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When Zhou Qiang saw that Chen Xiang was able to dodge his first move, his face revealed a look of shock: "Brother Shen is truly amazing, he has fought with me before, and has never been able to avoid my first move, your first person."

"You're too kind, you're very powerful, this is the first time I've encountered such a technique." Chen Xiang laughed, he was also secretly curious what kind of technique Zhou Qiang was using, not only was his movement skill so strange and powerful, the power he was using was also very mysterious.

"Look at this." Zhou Qiang laughed lightly, shouted, and rushed towards Chen Xiang once again.

"16, double the number." Chen Xiang was shocked once again. Sixteen Zhou Qiang who had the same strength attacked from sixteen different directions, it was difficult for him to find a blind spot to dodge.

Chen Xiang looked at Zhou Qiang who was rushing over in front of him, he himself also flew over, raised his fist, and channeled Meteor immortal power to attack him.

He was very sure that his fist was on Zhou Qiang's face, because he could feel the warmth of his skin, but just as he was about to touch Zhou Qiang, Zhou Qiang suddenly disappeared.

"He missed. He dodged it, but it was definitely impossible, because I already touched his face. There's no way he could have dodged it in that instant. What exactly is going on?" When Chen Xiang threw out his punch, he had already activated his Heavenly Elephant Constellation and used Cloud and Heavenly Elephant, causing his body to instantly become like a cloud.

Just as he had guessed, the moment he punched, attack power from all directions. .h.i.t his body, as though they were being attacked by dozens of Zhou Qiang s at the same time. However, those fists seemed to have been struck by clouds, and were unable to harm Chen Xiang's body.

It was hard for Chen Xiang to understand why the Zhou Qiang he just attacked had disappeared, and was now right behind him. He noticed that there were no marks left on Zhou Qiang's face from the punch he received.

Zhou Qiang attacked Chen Xiang the second time, but did not harm him either. He retreated to the side of the fighting stage and looked at Chen Xiang with furrowed brows, because he knew that he had met a strong opponent. Chen Xiang only had four Divine Deity, and two less than him.

"Just what is going on with this guy? His face was. .h.i.t by my brother's fist, but he was able to quickly dodge and attack my brother from behind." Leng Youlan said as he frowned.

Just now, it was indeed very strange, and many people saw it clearly. It was like a blade suddenly chopping down on a demon beast, the speed of the chopping motion was very fast, the blade edge had already cut into the skin of the demon beast, but the demon beast suddenly dodged and rushed from the back, violently attacking.

"I see." Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Yue'er. "Yue'er, if you knew how to grasp the laws of time and use some techniques, would you be able to do what you've just done?"

"That's right, this fellow is using the Law of Time." Yue'er replied, "This is an extremely rare Law Energy. Although it is everywhere, the people who grasp it are very few."

In the past, when Chen Xiang used the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques and the speed of his Seven devil-slain kungfu to change, he also had this kind of state. It could create two different types of time in the same s.p.a.ce and then produce an effect, which would then cause the other person's movements to become very slow while himself became very fast. In this way, in the eyes of outsiders, an inconceivable speed would appear.

Zhou Qiang, on the other hand, was even more proficient in using the power of time. He who was able to split a few periods of time and then use these few people to quickly attack, and the one who was injured, could immediately recover before being injured.

Chen Xiang only had a very vague idea of how to use time to attack. He did not know the specifics, but the two brothers Zhou Qiang were not only able to control the power of the Time Laws, they also had some methods to use it, which was why it looked so strange.

"We've encountered a powerful opponent." Chen Xiang didn't know why, but he felt a kind of secret excitement in his heart. All he knew was that the Azure Dragon controlled the Time Laws, but because of so many reasons, he couldn't even meet with the Azure Dragon once, and could only ask him about the power of time.

Now that he had encountered one and was even able to be his opponent, if he had fought a match, then he would definitely have a better understanding of the power of the Time Laws.

"Looks like there's only one way to defeat him." Chen Xiang took a small breath.

Zhou Qiang also felt that he had met a strong opponent. This was the first time he had met someone who was not only unscathed after two moves, but also capable of injuring a time clone.

"It's the power of time..." After that, he said what he had seen and said, which was more or less what Chen Xiang had thought just now.

There were also disciples in the crowd who were experienced and knowledgeable, because Chen Xiang was the first person to probe out Zhou Qiang's strength. From the strange situation before, some people inferred that it was the power of the Time Laws.

Many people did not understand, but those who understood found this difficult to decipher because the other side controlled time. If their bodies were to continuously return to a situation where they did not consume any energy nor were they injured, wouldn't that mean that they were invincible and would never waste energy?

Previously, Chen Xiang had also used a similar method to treat his wounds, and it was indeed very useful, but his control over time was not strong enough, so he rarely tried it again.

"This place is indeed a crouching tiger, hidden dragon. I didn't expect it to be seen through so quickly." Zhou Qiang smiled slightly: "Brother Shen, I hope that you do not disappoint me, let me see how capable you are."

"Alright." After Chen Xiang said this word, he immediately released an even stronger power of the spatial laws that formed a s.p.a.ce Domain. This allowed him to more clearly control his surroundings's movements.

"s.p.a.ce Domain, huh? Not bad, not bad." Zhou Qiang looked around, although the s.p.a.ce Domain was invisible, he could feel it.

Not long after Chen Xiang released the s.p.a.ce Domain, he felt that something was wrong, because his s.p.a.ce Domain did not seem to be here. This feeling was very strange, because even though he had released the s.p.a.ce Domain, his Domain had not appeared, and it had not been broken.

"Time Domain, make the time on the stage compare to before my s.p.a.ce Domain, this way my s.p.a.ce Domain will have no effect." Chen Xiang frowned, his power of the spatial laws was actually suppressed.

"That's right, your s.p.a.ce Domain is still here, but it's not on this stage. The stage that your s.p.a.ce Domain covered is still here, but you can't see because it's already been covered by the stage." Zhou Qiang laughed bitterly: "Perhaps this is a little complicated, but to put it simply, the past, future, and now can all be folded together, and this stage is just like the past, while your s.p.a.ce Domain is covered with the present, which I have hidden."

Leng Youlan scratched his head: "It's so complicated."

Yue'er said: "It's more difficult to understand, the fighting stage that we are now seeing is a few hours away, at that time there are no s.p.a.ce Domain, and Chen Xiang is continuing to use the s.p.a.ce Domain on the stage, then as long as Zhou Qiang can push the time forward, the s.p.a.ce Domain disappeared again."

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