen Xiang's shoulder and released a spatial barrier.

Chen Xiang only felt a slight heat from it for a moment, and then, he did not sense it again. At this moment, he was already in the middle of the fiery red grain and the tunnel was once again filled with the fiery red glow of light.

In this kind of place, neither Chen Xiang nor Yue'er dared to use the s.p.a.ce wind because there was an unknown danger in front of them.

Chen Xiang was in a hurry so he quickened his pace and rushed through the tunnel …

The tunnel continued downwards diagonally. Gradually, they entered the depths. After running madly for four hours, he finally arrived at the end of the tunnel.

He stood at the end and looked down at the fiery red light. That was the depths of the earth's core. Now, he could absorb the energy from the earth's core from the formation plate inside the small hole.

Chen Xiang took out the formation plate and successfully activated it. He brought Yue'er and entered the formation plate.

"The energy absorbed by this array disc will be several times more than what a living creature absorbs." Yue Er seemed to be able to sense the energy being absorbed by the array disc. "If another person were to enter, I'm afraid that would exceed the limits of the array disc!"

Chen Xiang said: "Yue'er, previously, when you condensed your Bones, did you only rely on eating Bone level Dan?"

Yue'er nodded her head and replied, "Of course, even if you don't eat Bone level Dan, you can still condense them. But that doesn't mean anyone can do it. Only those with extremely high innate talent can do it."

Chen Xiang asked again, "Do you remember how long it took you to refine the Bone level Dan you ate when you condensed the Bones?"

"Roughly half a day's time. Whether the Bone level Dan is refined too fast or too slow, it will take around half a day to finish." Yue'er said, "This refinement refers to the situation where my fastest refining speed is the slowest in an instant under the condition of natural refining. It took me a month's time, but even this cannot trigger the opportunity to condense a Bone level Dan."

Yue'er's words confirmed Chen Xiang's previous guess. He asked, "Then how do we complete the natural refining state for around half a day?"

"This is the reason why it is difficult to condense Bones after eating Bone level Dan. The reason why refining pills is so fast is usually because the body and cultivation level are too strong and need to improve the quality of the Bone level Dan. As for the balance being too slow, it's because the body is not strong enough so it will take a very long time to absorb all the medicinal energy in one go."

"So that's how it is. I understand now." Chen Xiang immediately took out a portion of Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients.

"These are all low-grade medicinal ingredients! How long are you going to take one now?" Yue'er asked.

"He can refine four pellets in two hours!" Chen Xiang said. He already had a way to solve the problem.

"Right now, you need a Medial Grade Bone level Dan and at the same time, you also need to strengthen your body to be able to control it for around half a day …" Yue'er curiously asked Chen Xiang when she saw him throw the medicinal herbs into the pill furnace, "Chen Xiang, do you have some kind of strange idea now?"

Yue'er had already seen Chen Xiang's refining skills before, and even though she was experienced and knowledgeable, she was still shocked by Chen Xiang several times.

"This is a method of refining Heavenly Alchemy. My furnace's limit is to refine six Bone level Dan, but I have to compress it into three, so I can condense the excess medicinal power into one. This can improve the quality of Bone level Dan," Chen Xiang said.

In his current situation, it would take some time to produce a middle tier Bone level Dan medicine! First, he would have to condense the elixir and increase the age of the herbs bit by bit …

Right now, he did not have that much time, so he could only use the compressed medicinal energy to improve his quality. This was one of the methods in the Heavenly Alchemy. He had previously used this method to force out high quality pills …

"I hope it's effective! If it doesn't work, you should just be more honest and use a normal method!" Yue'er patiently watched the pill furnace as she laid on the ground.

"A normal method is not suitable for me." Chen Xiang laughed and began to refine the pill.

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