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immediately thought of the Super Old Fire Beast. He looked at the pa.s.sageway and immediately felt more at ease. The pa.s.sageway was very narrow.

"Although the Nine Heaven World has devoured the G.o.ds Realm and the Endless Heaven Realm, the core of the earth still hasn't grown much in size. However, its energy has become even stronger." Chen Xiang walked forward with the Fire Dragon Sword in his hand. Under the protection of the Fire Dragon Sword, he did not sense any heat but he knew clearly that if he did not have the Fire Dragon Sword, he would not be able to continue right now.

"We can't continue any further! This place is already the limit!" Chen Xiang looked at the red light tunnel in front of him. However, under the protection of the mystical energy emitted by the Fire Dragon Sword, he could still feel the scorching heat.

Chen Xiang took out his green dragon blade and fiercely stabbed it into the cave wall, creating a series of "dang dang dang" sounds. However, the cave wall only had a few scratches on it, that was all.

"What's going on?" Just now, Chen Xiang had used his left hand to swing the sword. With the Double bone level in his left hand, he had used quite a bit of strength to slash at the stone wall, but was unable to harm it.

Chen Xiang looked at the red granules that were floating in the cave and suddenly understood that the stone walls here had been absorbing so much powerful energy from this environment for many years. Furthermore, after being tempered by the powerful air pressure for a long time, it had become extremely st.u.r.dy.

"It seems like the earth's core is extremely hard and indestructible." Chen Xiang withdrew his Azure Dragon Blade and activated the Six Realms' Power. The veins on his left arm bulged and with a loud shout, he punched the stone wall with his powerful fist.

The explosion of the Meteor immortal power produced a loud explosion that reverberated through the pa.s.sageway. The entire pa.s.sageway trembled slightly earlier, but other than that, there was no other reaction.

"As expected, it is very st.u.r.dy!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath.

The reason he conducted this test was so that he would be able to enter the Time Formation and feel a bit more at ease … because he couldn't be disturbed like this …

"The energy here should be enough to operate all four formation discs." Because the pa.s.sageway was too small, Chen Xiang allowed these four formation discs to grow larger, so they couldn't grow much larger and could only sit on top of the formation discs by themselves.

"We can start now," Chen Xiang said somewhat excitedly. If he could succeed, he could fight for twenty years.

He activated the formation plate, and waves of white light flashed out. The red mist in the tunnel was quickly absorbed by the formation plate as it rushed towards the bottom of the formation plate.

Not long after, a ball of white light was suspended above the array disc. Chen Xiang felt that it was a bit uncomfortable because the array disc was too small, but he had no choice but to step on it.

When he stepped onto it, a light flashed in front of his eyes. He actually came to a s.p.a.ce surrounded by white light. This s.p.a.ce was about the size of a room.

"Xianxian and the others are pretty strong huh? There's actually a spatial formation inside these array discs?" Chen Xiang looked at the door of light that flashed on the white wall. That was the door to the Time Formation.

He took out a pill furnace and then the Bone level Dan's ingredients. He planned to first try and see if he could condense Bones to use on his left arm and the Double bone level that was condensed there would allow him to experience the benefits of Bones. If other parts of his body also had Bones, then it would make him even stronger …

"I'm just going to cultivate all nine of my Bones to the Supreme G.o.d level right now!" Chen Xiang was a little excited just thinking about it. His Bones would become stronger as his Divine Deity increased, and then fuse with the powerful energy … … It was even more difficult to imagine …

In just half a day's time, Chen Xiang had already refined eighteen Bone level Dan s, which were not difficult to refine. Previously, during the compet.i.tion, he had used a very short period of time to refine one batch of Bone level Dan s and it was even six. Currently, he was only refining three batches of Bone level Dan.

After consuming it, he dispersed the medicinal energy within his body and began to control the medicinal energy to circulate through his entire body. He then waited for the opportunity to condense the pill to appear.

"It didn't succeed and the medicine scattered very quickly … What's going on?" Chen Xiang had previously eaten twice before, and every time, he had to refine it for half a day before using up all the medicinal power. But now, he had only used an hour …

"Remember You Lan and the others mentioned that they took three days to refine the Bone level Dan? Could the stronger their body be, the shorter the refining time?" Chen Xiang surmised that he was not very sure if he had eaten yet another pellet.

This time, he only used half of the last time to refine it faster than last time …

"What's going on?" When Chen Xiang refined the medicinal power, he did not sense any signs in his body, which meant that he had failed to condense the Bones. He could only continue eating …

The speed at which he refined the eighteen pills was very fast. He could refine four of them in two hours. Right now, it was not even half a day and he had already refined eighteen Bone level Dan. It was completely useless …

"Looks like being unable to sustain the medicinal power for too long is not a good thing. It's not possible for it to exist in his body for too long as well." Chen Xiang recalled how he had previously consumed two Bone level Dan pellets.

"Is the Bone level Dan not strong enough? Or is my body not strong enough?" Chen Xiang did not know because even he did not know whether Yang Tianyi had relied on eating a lot of medicinal ingredients to condense it …

As Chen Xiang thought about this question, he suddenly felt that the s.p.a.ce was gradually weakening and the white light surrounding it disappeared. Right now, he was sitting cross-legged on top of the four Overlapping Formation Disks.

"This …" Chen Xiang looked at the two sides of the pa.s.sageway. Originally, there were many red particles floating around, but now, all of them had disappeared.

"I just stayed inside for a day, that's all." Chen Xiang anxiously jumped down from the array disc: "This Time Formation really consumes a lot of energy and absorbed all of the energy outside in one go."

Chen Xiang looked at the depths of the tunnel. "This formation plate needs to be near the energy source to absorb it, right? It seems like there's still some distance between here and the center of the earth that the formation plate cannot absorb and absorb."

"Bring Yue'er here right now! This time, I need to get very close to the core of the earth," Chen Xiang decided to let Yue'er enter the Time Formation with him. After all, Yue'er had a lot of experience and she was an existence equivalent to a n.o.ble, so she must have eaten high ranking Bone level Dan s and condensed their Bones before.

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