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Liu Meng'er and the others weren't very clear about this matter, and Leng Youlan didn't explain in detail to them either, as if he was worried that they would stop him.

Chen Xiang told them about this matter.

"No wonder Qilian came to find me a few days ago and asked if I wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion. We were not interested in that." Liu Meng'er said: "When the time comes, You Lan and Qianxiang will definitely go all out. They really like fighting against all kinds of opponents."

Seeing Chen Xiang's smile, Xue Xianxian asked: "Husband, you aren't partic.i.p.ating right?"

I'm definitely going to partic.i.p.ate. Don't you know how much the little baldy underestimates me? Chen Xiang said with an unconvinced face: "You're still saying that I don't have any proper methods, so I don't have any strength."

Liu Meng'er and the others were Chen Xiang's women after all, so they knew everything about this. Even though they were not clear about Chen Xiang's strength at the moment, according to their understanding of Chen Xiang, there was no way he would do something where there was no chance of victory.

"When the time comes, we won't go. You will definitely win. This is something without any suspense. Since we know you can win, there's no point in us going." Dongfang Xinyue smiled as she caressed Chen Xiang's handsome face.

Xue Xianxian said: "Sister Han Rou came to us and told us that you have collected all the Ancient Divine Weapons. Can you let us take a look?"

Liu Meng'er and the others were more interested in these things, just like how Leng Youlan and the others were obsessed with battles.

Chen Xiang placed the Azure Dragon Divine Saber, Suzaku bow, Qilin fire chain and the White Tiger Gloves on the table. These items looked extremely ordinary, but were all refined by the Heavenly Divine Lord.

"Heavenly Divine Lord has recorded all he learned about artifact forging in the Divine Book! "All of these are in that book. Now that I can see what's inside, it's pretty amazing." Liu Meng'er held onto the Green Dragon Divine Saber and waved it a few times. Although the blade looked very ordinary, the materials used and the complicated Spirit grain inscriptions drawn inside were not ordinary at all.

After playing with them for a while, they finally got Chen Xiang to keep them. The only problem was that these divine weapons did not have enough Divine Deity within them.

"Leave this profoundwu clothing with us for now. We will help you repair it as soon as possible." Liu Meng'er placed the profoundwu clothing into a wooden chest and stored it away. "What you need the most right now should be a good pill furnace!"

Chen Xiang nodded, "Didn't you guys say that you are lacking materials? The materials to refine that divine furnace must all be from the Divine Nations, and I might have to go there to find them. "

Xue Xianxian kept all the blueprints on the table, and took out a few cups, and poured some fragrant fruit juice for the people here.

"There's no need to go to the Divine Nations to find him." Xue Xianxian took out a plate, poured some juice on it and pa.s.sed it to Yue'er.

"Thank you, Sister Xianxian!" Yue'er tenderly said.

Xue Xianxian smiled, gently patted Yue'er's little head, and continued: "You can ask Great Divine Lord for it. The Divine Book in our hands was originally from Nine Divine Kings, so they definitely have a lot of materials in their hands."

Dongfang Xinyue also nodded his head, "Since they have the intention to return to their country, they must be h.o.a.rding quite a bit of resources in this area."

Chen Xiang did not actually think about going to Great Divine Lord, he really did need a good pill furnace, the divine pills he refined next would require him to make all sorts of dangerous attempts, ordinary pill furnaces would not be able to handle them.

"Alright, I'll go now!" Chen Xiang nodded.

When Great Divine Lord and the others were saved, they built a Heavenly Divine Palace on that desert. Great Divine Lord even said that he wanted to open a dragon vein!

Chen Xiang still remembered where he was. He had left the Hundreds of Flowers Village and was teleported to the nearest city in the desert. After arriving at the city, he immediately found out that the Heavenly Divine Palace was openly recruiting disciples.

Right now, Great Divine Lord could not directly partic.i.p.ate in the affairs of Nine Heaven World, or else Divine Nations would also take action, and seeing the outbreak of war here was not what Great Divine Lord wished to see, but he could take this opportunity to choose an outstanding seedling to begin nurturing. Right now, he had so many resources, and Great Divine Lord and the rest had a deep foundation, he could quickly nurture a group of outstanding disciples.

This city was still rather far from the Heavenly Divine Lord, but Chen Xiang knew where he was heading. He immediately used the s.p.a.ce wind to go through a mountain range, and discovered that he seemed to have taken the wrong path.

"It should be a desert ahead!" Chen Xiang looked at the beautiful prairie in front of him and started to suspect if he had recognized the wrong direction.

Just when he was unsure, he saw a group of people riding magic treasures flying over. Behind them, there were also people riding magic treasures continuously, and there were quite a few people coming and going.

This place has definitely been remodeled by the Heavenly Divine Palace before. With their powers, this place is too easy. After Chen Xiang understood everything, he continued to use the s.p.a.ce wind to move forward.

Not long after, he stopped because he felt a weak spatial fluctuation in front of him. This was caused by a powerful formation.

In front of them was the majestic Heavenly Divine Palace. Just the golden door was enough to shock everyone, let alone the tall buildings inside.

Through the wide open doors, one could see the magnificent buildings and the tall mountains. There were not just buildings, but also mountains and rivers, making the interior very beautiful and comfortable to live in.

Although the door was wide open, not everyone could enter. The door that led to the dragon had a translucent barrier that could be seen at a glance. Anyone who entered would be blocked by this barrier.

What Chen Xiang did not understand was that there were no guards outside the gate nor were there any other small doors. He did not know how to enter as well, but many people were currently waiting and chatting at the bottom of the gate.

An old man who was very talkative saw that Chen Xiang was at a loss, and walked over, laughing: "This little brother, is this your first time here? Don't you know how to get in? "

Chen Xiang didn't have any way to contact the Great Divine Lord right now. He nodded, he wanted to see the Great Divine Lord as soon as possible.

"Don't worry, once noon arrives, the enchantment will weaken. As long as you can enter this door, even if you pa.s.s the first stage of the examination and the next stage, I heard that there are a total of three stages. You will be able to become a member of the Heavenly Divine Palace after pa.s.sing the first stage." The old man said, "I can pa.s.s the first stage, but I can never pa.s.s the second stage."

Chen Xiang finally understood that there were actually many people who came here every day to try and pa.s.s the ten trials set up by the Heavenly Divine Palace!

"Interesting!" Chen Xiang laughed, he also wanted to see the content of the Heavenly Divine Palace's examinations.

"Young man, being confident is a good thing, but being too confident is not so good! This exam was extremely difficult, especially so for the final test. It was said that not even Empyrean G.o.ds would be able to pa.s.s it! But strangely, only a few imps from the profound G.o.d and True G.o.d could pa.s.s, so I guessed that someone was guarding the third trial. " The old man said.

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