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Currently, Heavenly Divine Palace lacked young and promising disciples, but there were a lot of such disciples in Nine Heaven School and Devil-killing Divine City. On the other hand, Nine Heaven School and Devil-killing Divine City lacked experts with upper and middle strength, causing many disciples to not be able to receive the best guidance.

On the other hand, many of Heavenly Divine Palace's upper cla.s.s and powerful antiques, they could really complement each other.

After Chen Xiang briefly told Great Divine Lord about the situation between Nine Heaven School and himself, the Great Divine Lord also nodded, indicating that he would definitely come into contact with the Nine Heaven School and ask about the matter of the alliance.

"Great Divine Lord, I came here to ask you if you have these materials for refining weapons." Chen Xiang took out a list, on which was written the ingredients needed to refine the pill furnace.

When Great Divine Lord saw it, he laughed, "You must be refining a pill furnace!"

"En, I am currently lacking a good pill furnace, and my wife just so happened to find the blueprint from the Divine Book pa.s.sed down by your nine brothers. She is lacking in materials." Chen Xiang said.

"I have all of these!" Great Divine Lord immediately took out three Storage bag s: "Take these ingredients. If you successfully refine the pill furnace, you must show them to me! I want to know how much of that divine book your wife has in her possession. "Your wife is too incredible, she can even refine a pill furnace of that level herself!"

"She... She's not the only one, there are a few … " Chen Xiang said.

Great Divine Lord only laughed, he obviously understood what Chen Xiang meant.

Yu Jie came to find me. She is currently in the process of refining pills, and she needs a good pill furnace as well, so I will give you a lot of ingredients. When the time comes, use them well, the reason why our Divine Nations of the Ninth Heaven rose in power all those years ago was mainly because of the powerful Alchemist.

Chen Xiang nodded her head. This was also the reason why Feng Yujie wanted to walk down the Pill Dao, it was because she had inherited one of the nine Divine Kings' pill refining skills from the past.

"Great Divine Lord, when exactly is this Nine Heaven World going to devour Super G.o.d Realm?" Chen Xiang asked: "The Super G.o.d Realm has a lot of resources, but if the Nine Heaven World were to take over the Super G.o.d Realm now, facing the strong warriors and powerful beasts of the Super G.o.d Realm, we are still very weak."

Once it is annexed, it will be difficult for the Nine Heaven World to be destroyed in the future. If it develops smoothly, in the future, it will become a strong and prosperous world. If you establish a relationship with other powerful worlds, then the development will be even faster. " Great Divine Lord said: "As far as I know, the rules of the Star Law Divine Realm are pretty good. When the time comes, I'll go pay a visit to the Star Law Divine Realm and see if I can establish a Transmission array with them."

"Other than the Star Law Divine Realm, is there any other world?" Chen Xiang asked. Because the powerhouses in charge of the Star Law Divine Realm wanted to live forever and kill Undead Divine Race, they had left a very bad impression on Chen Xiang.

It's just that we don't understand them as we do. The one closest to us is the Star Law Divine Realm! Of course, we don't necessarily just establish a relationship with the Star Law Divine Realm. When that time comes, the Star Law Divine Realm will become our stepping stone, and we will be able to understand other powerful worlds through the Star Law Divine Realm. Then, we can learn from their experiences and develop our world. " The Great Divine Lord said, "It's still too early to say all these! First, the Nine Heaven World has to swallow the Super G.o.d Realm and then develop it peacefully for a period of time. "

With the threat of the Nine G.o.ds Nation, this gave the Great Divine Lord a headache, and the Heavenly Divine Lord who had wanted to do this had been annihilated by the Nine G.o.ds Nation's Divine Lord, which resulted in this world becoming a slowly growing world even though there was the powerful Divine Lord.

"Great Divine Lord, do you understand the matters above Nine G.o.ds Nation now?" Chen Xiang was more interested in the matters above.

"I know a bit, but I'm quite concerned about it right now!" Because once the upper management stabilizes, they will start to deal with me. " Nine Divine Kings laughed out loud. "I am their old rival! Right now, the more optimistic thing is that Divine Lord and some old fellows will be leaving together. Although their lives won't be long, they aren't willing to die like this, so they have to look for their path to longevity. "

Speaking to here, Great Divine Lord sighed, because he knew that he would soon be on this path as well.

No matter how powerful they were, they couldn't withstand the ravages of time. Many experts who had reached the peak of their power, unable to break through, had died this way.

"Then I'll leave first, I'm still in a hurry to go back!" Chen Xiang laughed: "My wife has always been worried about the lack of materials. If she knew that there was so much, she would definitely be very happy."

Great Divine Lord nodded his head: "These few days, I have also collected some things about you. You are indeed my amazing little ghost."

The Great Divine Lord immediately opened a spatial tunnel, allowing Chen Xiang to come to the side of a city. The next time he came, he would just have to shout for Chu Yunhui at the door.

It was already afternoon when he returned to Hundreds of Flowers Village. Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian and the other three were in the courtyard handling the materials that had been smelted in the furnace.

"You're back so soon. Any gains?" Xue Xianxian asked as she controlled a piece of refining material that had fused into a liquid and put it into the jar. It looked to be extremely difficult, as the ball of liquid also emitted a purple flame and gave off a very high heat.

Chen Xiang walked over and wiped off the sweat on her forehead and laughed: Of course there is, and there's even a lot of it, you guys will be busy in the future! If you have time, go find Sister Feng and the others and ask them what kind of pill furnaces they need. Great Divine Lord gave me a lot of ingredients, so I can make a few. "

Liu Meng'er said: "Xiang Yue told us before, they need a large scale pill furnace, they also want to learn from our method of smelting together."

In other words, a few people's minds were linked and they would simultaneously control a pill furnace to concoct pills together! This was the case for and the others when refining. This way, they would be able to refine many things that were difficult to refine without being too strong.

"They all cultivate Heavenly Alchemy to refine pills, I think they will definitely work together well." Dongfang Xinyue said: "And they also have more people than us, on their side are Xiang Yue, Qianqian, Meiyao, Ji Ling'er, Hong Xia and Feng Yujie … Oh right, there's also another Yanyao. "

"Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised: "They can refine pills now too?"

"Of course they can. Weren't they Sister Feng's G.o.ddaughters before? Yanyao and You You are both Sister Feng's G.o.ddaughters now … " Dongfang Xinyue giggled.

Liu Meng'er said: "At that time, I will go and find them to have a talk. According to their needs, I will refine a good Great Pill Furnace for them.

"Just now, big sister Violet Orchid came. She said that she has something to discuss with you. She probably wants to talk about the selection compet.i.tion." Xue Xianxian received the Storage bag that Chen Xiang handed over, and patted his face while laughing: "Don't hit You Lan and Qianxiang too hard, or else this girl will complain to me."

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