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This time, Zhou Qiang was also betting everything on one throw, because he knew that delaying would be disadvantageous for him, and Chen Xiang would discover his weakness.

Because it was multiple powers, when they overlapped each other, it would produce a very strong energy fluctuation. Chen Xiang could clearly feel that if this energy were to hit his body, he would probably be severely injured, so suddenly, a Yin Yang Array appeared beneath his feet. Zhou Qiang's time clones that were hiding in the surroundings suddenly slowed down a little when they rushed towards Chen Xiang.

"What's going on?" Zhou Qiang was shocked, he never thought that the time clones he controlled would suddenly be slowed down by Chen Xiang by a little, causing them to be unable to merge together.

This was something he did not expect, he thought that it would be like what happened just now. Chen Xiang had once again released cold energy to bind his arm, he had already prepared for the possibility of losing an arm, but Chen Xiang had disappeared, leaving him panicking in his heart.

When Chen Xiang who had disappeared once again appeared, Zhou Qiang felt a powerful force colliding into his back, causing his entire body to feel intense pain, especially the Divine Sense Sea, which trembled violently. Chen Xiang then used the Divine Sense Sea to attack him.

"Not good." Zhou Qiang quickly adjusted his condition to remove the pain from his body, but he discovered that he had fallen out of the fighting arena.

This was something he had learned from the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques and the Seven devil-slain kungfu; only then would he be able to defeat Zhou Qiang. The power of the Time Laws Zhou Qiang had used was transformed from the power of the Divine Sense Sea, and as long as his Divine Sense Sea was unable to circulate his energy for a short period of time, he would be unable to use the power of time.

Zhou Qiang looked at Chen Xiang who was on the stage and was left speechless. He had thought that he would be able to defeat Chen Xiang, but he did not expect to be defeated so quickly by Chen Xiang. He was very clear on what had happened in that instant.

"Zhou Qiang actually lost, but looking at him, he should still be able to continue fighting, it's just that the rule is that he will be able to continue fighting if he falls, but if he continues, it'll be hard to say who will win in the end."

"Chen Xiang is also very strong. Zhou Qiang hasn't defeated him for so long, on the contrary, he himself has been defeated."

"Right now, we have already determined two spots, namely Zhou Sheng and Chen Xiang. Next, Zhou Qiang will decide on a third spot with Mu Qianxiang."

"It must be Zhou Qiang's. Mu Qianxiang lost to Zhou Sheng in the last two moves, and even Little Brother couldn't beat him, so Big Brother's loss must be faster."

Although Zhou Qiang had lost, he had lost wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly. He knew that Chen Xiang had also concealed a very powerful strength, and the power that had disturbed his multiple clones just now was inconceivable to him.

"Even though I lost to Brother Shen, I will definitely be able to fight with Chen Xiang against h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and the rest in the end." Zhou Qiang chuckled, because he felt that he would have no suspense if he were to fight Mu Qianxiang right now.

"Bro …" I give up. I'm not as good as you are. " Mu Qianxiang said with a bitter face. Her power was not weak, she had only met people who knew how to use their strange time and energy.

Zhou Qiang laughed out loud: "If that's the case, then that's for the best. Of course, I feel that Miss Mu should also go all out.

Chen Xiang smiled faintly and said to Mu Qianxiang: "Qianxiang, I'll teach you a move, maybe you really will defeat him. But first, I have to ask you, did you see through his weakness just now?"

This caused Zhou Qiang and Zhou Sheng to be slightly shocked. They themselves could not think of anyone else other than Chen Xiang, who could defeat them. Mu Qianxiang had already fought with Zhou Sheng, and was defeated in two moves.

"Their Mysterious power is not very strong. Perhaps it's because they are controlling the laws of time, so the strength of the Mysterious power is not high. Just now, he was unable to break through your defense, and you can see it." Mu Qianxiang said. Basically, everyone present could see that.

"Not bad, is there anything else?" Chen Xiang asked again.

Everyone p.r.i.c.ked up their ears. They wanted to hear if Zhou Qiang had any other weaknesses, and that way, if they fought with these two brothers again in the future, they might be able to win.

Mu Qianxiang frowned, thought for a while, and then shook his head. "No, I can't see any other weaknesses.

Zhou Qiang frowned, and said: "Chen Xiang, if you discover any other weaknesses, please tell me, you can say them out in front of the crowd, I am not afraid of everyone knowing, I am afraid that I do not know, this way I can make up for it in the future."

"One more thing. When you use the power of time, as long as you are slightly affected by the time interference from the outside world, you will be in serious trouble." Chen Xiang said, "Initially, you had planned to use the combined power of sixteen avatars of time to attack me, but after being disturbed by me, the fusion had failed, and it had even consumed a lot of your energy."

Zhou Qiang nodded his head, "That's right, but not everyone can interfere with my time. I'm still very curious about how Chen Xiang did it, so logically speaking, you should need to use your time and energy to do it."

The Infinite refining that Chen Xiang used was able to absorb various types of energy to refine it. After releasing the Infinite refining, he circulated it to the limit and absorbed a little of the time power that Zhou Qiang released, but this actually caused a great deal of disturbance to Zhou Qiang.

Mu Qianxiang pouted and said: "Brother, then tell me how to disturb his time, I can't even do it if you tell me."

Chen Xiang pinched her face, and laughed: He still has another fatal weakness, I will quietly tell you.

Zhou Qiang's and Zhou Sheng's expression changed. They completely believed what Chen Xiang had said, the fatal weakness that Chen Xiang had mentioned, was definitely fatal.

"Brother Shen, can you tell me more about it?" Zhou Qiang asked quickly.

"You'll know after the match between Qianxiang and yourself. Whether you win or lose, you'll know." Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Originally, I planned to use it a moment ago, but I somewhat have a bit of selfishness in mind. I want Qianxiang to win against you."

"Chen Xiang's recognized sister is indeed very strong. If I do not use my time and energy, I'm afraid I won't be able to take ten of her attacks." Zhou Qiang's face was now very serious. It seemed that he would have to use all his strength in the next round.

After resting, Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Qiang walked up the stage. Everyone was looking forward to the battle, because they had already known that Chen Xiang would teach Mu Qianxiang and let him defeat Zhou Qiang.

Just now, Shen Shi had told Mu Qianxiang sound transmission and told him the way to defeat Zhou Qiang.

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