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Chen Xiang looked at the blazing sun in the sky, and it was almost noon, he said: "It seems that the Heavenly Divine Palace's a.s.sessment is mainly about potential, and only people with great potential have value in nurturing them!"

The old man did not agree with Chen Xiang's words, "If what you say is true, then wouldn't I, the old man, be hopeless? I am working very hard, and I believe that I will definitely be able to join the Heavenly Divine Palace! "

Chen Xiang also didn't know what the Heavenly Divine Palace had done to make so many people want to join their ranks.

"Hard work is also a type of potential!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Old senior, if you are really willing to work hard, then you still have a lot of potential."

The old man laughed, "Young man, you look different from the others. Are you a disciple of a famous sect? "It sounds like he's talking in an enigmatic manner."

When noon arrived, the people at the front of the door all shouted. Chen Xiang and the old man looked over, only to see the door's enchantment suddenly flash, turning into a light gold color, and everyone rushed in.

"I'll go in first. I'll wait for you at the second stage." When the old man saw this group of young people charging around like mad bulls, he shook his head and quickly walked over.

Chen Xiang could feel a faint energy fluctuation on the old man's body, as though he was controlling the Mysterious power on his body to tremble slightly. Just like this, he very easily stepped into the faint golden light curtain and entered the wide plaza.

Chen Xiang also walked over. The barrier was indeed much weaker now, he had only used a little of his spatial energy to get past the translucent barrier.

"Old Man Han can easily enter because he has tried many times, but who is this kid?" I've been here for so long, but I've never seen him before. Could it be that he went in the first time? " A middle-aged man said.

Everyone looked at Chen Xiang's back and started to discuss.

What made Chen Xiang even more baffled was that only he and Old Man Han had entered. No one else was able to enter, and he didn't know how great the resistance of the light screen was either. When he entered, he couldn't feel it at all.

"You really came in!" Old Man Han saw that Chen Xiang was following him and was still surprised, because he had tried many times before to get in. He thought that no matter how strong Chen Xiang was, he would have to be hit a few times, yet Chen Xiang just casually walked in like he was walking normally.

Chen Xiang only smiled, and then asked. "Senior, what is the second round of examination?"

"The second test is to go to that mountain. There will be a lot of obstacles along the way." The old man pointed to a tall mountain on the left. "You can pa.s.s by a house at the foot of the mountain."

"So easy!" Chen Xiang saw that the mountain was not too far away. He would be able to reach there after a while using the s.p.a.ce wind.

"It's not easy at all. There will be a lot of people blocking the way, all of them are array traps. Occasionally, there will be some beasts or even some plants that can be used to hara.s.s people." The old man shook his head and smiled bitterly.

As long as they pa.s.sed through the forest, they would be able to reach the foot of the mountain. Chen Xiang had just tested it a moment ago and could feel that s.p.a.ce wind.

"When can we start?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I can start now, but I need to make some preparations. This is the fifteenth time I've successfully entered." The old man sighed.

Chen Xiang asked: "Senior, where exactly is the Heavenly Divine Lord attracting you?"

The old man was surprised. "Don't tell me you didn't know when you came? What exactly are you here for? "

Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed: "I was just pa.s.sing by, and then I planned to come in to take a look. So what's so good about Heavenly Divine Lord?"

"You are an outsider, you definitely can't understand! We grew up in this region, and the sudden appearance of this Heavenly Divine Palace caused this originally barren land to become so lively. Furthermore, there's a dragon vein here, and that's enough to attract many people! " The old man said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, the Heavenly Divine Palace did not need to do much. Just the change here was enough to make many fear the strength of the Heavenly Divine Palace.

"Then I'll take my leave. Senior, you must work hard!" Chen Xiang smiled at the old man, then used the s.p.a.ce wind and disappeared.

The old man was shocked by Chen Xiang, he immediately looked around and did not see any more signs of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had already entered the forest, and in the blink of an eye, he had already pa.s.sed through the forest and arrived at the small hut below the mountain that the old man had mentioned before.

"It's you!" On the stone table in front of the hut, a woman was eating. This woman was really Jiu Hanrou's good sister, Chu Yunhui!

"Big Sister Yun Hui!" Chen Xiang sweetly shouted, with a gentle smile on her face: "Did I disturb you?"

Chu Yunhui looked at the sun in the sky and said with a bit of surprise: "It's only noon and I've already cleared two stages. Hehe, if you weren't powerful, you wouldn't have been able to save us. "

"You must be here to look for the Great Divine Lord, you can just go straight up the mountain." Chu Yunhui pointed to a mountain road.

"Thank you, Big Sister Yun Hui!" After Chen Xiang expressed his thanks, he immediately walked toward the mountain road.

"If you see Little Jiu Mei and Yu Jie, tell them to find me when they have time to play. I will be able to hear your shouts outside the door." Chu Yunhui warned Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang responded, then used the s.p.a.ce wind to go up the mountain.

"This guy is getting more and more familiar with the use of spatial energy." Chu Yunhui mumbled to himself as he continued to eat her food.

Chen Xiang quickly reached the summit. There was only a small hut here, but the Great Divine Lord actually lived in such a simple place. He stood at the summit of the mountain and looked at his surroundings, discovering that there were a lot of green mountains that were not too tall, and not too short either.

"Chen Xiang?"

Chen Xiang looked towards the door of the hut and saw a middle-aged man smiling as he walked out. He then pointed to a wooden table at the entrance: "Sit!"

There were so many grand buildings here, but he decided to stay here for other reasons. He suspected that these green mountains all had a channel that linked them to the dragon vein, allowing them to quickly absorb the energy inside the deep dragon vein.

"This new Heavenly Divine Lord is pretty good!" said. Great Divine Lord also took out something to entertain Chen Xiang, just like old friends meeting each other.

Great Divine Lord laughed: "It's just that there are too few people, do you have any suggestions?"

Right now, there were more middle and strong Great Divine Lord s, but they did not have any new blood, which was why they needed to recruit disciples with potential.

"I suggest that you go to the Nine Heaven School and the bosses of the Devil-killing Divine City secretly. You can borrow a few people from them or form an alliance inside." Chen Xiang said.

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