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Chen Xiang was also sweating profusely. This was an extremely terrifying Ancient Poison, and one that came from a Divine King. If something unexpected happened, he wouldn't be able to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion.

"Sister Ziqian, how strong is your strongest poison?" Chen Xiang sighed a breath of relief and asked.

"I don't know. I rarely use my most powerful poison against enemies." Bai Ziqian shook his head: "But it's hard to say in the future. Right now, many people know that I'm in the Hundreds of Flowers Village."

Yue'er replied, "What are you afraid of? Divine Nations has used too much poison, it's not any weaker than yours!" From what I know, there are a few Divine Nations s who specialize in nurturing powerful Poison Kings, and they are openly using them! Of course, if you use this poison to harm the common people, then you will definitely be besieged! "

"Is there really a strong poison expert in the Divine Nations?" Bai Ziqian was very interested in this.

"Of course. Some guys are hard to kill, so you'll need to use poison." Yue'er nodded her head. "When I was surrounded that year, a few guys tried to poison me."

Chen Xiang was very clear about Yue'er's background. He felt that Yue'er must be very knowledgeable and should also be relatively knowledgeable in the field of poison, since she didn't say that he was poisoned.

Yan Zilan yawned and said: "What are you guys doing here so early? You should have a good rest and go partic.i.p.ate in the tournament during the day."

"Isn't there a room here? We'll rest here for a while! " Leng Youlan pulled Mu Qianxiang and walked towards a room and said: "This room is big enough, there are still two beds, let's rest here."

Ji Meixian and Xue Ying also walked over and brought out two beds. Bai Ziqian and Bai Youyou also walked in.

After the few girls returned to their room, Chen Xiang touched the place where Bai Ziqian touched him before, and after taking a whiff, there was actually a faint fragrance remaining: "This woman really used poison on me, this Poisonous scent is quite powerful."

Chen Xiang currently could not feel the poison enter his body, but he could discern it from the stimulation from the fragrance that was on his nose.

"I smell it!" Yue'er also flew over and sniffed at Chen Xiang's face.

"Wah …" This poison is a kind of flower poison, it can be found in the Star Law Divine Realm, but it's very rare, and can be considered a very terrifying poison, even G.o.d s would find it very easy to poison. " Yue Er was surprised. "This woman is really scary. However, you aren't lazy either. She isn't poisoned."

Chen Xiang frowned: "It's very strange, since even the Star Law Divine Realm rarely sees poisons, why does Sister Ziqian have them?"

"She should have been raised based on the legacy of the Ancient Poison G.o.d, and many of the poisonous creatures were transformed under certain conditions." Yue Er said.

"I'm going to rest too!" Chen Xiang had already sent them a sound transmission saying that he should not spread the news of him partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion.

Returning to his room, Chen Xiang didn't think of anything and entered into sleep. It wasn't until he felt something that looked like hair on his face, causing him to suddenly wake up, that Chen Xiang, who was being mischievous, began to use the ends of his hair to tease him.

"Stupid girl!" Chen Xiang immediately reached out to pinch her beautiful face, and pinched a piece of her cheek.

Leng Youlan also hurriedly reached out her hands to pinch his face, then laid on his body. "Brother, we haven't kissed in a long time, I don't remember the last time, but I still remember that feeling."

Chen Xiang looked at the door, it was already closed by Leng Youlan, and the sky was just starting to brighten.

"Girl, you …" Chen Xiang snickered in annoyance, "I'll kiss you, don't you dare spout nonsense."

Leng Youlan nodded, closed her eyes, and slightly lifted her small mouth. Very quickly, she had a taste of that feeling...

Chen Xiang had gone to City Lord's Mansion with them on the carriage, and when they arrived, they were called to a place to draw lots because they were women, which would determine who their opponents were.

After Chen Xiang came to this place, he said that he wanted to meet his old friend, and then disappeared without a trace. He quietly ran to the place where the lots were drawn.

There were not many people partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion, only seventy or eighty of them, and all of them were outstanding disciples from cities or powers that had allied with Nine Heaven School.

It was not that Nine Heaven School and Devil-killing Divine City partic.i.p.ated the most, other forces partic.i.p.ated the majority.

"Elder Brother Shen, what are you doing here?" When Yun Xiaodao saw Chen Xiang, he was a little surprised. At first, he thought that Chen Xiang would come to draw lots, but after thinking about it, he felt that Chen Xiang should not come to partic.i.p.ate.

"Has the drawing of lots begun?" Chen Xiang looked around furtively, as if he was afraid that someone might find out.

"You want to partic.i.p.ate?" Duan Sanchang asked in surprise.

Chen Xiang nodded. "Don't tell You Lan and the other girls that I'm going to give them a surprise!"

"Then I won't partic.i.p.ate. With you here, not only will I not be able to win, I'll even be beaten." Duan Sanchang acted as if he was sure that Chen Xiang would win, and he was even a little afraid of him.

Xv Weilong nodded his head: "I will not partic.i.p.ate either, I was originally not interested in that matter, and was only called over by Clan Elder Wu."

Zhu Rong laughed, "It's a hole in the ground, you old fool! You all are really cowardly, is Chen Xiang really that strong? "

Duan Sanchang curled his lips and said: "It's precisely because he doesn't look strong that he's scary! You're not underestimating him, are you? Old Pig, your brain has always been pretty good.

Zhu Rong said: "Today's compet.i.tion has its limits. I don't think Chen Xiang has much of a chance of victory, so what if he has Bones? His Bones can only be unleashed with great power, so his control over it ought to be a little weaker than his Divine Deity. "

Yun Xiaodao laughed: "Old Pig, I hope that you can draw lots to fight with Chen Xiang. That way, you can clearly understand Chen Xiang's true strength."

Duan Sanchang also laughed, "At that time, even if your pig head gets beaten into a cow's head, I am not certain."

Chen Xiang smiled faintly: "Don't praise me anymore, I'm actually not that strong. I just want to give You Lan and Qianxiang a pleasant surprise. I haven't taken much care of them in years, so even if I lose badly and destroy the good guys, I don't think it's a big deal. "

Zhu Rong laughed out loud and said, "You really are a good brother. Your two violent little sisters are indeed frightening, and even I think that I only have a sixty percent chance of winning against them!"

Xv Weilong said: "Old Pig, did you pick up some super divine pellet? "Why are you so confident today?"

"I have always been so confident! Don't you think that after all these years, if I didn't have any ability, I would have been able to survive till now? Don't you see, when we were training together, didn't the danger we met with dissolve due to my calmness and confidence? " Zhu Rong took out a large roasted leg, and took a large bite: "I'm going to eat a big meal first, only then will I have strength to fight."

Wu Kaiming came and shouted, "Little devils, quickly come and test how many Divine Deity you have, this is to prevent the people from the seven Divine Deity from sneaking in."

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