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Many people present thought that Yun Xiaodao would definitely lose, but when using the Dao heart Eye, Chen Xiang was able to see many things that others couldn't!

Although Yun Xiaodao had always been at a disadvantage, and had a few bruises on his body, and some parts of his body were even charred black by the berserk Thunder power, his fist arts seemed to be disorderly, as if they were somewhat chaotic.

However, Yun Xiaodao's footsteps did not change, the Mysterious power steadily rushed towards his fist, if Yun Xiaodao was truly fl.u.s.tered, then the first thing that came into disorder was the trajectory of his Mysterious power.

Chen Xiang could see all of these through the Dao heart Eye. Yun Xiaodao seemed to be at a disadvantage and looked to be in a state of panic, but he had always been very steady, much more steady than w.a.n.g Jing who was in front of him.

w.a.n.g Jing always had a lot of Mysterious power s in the beginning, the ground was like a gushing spring that gushed out from his arms, it released an extremely strong Thunder power s energy. Indeed, the battle was very fierce, and it looked very scary, but behind it, when w.a.n.g Jing tried his best, a very weak and breathless situation appeared. It was when the Mysterious power poured into his arms that it became strong, but the fist that needed to surge out suddenly became weaker, and then w.a.n.g Jing felt that its power was not enough, so he forced out another burst of energy to strengthen his fists.

After realizing all of these, Chen Xiang smiled slightly.

After that, he realized that Chen Xiang would use his strength very appropriately after a few battles with Chen Xiang. At the same time, he would also use some tactics to exhaust the opponent's strength, making them feel that victory was right in front of them, allowing them to attack continuously. In the end, they would find an opening and then use a powerful attack. Facing an opponent who was slightly stronger than himself, he needed to do this even more.

"Little Yun is holding on, there are quite a few injuries on his body, and he received two punches just now. He should be holding in a mouthful of blood right now." Zhu Rong said.

had also seen it, but he realized that a wave of Mysterious power was congealing in Yun Xiaodao's abdomen and chest. The two punches just now had very accurately hit the two defensive energies that he had condensed.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang felt that Yun Xiaodao had an 80% chance of defeating the opponent, because w.a.n.g Jing's tempo was already being controlled by Yun Xiaodao. Yun Xiaodao could even accurately lead w.a.n.g Jing to hit the areas on his body that he had prepared earlier.

Chen Xiang watched them seriously, to the point where he neglected Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang. They had already finished their battle and achieved victories, and when they came to Chen Xiang's side, Chen Xiang did not even notice.

"Only the knife isn't finished." Leng Youlan said, "He's pretty impressive, holding on till now … Another kick. "

"I almost fell out." Mu Qianxiang said.

Chen Xiang had been using the Dao heart Eye to observe the flow of energy in his and w.a.n.g Jing's body the entire time. He was carefully observing all the bones in his body, so he did not notice the pa.s.sage of time.

"It's almost over!" Chen Xiang could clearly see that w.a.n.g Jing's Mysterious power had shrunk a little, and Yun Xiaodao had also accurately controlled his own Mysterious power, causing his own Mysterious power to weaken gradually. This made w.a.n.g Jing feel that the two of them were in the same situation of consumption, and had even deliberately taken two punches and a kick, making him feel that if this continued, Yun Xiaodao would be defeated.

"Is Xiao Dao going to lose?" Xv Weilong was also worried.

"He should be losing. He's already sweating, and he's even panting." Zhu Rong said.

"What a pity, I still want to compete with him." Leng Youlan sighed.

Right now, it was already very obvious that Yun Xiaodao was about to lose.

"No, Xiao Dao will win!" Chen Xiang suddenly said.

"This... "Impossible!" w.a.n.g Jinshi anxiously said: "Xiao Dao relies on his own mystical footwork, but his leg was struck by w.a.n.g Jing's fist force just now, it seems like it will be difficult."

Yan Zilan frowned: "Chen Xiang, why do you think Xiao Dao will win? Did you see something we didn't see? "

Because Chen Xiang had been watching them with rapt attention, even if Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang had asked him a few times whether he had seen their battle, Chen Xiang had not said a word.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "From beginning to end, this battle, the rhythm of the battle has been controlled by Xiao Dao, and you all have seen it too! Every time w.a.n.g Jing's strongest fist force was blocked by the small knife, he would only receive a few punches that were slightly weaker than normal! The ten or so punches he used to burn his skin were all of medium strength. "

"If you all have been paying attention from the start, w.a.n.g Jing has actually revealed himself twice, but this is only at the beginning stage! And at the back, there were a total of five times where the door was deliberately left open. From start to finish, Xiao Dao did not take advantage of this to attack. "

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, everyone could not help but take a deep breath. What kind of patience did he have to be so far?

"In other words, Xiao Dao is waiting for the best opportunity. This opportunity is almost here!" From the beginning to the end, Xiao Dao's weak fist force, along with his nimble footwork, did not consume much of his Mysterious power. " Chen Xiang laughed: "But w.a.n.g Jing …."

Zhu Rong scolded: "When did Little Yun become so evil? Chen Xiang, you couldn't be making this up, right? This guy is not like the one I know. "

Chen Xiang laughed: "That's because you've never seen him meet a strong opponent during an official battle. This is a method of using the weak against the strong, and requires a certain amount of patience."

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, w.a.n.g Jing suddenly roared out, his agile and powerful body suddenly swelled up, revealing the sinister looking muscles at the bottom of his clothes, his entire body flashing with electric currents.

"Time to end it!" After w.a.n.g Jing shouted, lightning bolts that came from all directions suddenly appeared on the stage and attacked Yun Xiaodao.

Yun Xiaodao heaved a sigh of relief, a strong protective shield suddenly appeared on his body, he was already prepared! This full force blow of w.a.n.g Jing's was blocked by Yun Xiaodao who was already prepared for it, and the protective barrier on Yun Xiaodao's body was also destroyed. w.a.n.g Jing was greatly shocked, and his originally inflated body also gradually shrunk.

"It's time to end this!" Yun Xiaodao took a step forward in front of w.a.n.g Jing, and a pair of fists suddenly released a red ball of fire that flickered with purple lightning.

w.a.n.g Jing had used too many Mysterious power s to activate it, he had thought that Yun Xiaodao had exhausted a lot of his energy, so even if he could avoid that attack, he would not be able to counterattack.

But he didn't expect that Yun Xiaodao would actually conserve so much energy. Just when he was unable to circulate his energy, Yun Xiaodao teleported to his side with an extremely strange movement technique. The two fists that had been acc.u.mulating energy for a long time smashed onto his body, sending him flying.

The moment w.a.n.g Jing was flung to the ground, Yun Xiaodao once again fell from above. Since he had been relying on his legs to dodge, the strongest part of Yun Xiaodao was not his fist arts, but his leg techniques.

"I admit defeat!" w.a.n.g Jing knew that he would definitely be severely injured by his legs, so he quickly admitted defeat.

Yun Xiaodao anxiously stopped his cultivation. He, who was initially like a falling meteor, had suddenly landed gently, causing many people to be secretly shocked.

"We really won, just like what my old bro said!" Leng Youlan said.

"The reason Xiao Dao was able to control the rhythm of the battle was also because he had decent strength and was able to rely on his own movement technique. Xiao Dao was also able to control the rhythm of the battle because he was able to rely on his own movement technique. Chen Xiang said: "Thus, during battle, we must not underestimate our opponent."

Zhu Rong laughed: "Chen Xiang, you really shouldn't say it out loud, because if it's like this, I will be on guard against you from the start! If you don't say it, and if you use this move against me, I might just throw in the towel. "

Mu Qianxiang nodded his head: "That's right, brother, you're so stupid!"

Chen Xiang only smiled faintly and said: "Old Pig, it's our turn. Let's go!"

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