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Chen Xiang had already decided to do this. This also meant that the three divine soul that he had previously cultivated needed to undergo a new round of cultivation. Of course, he did not plan to erase this possibility from the beginning;

His plan was to let the three divine soul undergo an increase in power.

"Five main Divine Deity, and these five Divine Deity and these five divine weapons are linked together. In the future, the internal Divine Deity of the divine weapons, together with the Divine Deity in my Divine Sense Sea, will certainly be even more terrifying." Chen Xiang was excited just thinking about it, because it would make him stronger.

Of course, he was a Alchemist, and he planned to use the method of refining pills. Heavenly Alchemy could be refined in a variety of situations, and it could also be used for refining many things, and what he was most familiar with was refining pills.

"Four Divine Deity s." Chen Xiang teleported from the dragon vein.

Leng Youlan saw that Chen Xiang's expression was not bad, and had a cheerful smile on his face, and asked: "Old brother, you have only been in closed door cultivation for 10 days, are you unable to sit still anymore?"

Leng Youlan was dressed in a battle attire with white armor and two large swords in her hands. She seemed to be very excited, and Chen Xiang knew that she must be very excited to be able to fight a big battle.

"What's going on outside?" Chen Xiang tapped on the hard white armor on her shoulder.

"The Insects have all been killed, and the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor has made a contract with us." Leng Youlan laughed: "These guys actually sent three representatives to challenge us, saying that as long as we win against them, they will immediately retreat, and not come out to do evil for the next ten years."

Chen Xiang frowned: "What if we lose?"

"If we lose, we have to give them ten billion Shen Yuan stone." Leng Youlan snorted lightly: "These fellows must be crazy and poor."

"This won't do, we'll lose too much. We lost, they obtained ten billion Shen Yuan stone, but they lost and they just left. They don't have any risks." Chen Xiang was a Alchemist, he often traded elixirs, and could be considered a businessman. If it was him, he would definitely not agree to this kind of thing.

Leng Youlan said: "There's no other way, this is what Gu Dongchen and the others have decided. If you want to know the specifics, you can ask them. I also know that this matter is not that simple, they are not idiots, they must have other thoughts."

"You have been arranged to fight." Seeing how excited Leng Youlan was, Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, they requested that it be a battle of six Divine Deity, at most, it should not exceed six Divine Deity." said. It was very difficult to condense the sixth Divine Deity, which was a stage of dividing mountains and water.

Amongst the G.o.ds, there weren't many with nine Divine Deity, and in order to attack ten of them, most of them had been in closed doors cultivation for many years.

And what had just formed six Divine Deity was at its most active moment, most suitable for such extreme battles.

"I'll go ask Gu Dongchen." Chen Xiang had too many doubts in his heart.

Lv Qilian and Long Huishan who knew the truth were not here, he could only teleport to the Hundred Flowers Hall. Only Yan Zilan was there, so she did not understand much about it.

"Where is he?" Chen Xiang only saw Wu Kaiming here.

"You already went to train the little ghosts. You probably don't know yet, right?" Wu Kaiming also knew that Chen Xiang had gone in for closed door cultivation: "You came out so quickly, are you in closed door cultivation to refine pills?"

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No, I know you have agreed to h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's conditions, and we will be sending three people over to partic.i.p.ate, right?"

Wu Kaiming nodded his head, and laughed: "Right now, we are just worrying about this matter. We have already sent about six Divine Deity's worth of people to register, and three will definitely emerge, do you want to go and try?"

Chen Xiang found it funny, because when he saw Leng Youlan's excited look, he thought Leng Youlan had already been chosen. The selection battle had not even started, yet she thought that she had won, and she was as confident as ever.

"I will go too. h.e.l.l Devil Emperor will definitely be very happy to see me." Chen Xiang laughed: "Is the agreement you made with him reliable?"

"Don't worry, we aren't idiots." Wu Kaiming said: "Even though this solution seems to be a little disadvantageous to us, but at the moment, if we can exchange it for ten years of peace, it would be a very good development for us. You must know, the power behind the Underworld Gate is very strong, it is definitely not something that we can go head to head with."

If they were to fight with the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor head on, then it would take many years, and the Nine Heaven World would be completely annihilated. At that time, when the Super G.o.d Realm was also merged with the Super G.o.d Realm, it would be much easier for the Nine G.o.ds Nation to take action, and he could control the Nine Heaven World.

"Have you guys sent anyone to contact the Heavenly Divine Palace?" Chen Xiang now also understood why Gu Dongchen and the others agreed to this condition. No matter if they won or lost, it would stop h.e.l.l Devil Emperor from messing around with them. In the long run, it would benefit the entire Nine Heaven World.

"Yes, the Great Divine Lord has told us that he will not interfere in this matter for the time being, because if he interferes, the experts of the Divine Nations hidden here will make a move as well. The Nine Heaven World will immediately become their battlefield." Wu Kaiming said: "Nine G.o.ds Nation does have a lot of things to do right now, so they will try their best to avoid starting a war with Great Divine Lord."

There was a lot of chaos within the countries of the Nine G.o.ds Nation. All of their power had been dispersed and there was no time to worry about the Nine Heaven World, they could only arrange for a few people to take responsibility for it.

"Oh right, are you sure you want to partic.i.p.ate? You're not joking around, right? I have to say, there are quite a few outstanding seedlings right now. Don't lose too badly at that time." Wu Kaiming laughed, "Let's talk about the Hundreds of Flowers Village, those girls are not weak either."

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth rose as he smiled: "Little baldy, you're underestimating me too much. Don't think that just because I have too little Divine Deity that I can be easily bullied, and even more so, don't think that I'm just fooling around doing alchemy all day."

Wu Kaiming laughed: I have not underestimated you, if I had used any unconventional methods, I think that I would have been tortured to the point that there would not even be dust left, but in the compet.i.tion that is governed by the rules, if you did not use any of those tricks, it would have been very restrictive on you.

In the past, many Rankers didn't even know how they died at Chen Xiang's hands, so Wu Kaiming had no doubts about Chen Xiang's strength, but he understood that it was Chen Xiang who used underhanded methods, if it was an open and honorable battle, Chen Xiang would not have any chance of winning.

"Of course, Junior Martial Uncle, if you go for the alchemy compet.i.tion, we'll give you a spot. But for this fight, you should leave it to those kids who have been through special training all year round. They're more adept." Wu Kaiming said again. He had originally planned to speak without thinking with Chen Xiang, but he didn't expect Chen Xiang to really go.

"No, tell me a name, I must go." Chen Xiang said firmly. Wu Kaiming knew that he had made a mistake, because Chen Xiang was someone who would not admit defeat. His words just now had provoked Chen Xiang.

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